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Worried About Painting Shinden? (Shinden Brush Painting Lesson, Part 1)

ʨThe 2nd run has finally started shipping! If you haven°«t purchased Shinden yet, please click here. ĘŲ

Good afternoon, everyone!
This is Developer T, feeling unpleasantly damp and sticky from the first heavy rain in a while! ><

Well then, it°«s been a little while since I last posted, but the delay wasn°«t from either summer heat fatigue or from not being able to move due to muscle pain after working Dolpa, okay? *laugh*

It was actually due to production on the Shinden Walkthrough Guidebook (tentative title), and getting this preparatory blog post ready as a precursor for the book! ( hey, is that really true?)

That being said, just like I stated in the previous Hometown Dolpa Osaka 6 report, while female fans of SWS are finally on the rise, it seems that there is a lingering awkwardness surrounding the question of, °»I don°«t know what I should do for the paint job,°… so I would like to begin with this °»Shinden 2nd Production Run Shipping Commemorative Brush Painting Lesson,°… which I prepared as a precursor to the Shinden Walkthrough Guidebook!

Of course, I won°«t be jumping straight to the painting, but would like to proceed in such a way that even those who are building Shinden as their first actual model can understand, so please have patience with me as we go along. ĘŲ^^

Oh yes, before we begin.

For those customers in possession of a kit from the 1st production run, and who have been holding it in care to assemble at a future point, please make sure to check the links below Ę≠ before you begin. ĘŲ

ʨClick here for a previous blog entry, °»Shinden Points of Advice°…!

ʨClick here for a previous blog entry, °»Additional Shinden Assembly Manual Errata°…!

ʮThese errata only apply to the assembly manuals from the 1st Shinden production run; the manuals in the 2nd production run have been corrected.

Now then, I would like to proceed with the lesson having completed all of the pre-assembly checks.

A kit from the 1st production run will be used for this lesson.

The box is easiest to open when set so that the short sides are on the top and bottom; insert your fingers into the space between the cover and the inner box, and slide the cover straight up and off. ĘŲ

The full contents may be overwhelming, but rest assured, you can definitely build it! (*laugh* Believe in yourself!)

Please check to make sure that the assembly manual and all included items are present!

Ę® Besides the sprues themselves, there should be an assembly manual, a sheet of decals, a sheet of masking stickers, a brass wire, a survey postcard, and an owner registration form. (Aside from the sprues, there should be one each of the other items.)

When you open the sturdy box that°«s perfect for stacking, inside it°«s fully packed with sprues composed of the enormous number of parts!

But you mustn°«t be overwhelmed.

Settle down and follow the assembly manual, and as long as you proceed carefully, you°«ll definitely be all right!

But, please forgive us any printing errors °ń *cough*

If you still have concerns, please follow my points of advice.

If you s-t-i-l-l have concerns, then like a certain female pilot, please feel free to go bug the staff all you like at any Volks showroom. (*laugh* Forgive me, Sakura!)

The Development Team, and the staff as a whole, will all do our best to cover you. ĘŲ^^b

Written this way, it may seem that Sakura is a staff member, but in truth is actually a regular customer and full-fledged SD owner (and a woman, at that!). (Please understand that customer names that appear every now and then in this blog are pseudonyms, and as a part of the greater SWS whole that we create together with the customers, are published with permission. *laugh*)

That said, having opened the kit and confirmed the contents, and in the case of kits from the 1st production run, having confirmed any errata beforehand, let us assume that you are now °»in readiness°… for what is to follow. ( Hey!)

Next time, I would like to go into the preparatory work that is required for actual assembly!

Well then, to be continued! °į°įé…éľ
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