■The ‘R3350 Engine’ and the ‘Cockpit’ are complete!!

The ‘Wright R3350’ was the most supreme masterpiece of reciprocating engines for aircraft. And as you can see, the final completion ‘OK’ has been given regarding the minute details and the accurate representation of its construction.

The greatest highlight of the SWS Skyraider is the construction of the engine itself. And while you are enjoying this, be sure to also fully enjoy the excellent sculpting of the complex and yet skillfully devised exhaust pipe layout, and the work involved in that.
However, I absolutely advise against rushing through completing the work on the engine section. Carefully check the fit of the parts many times over, and make sure you’ve memorized the positioning and the construction process before doing the final gluing.

Although the 1/32 scale size has real volume, it goes without saying that this is the central part of the aircraft. It is a detailed section. Enjoy the gradual process towards completion, as you slowly and carefully savor its presence, and its structure. Because make no mistake, it is this, the completion of the R3350, that will surely make this one of the best models in your aircraft collection, one that you will never forget.

And if you have time and confidence in your abilities, go further still; apply extra detailing to the plumbing, wiring, and so on using your own skills and techniques. Do that and I can assure you that this craft will become a truly realistic super model, the likes of which you won’t believe.
After all, even if you put it together plain, just as it comes, it will still be overflowing with detail, just as the pictures show. So the more you apply your own skills, the more you will show off an almost overwhelming completeness.

Huh? So what will I do? Is that what you’re asking? ………welllllllll!?
Lately, my farsightedness is getting worse and worse… grumble.

Right! In that case doing it plain is good enough, so shall I force my employees to put it together for me?

By the way.
This is a secret topic, but this engine… actually, the Zoukei-mura designer has a mischievous spirit. He even sculpted the piston and con-rod inside the engine cylinder.
Of course, since it is for play the engine doesn’t actually start, but when you purchase it, be sure to take a quick look. You’ll likely find yourself grinning in amusement.

In this case, I won’t say anything inelegant like “Who was playing jokes in a place like this!?”, but I’m seriously worried about that. If a modeler with a tremendously mischievous spirit makes a cut model version of the engine, then what do we do??

Also, be sure not to overlook how the engine is firmly mounted to the firewall, the main structure of the body, in a portrayal that perfectly matches the actual craft.
If by some chance you had an actual Skyraider in your possession, surely you would look at this section and smile affectionately, saying the following.

“Wow! This really is very well done, isn’t it?!”

And on top of that, be sure to pay attention to the delicate angle at which the engine attaches to the body.

Of course, when you put on the engine cover, it is almost completely no longer visible.

However without a doubt, the unique value of the SWS series, and the true pleasure of the construction, exists in that section.

Yes, that’s right. Because the external design of the aircraft is decided from the structure that will implement the functions, how they will be equipped, and the results brought together from the designer’s ideas regarding all of those.

Why did the Skyraider have this kind of external design?

Your interest, your theories, can be elucidated one after another with your own hands and eyes, simply by constructing the SWS kit.

And then your mind, the mind of the creator, will clearly remember the path of construction that was the process you went through to reach completion, as well as the details of how it looked, and any troubles you faced.

That lingering memory, the pleasant tiredness, and the joy of completion, shall join together to become a complete whole; your own Skyraider will be truly complete in a way not possible if it were not an SWS kit.

Well then! Only a little longer till release! So please wait in anticipation until then!!

Cockpit, Pilot and Propeller

Is the “handsome pilot” sending a departure signal maybe yourself?

“Akihiro Enku”, the boss of Zoukei-mura, has finished such wonderful figures, filled with a highly realistic sensation that gives you the excitement of beginning a story.

It is great work by the world renowned figure sculptor. The pilot’s posture fits in the cockpit perfectly; the detailed helmet and even his facial expression are well captured. The marshaller is beyond the pilot’s gaze. He looks great as well. To tell the truth, I was deeply moved by him alone.

Then, how wonderful the propeller, which is attached to the engine, is!

The propeller’s details look like it is about to start its rotation with a roar and it makes me almost want to touch it. No, no, no, this is a scale model, but if it is an actual airplane, touching it will surely cause a disaster!!

I know that, but the propeller shows its dignity and power when it is with the engine~! It makes the patient work worth it.

These pictures are of the dry fit of the unpainted main structure of the fuselage.

You can enjoy the Skyraider fully even at this step, so it may be good to leave it here for a while and concentrate on learning the internal structure.

Wait! Displaying the engine separately like an aviation museum does must be a good way to enjoy it as well. Its large fuselage has tremendous impact and an overwhelming presence!!

The sturdy landing gear is also one of the must-see points. It supports the landing and departure of this super heavy carrier-based fighter!

What was the landing and departure of the Skyraider, which was proud to have a payload similar to the strategic bomber B-17, really like!?

The fully equipped Skyraider, dashing in the loud noise from the catapult! The smell, the wind pressure, the vibrations, the Skyraider departs, cutting through the air like an explosion! Oh~, I can just imagine the great intensity of it~!!

Then, when it comes back, the brave Skyraider lands with extreme force against the carrier’s deck! It must match exactly with its tough guy image.

Of course, the landing gear needs to be sturdy to fulfill its function. For our SWS Skyraider kit, we will include two sets of landing gear. One is suspended by the full equipment and it has fine mold details. The other is in the common style. Please use the one which you prefer.

Me? Needless to say, I want to finish models with both of them!

The SWS Skyraider’s landing gear is immovable to be accurate to the actual airplane. Please do not misunderstand it as movable landing gear.

We’re also planning to release weighted tires as extra parts for separate sale, so please look forward to it as well!

Two sets of tail wheels are also included, the naval type and the air force type.

These pictures are of the naval type, which is a little bit smaller. The mold details around here are also fine, like the shock absorbers and the base where it is to be attached to the fuselage.

It’s amazing that this tiny solid tire could manage the impact of such a huge airplane, isn’t it? What an admirable little tire it is!

This part can’t rotate as it is, so please use your own hands to give it that capability. Your ideas will add a dynamic feeling!

In my next post here I’m thinking of posting the package art of the Skyraider, which everyone is curious about. It is in the last stage now.

It’s the Skyraider, so naturally we need to ask an American artist for the package art. So, we had an up-and-coming artist draw it.

Please look forward to the next post!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
The Old Man of Zoukei-mura

If you have any opinions, questions, or requests regarding the SWS, please don't hesitate to let us know.



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