Brand Concept

ZOUKEI-MURA : a genuine scale model maker is born

We want to be with you together in a Scale Model World that has never even existed until now.
We want to deliver to you designs that will delight all scale model fans.
It's with thoughts like these that we, "ZOUKEI-MURA", take a new step forward.












There were once young men who tried to protect this country of ours from the sky. We want to offer up our gratitude and respect to their image and sentiment that transcends time and consciousness.

And the very first release is the J7W1 Imperial Navy fighter aircraft "Shinden" - the incredibly popular aircraft, the 18th trial fighter craft developed as a prototype by Kyushu Aircraft upon the Navy's orders, for the purpose of intercepting the enemy's long-range bombers. (Picture provided by Koukuu Jouhou)

"If only it (the Shinden) had been ready in time!" - this fascinating craft fuels the fires of our dreams with such endless imaginings. Don't miss it.


  • What a fascinating construction process! That's the excitement of seeing the actual craft coming together before your very eyes.
  • The creative ideas, the intertwined mechanisms. The structure itself comes close to that of an actual aircraft!

  • An outstanding capability of reproducing shapes! It easily handles both firm objects and tender objects. It holds infinite expressive possibilities.
  • Outstanding workability! It's easy to glue, and easy to cut. It takes to both putty and paint easily as well.

Read between the lines of the photos! They're images of an aircraft leftover from those times. They're images of a 'now' that still exists. Look at them carefully, and that 'actual appearance' will burn into your mind, bringing you close to this aircraft's 'bona fide appearance'!

So that's how it was! I can't believe that aircraft could..! Yes, this will be a lineup that will bring you a mix of understanding and wonder. And our 2nd release is already in progress!

To be built, to be preserved. The real reason for the price this time is because we'd love for you to buy three of them!

That's figures! This is something that's indispensable when we're deeply pursuing the world itself. The creation of pilots, soldiers, and other related items is currently underway under ZOUKEI-MURA's scrupulous care!