Old Man Blog No.71 The Old Man's meddling!!

The Old Man's meddling!!

I just received a message from Zoukei-mura staff; they made it safe to Telford!!

IPMS Telford finally starts!!

I'm dead excited despite being here in far-away Japan, but I guess the guys in Telford are much more overwhelmed.

So, this special issue should be entitled "The Old Man's meddling".

If you have no interest, feel free to pass over.

A few days ago I tried to build our soon-to-be-released SWS 1/48 Horten.

I feel proud of this 1/48 Horten kit the same way I felt for the 1/32 kit.
I was impressed myself by that awesomeness.

I was actually proceeding according to the instruction manual in a pretty smooth way when, in the middle of my building "course", I felt like something was missing the necessary explanation in the instruction manual.

"Meddlesome!" is what I thought to myself but anyway, the Old Man has a message for all you people willing to buy our SWS 1/48 Horten.

If this SWS Horten is not in your plans, please don't bother reading what follows.

▋Old Man's meddling Part 1

"Linkage Rod Attachment"

▋Old Man's meddling Part 2

"Cockpit Assembly"

▋Old Man's meddling Part 3

"Instrument Panel"

▋Old Man's meddling Part 4

"Instrument panel and frame assembly in the cockpit"

▋Old Man's meddling Part 5

"Tail Landing Gear Attachment Position"

▋Old Man's meddling Part 6

"Nose Landing Gear Attachment Position"

So, how was it? I think you got a taste of our challenge to reproduce, with such a high degree of precision, the structure and the mechanisms of the real machine with this SWS 1/48 Horten.

The moment that SWS 1/48 will be available, for the first time, at the IPMS Telford finally draws near!!

You guys in Telford will be the first in the world to get this Horten!!

Thank you for listening to this sermon of mine.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

▋You can understand from the pictures that Horten was actually a pretty huge airplane.

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