Old Man Blog No.80 - this time let me introduce you the work on the main wings!!

▋The brave shapes of the Do 335 wearing a clear external fuselage, the Skyraider and then, the Ta 152 are on my desk. Step by step, we will make your dream and your joy come true.

Coming up in mid-May 2016!!

Finally, just one month and few days left until the release of the SWS "Do 335"!

How are you doing my beloved SWS brothers who can finally imagine the brave shape of this SWS kit in your minds?

Yes, I gave my last approval for the Do 335 kit, which I thought was still far to come, and the production has finally started.

This is not the test shot with poor injection pressure that I have introduced in this blog, but the true SWS kit produced by regular high ejection pressure.
Therefore, the extreme acuteness of each mold's reproduction from the smallest to the biggest parts has been increased, and we will give you a wonderful scale model kit.

Just a little more patience. Your wait is going to end in a month and few days!

Look, don't you see the light at the end of the tunnel? This is it, that light!

Indeed. Whatever it is, it takes a lot of time to deliver high-quality items.

Like a good wine or whisky, you cannot improvise.

To build fine things, like watches, cars, planes and ships… Oh, and it is the same for people too.

I do not know if this is a lie, the truth or a joke, but here in Japan we say that at 40-50 years old, people are still snotty-nosed children, but over 70 years old they are getting closer to real humanity.

I have noticed this because I am finally at the end of my snotty-nosed child period.

"I want to make fine items, especially scale models which are a wonderful hobby".

First of all, for myself (hey hey!!)

Then for all the living modelers. And then, for a lot of modelers who will enter this hobby world soon.

I want to build fine items. I want to try to produce masterpieces that will stay in the plastic model's history.

And more than everything, I want to make all the airplane scale modelers around the world happy with these SWS kits.


It is with such a purpose that the SWS Do 335 kit will be soon released!!

▋Well, the fuselage has been assembled. The cockpit and the fuel tank seem to be sandwiched between the two engines, and the rear propeller's rotation is given by this very long shaft. The shapes of the front and rear propellers differ, and you can feel here too the development's will and enthusiasm put in the real aircraft by the Dornier company.

▋The main wings and fuselage's full picture.
Just like that, the front fuselage is not heavy enough, and the Do 335 cannot stand on its three landing gears. To solve this, you can fill in the empty front engine with lead, or you can attach a supporting stick under the rear tail wing. So, which solution will you choose? Me? I think that I will process a clear runner part to make a supporting stick under the rear tail wing.

▋Main landing gears assembled.
While having a strong structure, the main landing gears are easy to build, and the Zoukei-mura Development Team has made a fantastic job in order you can attach them with the right angle at your very first try. Considering this kit as the basis, it will be possible to finish your model with an astonishing level of details thanks to your own techniques and process. Definitely give this ultimate Do 335 a try. What? You have already started to elaborate your plan! Brothers, you are wonderful!

▋The fuselage fits perfectly with the main wings, so you can feel at ease when assembling the kit.
Of course, the main wings' angle of assembly and strength can be found at the first try. It is like reviving the atmosphere of the Dornier airplane factory at home.

▋Look at this, from the nose landing gear to the tips of the main wings. You can understand how robust the fuselage was from the shape and size of the tires, and how was the plane designed and produced to be equipped with such heavy equipment. That is a real heavy fighter bomber!

▋Here, the Do 335 skeleton with only the engines mounted. It looks like even the other SWS kits are looking over the Dornier anxiously.
From the SWS No.1 Shinden to this Do 335; we have come so far! I am very grateful for all of you who made a collection of all the SWS kits.

▋A look at the rear tail and the extended shaft, and then at the cooling air intake duct.
You can see the cockpit, but also the front engine mount and the cannon. If you like, perhaps you could enjoy for a while the Do 335 skeleton as it is, just like that.
Don't you think that it is regrettable to paint and not see the interior at the end?
What? You said it's OK because you will buy a second Do 335?! I am so happy to hear that.

▋That huge and impressive Skyraider looks surprisingly small next to the Do 335. Well, perhaps it is normal since the Do 335 is a twin-engine plane.
Also, that long-winged Ta 152 seems to be a light and small aircraft.
You can see the test shot runners of the next coming SWS 1/48 F4 on the left top corner of the picture. There are still stacks of work to do with that one…

▋Let's turn the plane upside down once again, and enjoy the structure of each part.
For sure you do the same, don't you? Let's turn the plane upside down, left right and once again upside down etc.… Let's enjoy the plane endlessly. Because that is the scale modelers' privilege. It is completely impossible to do that with the real plane.

▋Then, look at this tool I am proud of and I would like to recommend.
These are "Mr. Koyama's tweezers". It has been more than 40 years since I started to use them at my workshop! They are like irreplaceable fingers for me, and helped me for so many works.
These are high quality, high precision and more than that first-class tweezers which careful finishes could be considered as the examples of the Japanese handwork. As the SWS works, they show their strength when it comes to assemble multiple small parts.

What happens if you don't have these "hunting" tools in your hands when you're in front of the prey!!

You can just cry for the miserable result or at worst run off!! If you have it, there will be a first-class tool in your hands.

These are the tweezers I recommend the most. You can still purchase them!!
(Since their creator has passed away, sales will end as soon as we sold out the item. So please hurry.)

To buy the item from VOLKS Website Store (Order via Japan):
Zoukei-mura V Tweezers (Bent)
Zoukei-mura V Tweezers (straight)

Finally, the next entry will be the last about the Do 335 assembly!!

To all my beloved plane modelers all around the world.

Finally, as one of the "prior taste" of enjoying the kit, the next entry of the "let's build the Do 335" blog that have been delivered to you will be the last one.

What did you think about this entry? Your desire to build the SWS Do 335 is already so strong that you are getting goose bumps, aren't you?

I see. Goose bumps!! That is great! It's completely normal!!

What? You said you're actually cool with it…. Huummmm.

Maybe you need to see a doctor or some yoga class, and not just read this blog.

Because it looks like that screaming out to the mountains is not effective, so at this stage you'd better to do some scary bungee jumping or ride a roller coaster 3 times in a row.

There is nothing but this SWS Do 335 that can fill of joy your scale modeler's life.

No matter what you may be told, or what someone does, the SWS kits are next to you.

Is there something else that can make you so excited or thrilled?

There isn't.

I affirm it. You are in the middle of a wonderful fate by collecting the SWS Do 335.

Hey hey, lights up and smile on, smile on!! Love people, and they will love you, and you will hear them say

"Ok, I'll give you this. Then, why don't you buy it?!!"

You want to see my smile right? Me too, I want to see your smile.

So, see you again for the next entry of this blog.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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SWS10 [1/32 scale Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil]
SWS10 1/32 scale Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil

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