Product Spec

1/32 scale
Plastic Model Kit (note: glue is required for assembly.)
Main wings can be folded.
Main wing folding system includes brass hinges and poly-caps.
*4-color molded parts including clear. Glue required.
Total Parts: 336
14080 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 12800 JPY

For the request of our customers, we prepared one point advice for assembling of the main wings and its moving section of A-1 Skyraider.

*No.020 [SKYRAIDER episorde 10]
Is Your SKYRAIDER Already Home?!
*No.019 [SKYRAIDER episorde 9]
Thank You for Waiting!! Your SKYRAIDER is Finally Coming Home!!
*No.018 [SKYRAIDER episorde 8]
Took a Trip!! To IPMS "Omaha By The Sea"!!! Part 3
*No.017 [SKYRAIDER episorde 7]
Took a Trip!! To IPMS "Omaha By The Sea"!!! Part 2
*No.016 [SKYRAIDER episorde 6]
Took a Trip!! To IPMS "Omaha By The Sea"!!! Part 1
*No.015 [SKYRAIDER episorde 5]
Package design has reached its final stage!!
*No.014 [SKYRAIDER episorde 4]
The 'R3350 Engine' and the 'Cockpit' are complete!!
*No.013 [SKYRAIDER episorde 3]
Japan and the Japanese will recover, once again!!
*No.012 [SKYRAIDER episorde 2]
SKYRAIDER Test Model 1 Debut, Part 2!!
*No.011 [SKYRAIDER episorde 1]
The SWS SKYRAIDER will fly over the sky of Nurnberg!
  • 1. Engine
    The organically intertwined exhaust pipes. Look at the R3350 engine with the superb double-row of 18 cylinders! If you work on the detailed piping with your own hands, it will surely be a museum level model. You can choose an open or closed position for both the engine cowling and the front shutter. Be sure not to miss the offset attachment of the vertical tail to the fuselage for its tremendous engine torque!
  • 2. Propeller
    Look at the accurately recreated Aero Products' propeller and its pitch! Did you notice that there is a line on the back of the propeller? We recreated it accurately to the actual airplane based on the revelations from our research. We studied not only drawings and references, but we also did actual airplane research. Please enjoy the SWS's signature deep authenticity.
  • 3. Landing Gear
    The main landing gear, which absorbs the shock from the landing and supports the heavy, huge airplane, as well as its folding system are the must-see points of this carrier-based bomber. For its thick and reliable main landing gear struts, you can choose its suspending condition from an armament loaded type or a non-loaded type. The main wing spars and ribs inside of the main wing can be seen through the wheel well. Please be satisfied with SWS's signature accuracy in its expression, which you may have never experienced.
  • 4. Cockpit
    It is said that a bubble shaped canopy is hard to express, but it is recreated here accurately! Its attractive shape, which is the signature of US airplanes, gives a sharp look to this model's entire silhouette. Of course, you can choose from a pilot seat with or without seat belts and in addition, we will include a normal seat and an ejection seat. Please enjoy expressing the variations of this airplane which was active for a long time in the US Air Force and Navy.
  • 5. Internal Structure
    This is what SWS is all about! Be sure to check out its amazing recreation of the internal structure! We recreated not only the engine and the cockpit, but also the main wing spars, which have a complicated movable system, the ribs beneath the external panels, the rigid bulkhead with wireless communication devices and such included, the fuel tanks in the fuselage, etc. We expressed the internal structure fully based on what we could learn from researching both the actual airplane and from references! You can simulate the feeling of the actual airplane's assemble with this model.
  • 6. Main Wings
    Anything can be carried! The main wing folding system is recreated accurately with a new mechanism. It moves smoothly in the same angle as the actual airplane without spoiling the beauty of the wings. The pylons, the signature of the SKYRAIDER which was proud to have the biggest payload as a reciprocated engine fighter, were marvelously recreated even to the detail of anti-vibration steadies. Additional tanks (external fuel tanks) can be loaded on to the default kit.
  • 7. Armaments
    Look at the accuracy of the M3/20mm cannon and bullet belt! You can also make the most of the carrier-based bomber's attractiveness by hanging the separate sale item “US Aircraft Weapons” onto the main wing pylons! This set includes various types of the warheads which were used for a long time in the Navy from the early period of the SKYRAIDER' deployment. You can enjoy different equipment according to the operation.

*SWS SKYRAIDER has movable areas in the main wing folding system, the rotation of the propeller and opening/closing of the air breaks to recreate the full attractiveness of its dynamic airplane design.



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A-1 Navy Type Marking 3

  • Collaboration with Micro Scale
  • Included Items: 1 Decal
  • Unit number/Unit name:
    VA52/  Knightriders 
  • Price: 1980 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 1800 JPY

A-1 Navy Type Marking 2

  • Collaboration with Micro Scale
  • Included Items: 2 Decal
  • Unit number/Unit name:
    VA155/  Silver Foxes ,VA104/  Hell's Archer 
  • Price: 2420 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 2200 JPY

A-1 Navy Type Marking 1

  • Collaboration with Micro Scale
  • Included Items: 1 Decal
  • Unit number/Unit name:
    VA75/  Sunday Punchers 
  • Price: 1980 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 1800 JPY

A-1H Forward Facing Pilot Figure

  • Type: Resin Cast Kit
  • Included Items: Pilot Figure ×1
  • Price: 1650 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 1500 JPY

A-1H MD3 Set

  • Type: Resin Cast Kit
  • Parts: 19 Parts (Vehicle, Backpack, Cover Ballast (for assembly without backpack,) Tow Bar, Figure)
  • Price: 6380 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 5800 JPY

A-1H Turned Metal Machine Gun and Static Boom Set

  • Collaboration with MASTER MODEL
  • Included Items: 9 Parts
    (4 Machine Guns with Flash Suppressor
    4 Machine Guns without Flash Suppressor
    1 Static Boom)
  • Price: 2420 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 2200 JPY

A-1H Photo-Etched Wings and Main Landing Gears Set

  • Collaboration with Eduard Model Accessories
  • Type: Photo-Etched Parts
  • Included Items:
    Photo-Etched Parts (Moving Surface, Landing Gear, etc.)
  • Price: 1980 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 1800 JPY

A-1H Photo-Etched Fuselage and Engine Set

  • Collaboration with Eduard Model Accessories
  • Type: Photo-Etched Parts
  • Included Items:
    Photo-Etched Parts (Engine Area, etc)
  • Price: 2200 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 2000 JPY

A-1H Photo-Etched Interior Set

  • Collaboration with Eduard Model Accessories
  • Type: Color Photo-Etched Parts
  • Included Items:
    Photo-Etched Parts
    (Console panel, seat belt etc.)
  • Price: 1980 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 1800 JPY

A-1H Weighted Tires

  • Type: Resin Cast Kit
  • Included Items:
    2 Main Wheels
    1 Rear Wheel
    (*Small Naval Type)
  • Price: 1320 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 1200 JPY

A-1H Metal Struts

  • Type: Resin Cast Kit
  • Included Items:
    2 Main Wheels
    1 Rear Wheel
    (*Small Naval Type)
  • Price: 2420 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 2200 JPY

Aircraft Weapons for SKYRAIDER

  • Type: Plastic Model Kit
  • Price: 2200 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 2000 JPY

A-1H Skyraider Navy Type Color Set

  • Vallejo Colors × 8 colors
    White / Gull Gray / Dark Gull Gray / Interior Green / Black / Red / Silver / Dark Silver / Airbrush Cleaner
  • Brush Cleaner × 1 included
  • Price: 3080 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 2800 JPY

Zoukei-mura CONCEPT NOTE

Zoukei-mura CONCEPT NOTE
SWS No.Ⅲ A-1H Skyraider U.S.NAVY

  • Language: Japanese & English
  • 168 Pages, All Color
  • The special stencil decal in the first edition
  • Price: 3630 JPY (tax included)Base price (before tax/fees): 3300 JPY
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  • 01.The shape of the propeller is the life of the reciprocating engine fighter! To reproduce those flowing lines, our master sculptor utilized the utmost sensitivity to carve them out!
  • 02.Did you know that there is a “linear curv” on the back side of the propeller? A new truth that was revealed during our research of the actual aircraft, and recreated for the first time ever!
  • 03.The complex side silhouette unique to the Aero Products propeller, which appears to curve forward, has been beautifully traced!
  • 04.The moment of supreme satisfaction! As is characteristic of the SWS, we have been completely, thoroughly particular regarding the shape of the propeller, but please take the final “polishing” into your own hands!
  • 05.Inside the engine cowling that is visible beyond the propeller hub, you can just barely see some shutters. These can, of course, be opened and closed.
  • 06.If you open up the engine cowling, inside, the high-intensity, twin row, 18-cylinder “Wright R-3350” radial engine has been faithfully reproduced!
  • 07.From the exhaust piping to the baffle plate, even the peripherals have been reproduced so that the engine surroundings are fully loaded with highlights! Please also focus your attention on how it all attaches to the cowl!
  • 08.The sturdy box shape of the engine mount that suspends the 2700-horsepower “Wright R-3350 engine” has been reproduced for the first time ever!
  • 09.As you assemble the engine, you'll be grinning before you know it. The pistons and connecting rods inside the engine block have been reproduced for the first time ever! Moreover, they also serve as connecting pieces!
  • 10.Were you aware? We had a great deal of difficulty “properly” reproducing the honeycomb-shaped cooling fan at the base of the cylinders!
  • 11.The section that connects the nose to the canopy is an extremely important part that can also be called the “face” of the airplane. Our sculptor put his very soul into the molding!
  • 12.Although it has a stout body, the Skyraider gives the impression of a small face. We paid considerable attention to the refinement of the lip section on the engine cowling!
  • 13.Of course, the cowl flaps can be opened and closed! How about recreating a paint job showing that strong 1/32 scale body stained with exhaust?
  • 14.The shape of area surrounding the nose intake, although configured into complex lines that were extremely difficult to recreate, has been magnificently reproduced, SWS style!
  • 15.Were you aware that we also recreated the intake interior below the nose? As you build, you will come to understand the air intake structure.
  • 16.Equipment absolutely indispensable to a dive bombing attack aircraft! The bulletproof panels covering the body from the underside to the sides have been recreated, filled to the brim with the feel of the genuine article!
  • 17.Please direct your attention to the rectifier that circulates the exhaust fumes emitted from the exhaust pipes! It's almost as if you can see the flow of air spilling from the high-horsepower engine.
  • 18.Even the handholds molded into the side of the body approaching the cockpit have been precisely recreated! During our research, we were able to gain some practical experience with the real things!
  • 19.Did you know? The semicircular groove directly below the canopy is an emergency release handle used to forcibly eject the canopy during a crisis.
  • 20.The side silhouette of the front half of the body appears to rise vertically upon first glance, but have you realized that, in fact, it actually narrows as it heads downwards?
  • 21.The same orderly and well-arranged operating system that runs through currently used planes. The thorough sculpting characteristic of the SWS, down to every last, minute switch inside the cockpit!
  • 22.Please imagine placing your feet on the foot pedals. You can perceive how the pilot's will is transmitted to the aircraft from the configuration of the parts.
  • 23.For the cockpit, there is not only the bucket seat that is usually used in the naval planes, but also an ejection seat! Of course, to match the seats, there are also two different types of joysticks included.
  • 24.As is standard for the SWS, you can of course choose whether or not to have a seat belt! Please fully enjoy expressing a seat and belt chock-full of realism!
  • 25.We struggled to recreate the beautiful “roundness” of the bubble canopy! Furthermore, even the exterior control handle and forward tracks have been reproduced!
  • 26.All of the transceivers that extend along the top surface of the fuselage from the back half of the canopy to the tailplane have an individual purpose. As is typical of the SWS, you will be able to learn about each of them!
  • 27.Were you aware that, as a counter-measure against torque, the line that connects the rear section of the body to the vertical stabilizer is astonishingly twisted?
  • 28.Did you know that, as the boundary between the underside edges of the rear half of the body and the trailing edges of the main wings approaches the rear landing gear assembly, its “angle” begins to take on a slight “curve” ?
  • 29.Of course, the 3 dive breaks on the the sides and underside of the body are movable! Please fully enjoy a scene of the strongest reciprocating engine attack fighter in a nosedive!
  • 30.I've always wanted the “MiG Killer” in this size! This intense body, on which those markings stand out so brightly, is distinctive of the world's first 1/32 scale Skyraider!
  • 31.Once again, in that wonder of the SWS that is already starting to become familiar, the internal structure has been thoroughly recreated! You will be able to discover why certain structures are shaped the way they are in order to “fly.”
  • 32.Won't you consider finishing your build with one of the body side panels left off? An entire world previously unknown to you will open up in the form of “structure materials” !
  • 33.“Was the actual aircraft really just like this?!” It's only the SWS where you can study the structure of an airplane just by building it!
  • 34.The engine and telecommunications equipment, suspended in the bulkheads. The M3/20mm cannons, installed in the main girders. Only the SWS recreates the “actual aircraft” !
  • 35.It's a waste of effort to install the outer panels?! It is our dearest wish that you should feel that way. Please consider using another Skyraider to recreate a skeleton model!
  • 36.Able to come to fruition only because it's the SWS, which reproduces the actual aircrafts?! The movable mechanisms of the main wings, the angles of which are fixed to be the same as those of the actual plane, fold up smoothly.
  • 37.Because it's a carrier plane, there are dust-proof, salt-proof covers for the cross-sections of the folded main wings. Seeing as this is the SWS, they have (of course) been reproduced!
  • 38.Highlights of the movable mechanism are the wing folding cylinder rods and the aileron push-pull tubes!
  • 39.We took particular care with the airfoils of the main wings, an expression of shape used to “fly” which is unavoidable when recreating a “real airplane.”
  • 40.It supports the weight of heavy armament, yet the main girder structure still continues to hold the beautiful shape of the upper wings. Has there ever been a kit before that took the “spars” so seriously?
  • 41.Did you know that the reason why so much of the Skyraider's armament is externally equipped is because the intention was to make the fuselage as light as possible, and so that the plane could support a broad range of strategic applications?
  • 42.The sole internally equipped armament, the 4 M3/20mm cannons, have been faithfully recreated. You will be able to study how they were suspended, with each cannon having a total length of around 2 meters, and a weight of approximately 42 kilograms.
  • 43.The M3/20mm cannons have a total length of 1980 millimeters, with each cannon weighing approximately 42 kilograms. The total ammunition load was 796 rounds, with a muzzle velocity of 840 m/s!
  • 44.Can you guess how the ammunition was loaded by looking at the placement of the gun barrels and the direction the magazines are oriented in, all of which are visible by opening up the gun panels on the surfaces of the main wings?
  • 45.The ammunition loading bays built into the main wing ribs have been recreated for the first time ever! The cannons that are suspended inside are reloaded with ammo right next to where the main landing gear assemblies are stowed!
  • 46.Please direct your attention to the solid main landing gear assemblies characteristic of carrier fighters, which can withstand the weight of heavy armament! We have prepared two different lengths of landing gear for the SWS kit, a longer “unloaded” length and a shorter “loaded” length.
  • 47.The distinctive truss structure distributes both the impact of a carrier landing and the weight of loaded armament, maintaining the plane's integrity. It's because it's the SWS that we were able to reproduce even this aspect!
  • 48.In order to brake sharply on the short length of an aircraft carrier, the main wheels utilize piston disc brakes with 3 pot calipers!
  • 49.Please have a look at the interior detail of the main landing gear assembly storage bays! The back sides of the landing gear covers and the back sides of the main wing surfaces are just like the actual aircraft!
  • 50.In contrast to the solid main landing gear assemblies and truss structures, please notice that delicate structures such as the brake tubes and cylinders have also been precisely recreated! As can be expected from the SWS!
  • 51.We have even recreated the part of the rear landing gear assembly that extends up into the interior of the body, and the tail gear actuating cylinder that connects to the bulkhead! Two sizes of rear landing gear wheel (large and small) are also included in the kit!
  • 52.Please also direct your attention to the internal structure of the arresting hook! Even the retracting and hold-down cylinder that connects to the bulkhead has been duplicated!
  • 53.Were you aware that we have also recreated the structure of the bumper that prevents damage to the plane when it lands on the aircraft carrier and the arresting hook is deployed?
  • 54.The trim mechanism of the elevator becomes the construction that moves the entire horizontal stabilizer -- please turn your eye to the SWS kit, which presents this area in such a way that it seems as if it might really move!
  • 55.Have a look at the electrical discharge cables that hang from the trailing edges of the vertical and horizontal stabilizers! And of course, also from the main wings! Also take a peek at the collision prevention light at the tip of the vertical stabilizer!
  • 56.Make sure to give some attention to the details of the armament hardpoints on the pylons, one of the highlights of the Skyraider, which boasts the largest payload of any reciprocating engine attack fighter!
  • 57.With 1 hardpoint on the center of the body, and 7 on each side to make a total of 15 pylon hardpoints, it's possible to attach a great variety of equipment, making the Skyraider ideal for many different kinds of tactical applications!
  • 58.The kit comes with 2 external fuel tanks as standard additions. Utilizing the “US Aircraft Weapons for Skyraider” set (sold separately), it's possible for you to recreate the strongest carrier attack fighter!
  • 59.The “US Aircraft Weapons for Skyraider” set includes many different kinds of armament used by the US Navy from World War II to the Vietnam War!
  • 60.These weapons were also used on planes such as the F4U, the F6F, and the P47. Out of all the included armament, the LAU-3 was used exclusively by the US Navy, and was deployed on planes such as the F4 Phantom (Navy type).
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