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Pictures from Uhu Concept Note which will be available at Volks stores in Japan from June 15th!
This is the work of Mr. David Parker (UK), featuring a unique measuring gage in vivid red and white on its body. The rear half of the canopy is removed to test the ejection seat.
His weathering technique that he developed as an AFV modeler is a must-see!
*The kit has been partly modified for this work.
More pictures from the Uhu Concept Note!
This is a recreation of the beloved airplane of Manfred Meurer who was a night fighter flying ace, by Mr. Marc Guerrero (France). The paint job is remarkable with deep taste and is rich in atmosphere, which is signature of European modelers.
He took the most advantage of the kit and made even more detailed inner structures. You will almost mistake it as an actual airplane! *The kit has been partly modified for this work.