SWS Mustang! Long-Awaited Pre-Order Period Finally Started!!

SWS Mustang! Long-Awaited Pre-Order Period Finally Started!!

Hello to all of our SWS fans. The pre-order for SWS P-51D Mustang which all Mustang fans have long awaited has finally started!

Well! We earnestly hope that experienced modelers like you, who have collected all Mustang kits regardless of their size, will pre-order this SWS Mustang. We recommend it with confidence.

Eh?! What!!
You have already placed your pre-order!!!!
Thank you so much!!

Yes, that's right.
To commemorate this release, we offer not only a pre-order special price that's a really good deal, but also free-shipping to everywhere all around the world. I'm sure that these big advantages are welcomed!

An amazing number of pre-orders are coming in from around the world, which even surprises the SWS developing team.
Thank you very much for your early submission of your pre-orders!!

Your pre-order is the best boost for the SWS team. Pre-orders reflect the high evaluation from you more than any words. We're so overjoyed, grasping each other's hands like eager children.

This time, we've been receiving many pre-orders from young modelers, which fans a burning in my chest.  Ah!  By "young modelers" I meant younger than me, being 64.

Using plastic, that magical material, I want to create scale models that recreate realistic frames, structures, even all the equipment!
Such SWS kits are the realization of my dreams and yours as well, embodying the power of pursuing those dreams without limitation.

From the fuselage structure of the Mustang, its engine, cockpit, landing gear, arms.
By assembling everything, you can experience the actual aircraft's creation with this scale model, which is the charm of SWS.

I really want you to take advantage of the real thrill of SWS kits that no other kits possess.

Introduction to the SWS Mustang Free Shipping Campaign
We will deliver the SWS Mustang to you for free!!  Worldwide!!!(The free shipping offer is a time-limited promotion restricted only to those who pre-order between March 17 and June 30.)
[ Regarding the Pre-order Period ]
From March 17 to June 30. For those who pre-order the SWS Mustang from Volks during this period according to one of the methods listed below, worldwide shipping will be free.
[ Regarding Pre-order Restrictions ]
Each individual is limited to a 5-kit maximum.
In order to qualify for free shipping, pre-orders must be placed during the campaign period according to one of the methods listed below.
[ Regarding Pre-order Prices ]
  • If pre-ordering 1 SWS Mustang --- 7800 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 2 SWS Mustangs - 15600 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 3 SWS Mustangs - 23400 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 4 SWS Mustangs - 31200 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 5 SWS Mustangs - 39000 JPY (+fee)
[ Warnings ]
For pre-orders that will be shipping to countries other than Japan, it will be the customer's responsibility to pay any additional taxes or fees that may be imposed by the receiving country's government. Also, please be aware that the free shipping campaign will not apply to pre-orders or orders placed with a business other than the Volks retailers listed below.
[ Regarding Shipping ] (final date may be subject to change)
If all goes as planned, we expect to begin shipping orders sequentially beginning on June 1. (Volks USA is expected to commence shipping roughly one month later.)
[ Regarding Placing Pre-orders ] (for Japanese domestic shipping only)
  • * In person at any Volks showroom
  • * Telephone via the Volks Mail Order Center (TEL: 0771-68-1141)
  • * Internet via the Volks Japan Web Store
[ Regarding International Pre-orders via the Web ]
  • * Volks International Web Store
    (The campaign has been completed successfully.)
    Business Area: Any country that can receive EMS packages from Japan
    Currency: Japanese Yen
  • * Volks USA
    (packages ship from Los Angeles, California, USA)
    (exclusive campaign pre-order page currently being prepared)
    Business Area: USA, Canada, Mexico
    Currency: US Dollars

Subject to the conditions listed above, we at Volks await your pre-order.

* Each person who pre-orders during the campaign period will receive a present in the form of this great SWS sticker!

Please, absolutely do not miss this golden opportunity!!

Today, let me introduce the SWS P-51 Mustang kit's details for you, mainly about its sprues in case you are still uncertain about your pre-order.

In addition, I will introduce many extra parts which we will release together with the P-51D so that you can upgrade the details of your kit.

The much awaited Concept Note will feature difficult metalwork that you will surely master by the super techniques revealed in this book.
 The metal working technique will surely be useful for future projects, and not only for P-51 fans but for everyone.  Please make sure to get your copy before this fully packed guide book and its transcendent contents are sold out.

The propeller and engine parts are grouped on Sprues A and B.
The supercharged Merlin engine and associated parts are molded on black runners as usual, along with the Hamilton Standard propeller, the fuel tank, and the "Browning M2" 12.7mm machine guns. There are also tires, pipes and the engine block in which you can see the moving pistons.

The Sprue C has the cockpit parts, the body frame, and landing gears.
The instrument panel, the equipment on both sides and body structure parts are molded on this silver sprue. The angles are perfectly determined. From the exhaust pipes to the radiator, wheels and landing gear, everything shows the details of the research done on the actual aircraft. The control stick is installed on the surface of the main wing and comes up from the cockpit floor when the main wing is set on the fuselage, just like the actual craft.

The sprue D is really worth seeing and building!
First, please pay attention to the very solid and sturdy main girder of the P51D. The highlight of SWS kit is brilliantly shown here. In addition, the engine frames, mounting area, frame structure, and the installation method are accurately represented too. Combined with the reproduction of the cooling pipes, the Mustang will be radiant. It is too bad that it can't be seen. Still, some say that unwillingly, it will continue to live on beautifully in your memory.

Sprue E has both outer body panels, auxiliary combat tanks, and air filter panels.  Sprue F has the dorsal fin type vertical tail, rear fuselage, and the leading edge of the main wings.  The tail-warning radar antennas can be seen in the middle left.  These parts are so small that you have to be careful when you work with them.

Sprue G has the gun panels, main gear covers, and cowlings. The key point of building the Mustang is in how to reproduce this complicated curved surface of the fuselage.  The streamed curved surface leads to the propeller spinner and shows the excellent beauty of its mold.  The horizontal stabilizer and the fillets of the main wings can be set up smoothly.

The main wing part which is finely sculpted in an accurate square shape is on sprue H, and is molded as a single part.  The  5-degree dihedral angle of the Mustang's main wing can be accurately reproduced by anyone, this way.  It also faithfully shows the features of the laminar airfoil.  You can thoroughly feel the brilliance of the best fighter in the world. It is also precisely represented that only the front gun panels open upwards and the rear panels and the rectangular shaped ammunition bay panels can be detached. 

Sprue I has both sides of the nose and the center of the fuselage.  Then sprue J contains the upper sides of the body and the base of the canopy.  You have to pay attention closely to cut these parts off from the sprue.  Be extremely careful!  Please use good pliers and cut the parts with a little margin from the edge, not too close to the parts.  Then smooth the surface with knife and sanding paper.

There are three canopy types on sprues K and M, and the various pipes are molded in sprue L.  The rear canopy part has a seam line in the middle of the mold due to reproduction of the expansion of the bubble type.  Remove the seam line with fine sanding paper and smooth the surface with compound.  Then you can make a beautiful canopy.

A request from Oyaji (the old guy) of ZOUKEI-MURA

Now, I would like to ask you a question. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

The SWS kits' sprues have been in three colors: gray, black and silver. That was because of my preference, but I have learned that there are both pros and cons of such thinking.  So I would like to ask you as an SWS fan.

Please email me your choice of A or B, or your other opinion.

  • A) SWS kit sprues should be in 3 colors as they are now.
  • B) SWS kit sprues should be in gray only.
  • C) Any other opinion

Please send email to :sws_dept@zoukeimura.co.jp

Your dream is mine, too.  Please let me know what you expect from us.

Hideyuki Shigeta
Representative of ZOUKEI-MURA

If you have any plan to make your SWS Mustang more fantastic, we are now offering these extra parts as shown below to upgrade your work.

They all are precisely detailed high quality products.  The well-experienced handmade manufacturers which have been fully admired by model enthusiasts in the world came together!

These products are exclusive to the SWS P-51D, developed with SWS development team.

Most of them are limited in production, so you have to wait for a while to order once they are out of stock.  Please order as soon as possible.

SWS04-F02 Briefing Set

SWS04-F03 Engine Maintenance Set

SWS04-F04 Oil Tank Exchange Set

SWS04-F05 Battlefield Artist

SWS04-M01 Metal Struts

SWS04-M02 Weighted Tires

SWS04-M03 Metal Machine Gun Set

SWS04-M04 Photo-Etched Parts Interior Set

The shining beauty of the "Metal Work"!!
This technique is introduced in the long-awaited P-51D Concept Note!!

Now it is the time for you to master the skill of "Metal Work" that many modelers have admired and wished to learn.

The leading man of this Metal Work skill, Mr. Naoki Kobayashi shows his skills on the body of the P-51D as much as he can.

Take a good look at the magnificent luster of bare metal as it is so carefully applied over length and breadth!!

The beauty of the Mustang produced by the metal material itself is a true piece of art.

The presence by metal work can make the kit as a breathtaking finished work by adding more force to the power of the Mustang that it originally possesses.

This Concept Note, of course, explains extensively how to do the metal works on various parts from the flat surface of the plane to the finish on the more complicated curved parts.

Furthermore, you can also finish a streamlined propeller spinner, which seems impossible at a glance without any seam lines, once you master the Kobayashi technique.

Up until now there has not been a manual for the "metal working technique," and it is fully explained in the P-51D Concept Note, from choosing the right material to afixing, detailed by photos and careful descriptions.

The long-awaited manual to master the metal working technique that has been unknown until now is to be released soon!
Do not miss your chance to get this book!!!

What is the Metal Working Technique?

What is the Metal Working Technique?
It is a technique that utilizes thin layers of hobby metal sheets such as aluminum or stainless steel that have adhesive backing.  By applying it to the surface of the model, it gives it the look of a real metal finish.
"Chrome", "Ultra Bright Chrome", or Matte Aluminum are the products that Mr. Kobayashi recommends, and are introduced and used in this book.

Let us introduce some of his techniques in this blog.

Metal Work will lead you to master metal model building!!

ZOUKEI-MURA Concept Note #4
"SWS P-51D Concept Note" in AB size color 112 Page, Price: 1890 JPY (+fee)

Careful and detailed explanation of various wonderful skills on SWS Mustang by the leading person of the Metal Work technique, Mr. Naoki Kobayashi will certainly give you unlimited hints of new scale model building.  The building works by the first class modelers selected from the world will also arouse your interest of model building.  Please enjoy this SWS P-51D Concept Note along with ordering the kit.
Here are some of his skills.

How to work on the engine cowling of the nose

The sheets can be fixed on 3 dimension curved surface from the complete circular shaped propeller spinner to the squared fuselage.  Then make sure the direction of the texture which is character of metal and cut the sheet with knife when you get the gloss as you like.  The fine metallic surface enhances the Mustang without fail.

There are also tips to working on flat portions.

Although it might seem simple to do for the flat surfaces, a little roughness will easily stand out.
Learning the texture of metal and keeping the concentration on deliberate and fine work will promise a remarkable finish.  Once you understand the know-how, then the key points are time and concentrated work.

Tone is also the key for the fuselage fixing

Of course, the real aircraft has outer panels in various shapes and sizes. 
It is a kind of challenge to make them as close to the real ones as much as possible in 1/32 scale.  Your sense will be examined when you fix the sheet along with the seam lines.   Well, you can try again as much as you like if you don't like how it is fixed.  (Please note that the sheet can not be used again once it is taken off.)

Round shape, curved surface, anything is OK.

Just one try of the Metal Work on the propeller spinner of 1/32 Mustang!  The brilliance of Kobayashi magic can be seen in here.  The proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Why don't you try this technique?  You can see how the landing light reflector looks so perfect and real.  There are also various building skills that the model enthusiast respects and admires, generously introduced in this Concept Note.

SWS 1/32 North American P-51D Mustang Description
*The number of sprues: 13 (counted by the sprue tag) * Clear sprue: 2 *Decal: 1 * The number of parts: 283 (expected) * Canopy: 3 options *Color Instruction manual *Box size: D 285mm X  W 415 mm X H 105 mm

It's coming soon!!!

Come on!!  Please pre-order your copy now.

What about me??!!

Of course, I have already pre-ordered "24 kits"!!

Well, that's all for today and we'll see you next time at this blog site.


Hideyuki Shigeta
Representative of ZOUKEI-MURA


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