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We are participating in the IPMS “Telford” show in UK!

We have published the details of our participation in the IPMS “Telford” show
in the latest blog of our president, “SKYRAIDER episode 10”!

Hello everyone!
This is Ankle II (I'm an assistant of Developer T). It’s getting cold here in Kyoto.
I feel winter coming and I think that I will need to wear a scarf soon.

So everyone, do you know an event called “IPMS”?

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SWS#4 “P-51 Mustang” announced!

The Zoukei-mura SWS Developing Team will try WWII’s strongest reciprocating engine fighter, known to be a hard subject to work with for its shape.

Hello everyone!
From here on, my after report will get really exciting. This is Developer T, who’s eager for the arrival of a new era in airplane modeling!

During the “Hobby Round 5” event, we held a meet-up for SWS fans, “SWS #4 New Item Announcement.” The answer to the SWS #4 quiz was finally revealed!

(All fighters from other countries appear faded in the presence of the finest horse.
WWII The World’s Strongest Fighter
P-51 Mustang)
↑Here’s the answer for the quiz! Did everyone get it?

Originally this quiz was released at the same time as the #3 “Skyraider” quiz, and a special reward was planned for those who were able to get the correct answer for both of them. This quiz wasn’t so difficult, was it?
Was everyone’s answer correct?

The panel behind the SWS Developing Team features the SWS #4 “P-51D Mustang”~♪

We’re planning to choose some from those who answered the quizzes correctly, and will send #4’s final sample test shot, just as we did for #3. Please look forward to it!

*The prize may change without notice. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

↑#5’s subject quiz is still open for guesses!(Sorry,Japanese only!)

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Sympathy and Notification for the Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake Tragedy

Good evening to all of our many SWS and SRS fans.
This is the ZOUKEI-MURA SWS/SRS Development Team.

Spring draws ever nearer, and here in Kyoto today what they keep saying is the final snow of the year flitters occasionally down from the sky. How are you all doing today?

We here in the ZOUKEI-MURA SWS/SRS Development Team have felt so encouraged by the warm messages we have received from all of you around the world, and we fully intend to work our utmost every single day so that we may return to normal operations as soon as possible, and once again be able to provide you all with the highest level of service and smiles.


[ Sympathy for the Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake Tragedy ]

We would like to express our most heartfelt sympathy to all of you who have been victims of this tragedy.

When you think of natural disasters, it's still almost impossible to believe that something like this would actually happen. When I try to imagine what the victims of this tragedy might be feeling, I can't even begin to find words.

I truly hope that you will be able to find and grasp on tight to your endurance, to keep your health in mind, and that all too soon the revival of your former life may begin.

In addition, although it is but a meager thing, our company intends to work with all our might to arrange well-wishes and donation contributions, and move without delay to expand the support network.

Hideyuki Shigeta
All Staff


[ What We Can Do 'Now' ]

What exactly can we do right now, following in our company policy of “delivering happiness via the hobby world”, to realize the most immediate recovery from such an unprecedented disaster?

I believe that we should plan and implement various charity projects, via the products and services that we work wholeheartedly to deliver every day.

Our first step in that was to request “Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake Donations” at the Home Town Kyoto Dolpa 8 event that we held recently, and we received an outpouring of warm supporting from so many, many attendees.

We are truly grateful to all of you for your support.
Thank you so very much, from the bottom of our hearts.

VOLKS GROUP matched the donation, adding an equal amount to the total of the donations that we received from everyone, and the following total was donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

* HT Dolpa Kyoto 8 Donations: 896,692yen
* VOLKS Donation: 903,308yen

We are planning more charity projects from here on in the same way, by which we can deliver the sort of courage, smiles and happiness you expect from the ZOUKEI-MURA SWS/SRS Development Team at every forthcoming VOLKS event. We hope that you will look forward to these, and we would be most grateful to continue to receive your warm support.

We are also currently accepting donations at all of our VOLKS stores.

And all of our VOLKS stores are working hard so that they may resume normal operations as soon as possible.

The ZOUKEI-MURA SWS/SRS Development Team, together with all of VOLKS GROUP, will continue to work hard to deliver many kinds of happiness to all of you.

We sincerely hope and pray for everyone's health, well-being and quick recovery.

From all of the ZOUKEI-MURA SWS/SRS Development Team

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All of the ZOUKEI-MURA SWS/SRS Team hope for everyone's safety.

Hello to all of our many SWS and SRS fans.
This is the ZOUKEI-MURA SWS/SRS Development Team.

Today, there was a large earthquake that affected the whole of Japan.
Are all of you safe?

Right now, we here at the ZOUKEI-MURA/VOLKS Head Office are in the process of confirming the safety of all our related locations and staff.

We recently were able to confirm things, and information can be found below.

For information about current and future operating hours, please check the top page of the VOLKS Website.

* Check here for the operations of our stores → Click!

In addition, information regarding the doll events scheduled to be held tomorrow and the day after can be found via the Doll Design Dept. blog. (Note: Japanese only)

The aftershocks of the quake still continue in many places.
We sincerely hope for the continued safety of everyone concerned.

From all of the ZOUKEI-MURA SWS/SRS Team

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'Nürnberg Toy Fair 2011' – the continuation

The “Skyraider #1: The SWS Skyraider will fly over the skies of Nürnberg!” in the “Old Man Blog” (the President’s blog) can be found here! ♪

The “Skyraider #2: Skyraider Test Model 1 Debut, Part 2!!” in the “Old Man Blog” (the President’s blog) can be found here! ♪

Hello, everyone!
This is Developer T, very busy organizing the details of our business discussions in Nürnberg!

This year we also got lots of info! ♪

At last year's Toy Fair (2010) we announced our collaborations with established extra parts makers 'Eduard' and 'ABER', and our direct development with 'Mirage Hobby' began, and we received very favorable reactions from many SWS fans!

This time there were also many astonished new clients making their way to find us, so the development of SWS from here on is really something worth anticipating! XD

I can't help but want to rush to arrange all the info, and deliver the many new products and proposals to all SWS fans!
But I hope you can wait just a little longer. ♪

With that in mind, although I can't introduce the new clients in detail until things are finalized, I'd like to share a simple 'Nürnberg After Report' with you. ♪

As usual, rather than reporting which maker announced what new product at the fair, I'd like to focus on the discussions that surrounded the ZOUKEI-MURA booth. I appreciate your understanding.

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A Huge Reaction in Nürnberg to the Zoukei-mura SWS No. 3 “1/32 Skyraider”!

The “Old Man Blog” (the President’s blog) has been updated with “Skyraider Update #2”! Please click here ↑ to read right away. ♪

Good afternoon, everyone!
This is Developer T, who personally enjoys reading the President’s blog every time!

We’re back from creating a complete Zoukei-mura “Skyraider” sensation in Nürnberg, and the follow-up report concerning the Test Shot 1 (T1) prototype that was displayed in the event hall has been posted in the “Old Man Blog” (the President’s blog)! (≧▽≦)

Using both this Zoukei-mura blog and the “Old Man Blog,” I would like to touch upon part of the Zoukei-mura SWS development concept, the “7 Great Elements” that, concerning design, are the pillars of the concept, so please look forward to it. ♪

【SWS “7 Great Elements”】 (A Review)

1. Shape (the whole silhouette, presentation of wing twist/dihedral, etc.)
2. Fuselage structure (internal frame, etc.)
3. Engine
4. Cockpit
5. Propeller
6. Landing gear
7. Equipment (armament, engine peripherals, etc.)

There are many places where the details need to be adjusted, but seeing as this is T1, things can only get better from here, so please look forward to it!

※ The picture shown is of an in-progress T1 (the very first Test Shot), which will be further improved.

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Kettenkrad Figures Appear One After Another!

Figures that enhance the world view of SWS released at last! Purchase them here!

Good evening, everyone!
This is Developer T, feeling a moment of relief that we're finally able to release the Kettenkrad figures.
Or should I say, I'm very sorry for making you all wait for so long!

The ZOUKEI-MURA SUPER WEAPON SERIES '1/32 Kettenkrad' has been so very popular in its supporting role, greatly and deeply delving into the world view of the Ta152.And yet, the very essential driver and such - the figures that you could say play a leading role for the Kettenkrad - have not yet made their appearance.

Aah, it's not like I'm trying to be overly grandiose or anything!

[ ZOUKEI-MURA SWPS '1/32 Kettenkrad' Special Figure Sets' ]

* Sale Date: March 5th (Sat) (shipping begins)
* Pre-Order Period: February 19th – March 4th
* Item Specs: Resin Cast Kit
* Item Lineup:

Luftwaffe “Boarding Preparation” Set: 2,940yen

Luftwaffe “Engineers & Nurse” Set: 2,940yen

Luftwaffe “Decoy” Set: 2,625yen

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Do You Need to Wash Plastic Models? (Shinden Brush Painting Lesson, Part 3)

↑To verify the sentiment that we poured into the “Shinden,” please begin by first taking one in your hands. ♪

Good evening, everyone!
This is Developer T, who is thinking of trying to go back home for a visit tomorrow!

I’m thinking of getting on the earliest Shinkansen tomorrow morning, in order to visit the family graves and such!
It’s Obon, after all. ♪^^

That said, today is the final installment going over the preliminary work!

First, please begin by going over the contents of the previous entry. ♪

↑Click here for the previous entry. ♪

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What Paints Are the Most Suitable? (Shinden Brush Painting Lesson, Part 2)

↑The 2nd production run has started shipping! If you’re interested in Shinden, please click here. ♪

Good morning, everyone!
This is Developer T, about to die from the heat, as the weather is very sunny, having completely turned around from yesterday!

Now, last time we covered opening the box and confirming the contents of the kit, and this time I would like to continue going over the preparation work. ♪

Ah, please don’t think to yourself, “What, again?”! ><

I would like to properly go about the preliminaries such that even first-time beginners can follow through to the end, so please patiently bear with me, okay? ^^;

↑Click here for the previous entry. ♪

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Worried About Painting Shinden? (Shinden Brush Painting Lesson, Part 1)

↑The 2nd run has finally started shipping! If you haven’t purchased Shinden yet, please click here. ♪

Good afternoon, everyone!
This is Developer T, feeling unpleasantly damp and sticky from the first heavy rain in a while! ><

Well then, it’s been a little while since I last posted, but the delay wasn’t from either summer heat fatigue or from not being able to move due to muscle pain after working Dolpa, okay? *laugh*

It was actually due to production on the Shinden Walkthrough Guidebook (tentative title), and getting this preparatory blog post ready as a precursor for the book! ( hey, is that really true?)

That being said, just like I stated in the previous Hometown Dolpa Osaka 6 report, while female fans of SWS are finally on the rise, it seems that there is a lingering awkwardness surrounding the question of, “I don’t know what I should do for the paint job,” so I would like to begin with this “Shinden 2nd Production Run Shipping Commemorative Brush Painting Lesson,” which I prepared as a precursor to the Shinden Walkthrough Guidebook!

Of course, I won’t be jumping straight to the painting, but would like to proceed in such a way that even those who are building Shinden as their first actual model can understand, so please have patience with me as we go along. ♪^^

Oh yes, before we begin.

For those customers in possession of a kit from the 1st production run, and who have been holding it in care to assemble at a future point, please make sure to check the links below ↓ before you begin. ♪

↑Click here for a previous blog entry, “Shinden Points of Advice”!

↑Click here for a previous blog entry, “Additional Shinden Assembly Manual Errata”!

※These errata only apply to the assembly manuals from the 1st Shinden production run; the manuals in the 2nd production run have been corrected.

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