Old Man Blog No.67 The Old Man's third soliloquy What is the rear taste of building a kit?

What is the rear taste of building a kit?

Still early summer huh?

Here in Japan we're about to enter the rainy season but, in spite of that, days with over 30℃ keep going on. Dear SWS fans, how are you doing?

What? An anomalous hot weather is hitting your place too!

I guess this is it. Nature seems to be really messed up in these days.

Dear folks, heat is going to get serious from now, so please take care of yourself.

For you guys in the southern hemisphere, now you're in the middle of fall, right? Beautiful red leaves and cold weather coming over. Keep enjoying your hobby paying attention not to catch a cold.

Seeing is believing. Public disclosure of a particular working technique!

May 23rd (Sat) came.
Thank you for coming so many to our "SWS Regular Meeting" held at the Event hall on 7th floor of VOLKS Hobby Paradise, in Akihabara, Tokyo.
Thank you so much from all the staff of Zoukei-mura and Hobby Paradise.

On that day, aside from my story, Mr. Alexander Glass, head of Uschi van der Rosten Company came to the event all the way from Germany, and demonstrated how to use its fantastic Wood Grain Decal. Everyone was busy ohhing and ahhing over his techniques. Thank you very much Mr. Alex!

By using this item, you can extend your range of expression when working on not only the exterior panels of the SWS Horten, but also on the floor of the P-51 cockpit, all the WWI aircrafts, AFVs, wooden sailing ships, floors of trains, and so on.

For the modelers who have had difficulty with painting, this can be the best solution ever seen before. From now on, you can get an extraordinary effect and enjoy this atmosphere by applying it on even a small area.

Also, by seeing his demonstration just in front of me, I can say that the technique needed to apply the decal is surprisingly simple.

Everyone can easily recreate that great wood grain. Let's give it a try!

SWOP 1/32 Ho 229 Wood Grain Decal Set
Included Items: A5 sheet×6 (8 textures) / Price: 3,500 JPY (+ fee)
*Click here to buy it via our website store → [ VOLKS Website Store ]

Mr. Alexander Glass, head of Uschi van der Rosten Company came to SWS Regular Meeting all the way from Germany!
Everyone looked fascinated and satisfied with Alex's demonstration during the Regular Meeting.
By just using this item, plastic turns into wooden material in a moment. It is a great finish for a great molde kit! It makes you happy!!

Mr. Alex shows his technique!
We were also impressed by his airbrush techniques! "That's a pro". He continued working with clear explanations of process. I wish I could hear his explanations in Japanese! However, it's noteworthy that Chris and Carmine did good translation work. Carmine will go to IPMS Ohio, please look forward to meeting him!

Finally, it's time for Uschi's Decal demonstration!
"You see!? With this decal, you can easily get an extraordinary effect!" Yes, you are one of lucky, selected modelers who could learn techniques directly from Mr. Alex! Give it a try with confidence!

On the same day, a demonstration of how to apply metal sheets was held by our Zoukei-mura Master Finisher: Mr. Naoki Kobayashi!!

Before we knew what was happening, a simple bare metal sheet was turning into a scale model that looked as if it were made of real metal.

By only looking at the finished work, and even if we have listened to all the explanations about applying metal sheets, we can only think that doing this work is extraordinary difficult.

That is aircraft model finished with bare metal sheets.

However, "seeing is believing!" When we saw in front of our eyes Mr. Kobayashi's techniques, which seem to be such a high wall for a beginner, with detailed explanation he gave us, we could easily understand the processes! We were really lucky to have the opportunity to learn his techniques!

It's like a magic! Look at the techniques of well-known "Mr. Naoki Kobayashi"!
That's how plastic turns into metal in a blink of an eye, right in front of you! Now that you've seen this technique by yourself, metalwork will no longer be something intimidating for you. Aircrafts, AFVs, railways, plastic models or robots, and even figures, they're all going to turn into metal! Awesome!!

Oh! Incredibly, we have Mr. Kobayashi, commenting the work of Mr. Alex!
Art has no borders as you see! These two guys are the proof. And they're hopefully become friends thanks to this event. I'm really envious!
Gentlemen. That's it.

Fine work! When it comes to the essence of metalwork, no can compare to this man!
This technique, unique in the world, just gets the admiration.
One day I want to see a DVD series on this. Lots of people were saying this during the demonstration.

Let me also say something about my speech.

The attendants of the SWS Regular Meeting were all hardcore-fans, I could look at them in a straight line from my position!

Average age as well as the degree of their enthusiasm seemed pretty high.

Even a veteran like me, got nervous and my voice was trembling.

However, just as we started I was surprised when I asked how old the attendants were!!
I was not the eldest one despite my 68 years!!

Ooooh!! Ok, if this is the case…

I'm not scared anymore!
No matter the age, I can just treat everyone as my little brothers or my children.

I was overwhelmed with the cuteness and loveliness I was surrounded by!

To be honest, I'd be happier if a little sister or daughter was here, but this is a luxury we don't usually get in these occasions.
(By the way, why there is so few girls into modeling in Japan! That's sad!)

As always, there are some troubles, doubt or particular conditions interfering with SWS development, or at least its original plans.

Since I had a very serious face, maybe everyone thought I had some high purpose with my speech.

No no, the old man from Zoukei-mura doesn't really have any special purpose.

"One day I want to build a full injection airplane model with my hands".
I just kept following that dream and that's how I came so far.

But at the same time, I seriously wanted to create something shining brightly, something that could remain in the history of modeling for good. That is what I am thinking about.

To all of you who purchased and build an SWS kit:
All I want to hear from you is "it's like building a real aircraft"; and once you're done with assembly, I want you to enjoy that structure and mechanism and understand how and why it all started.

So I would like that you qualify the SWS like this: "prior, current and rear tastes of the kit are all good!"

What if SWS were not part of this world…?

If we didn't have SWS kits in this world, would have we continued enjoying scale modeling as we use to?

  • * Wings, fuselage, etc. How it can fly up in the sky. I want to reproduce that machine and its structure.
  • * Even though it can't move, I want to know all about that mechanism.
  • * I want to reproduce and learn about the devices and systems that control the flight, not just something that may resemble a cockpit. And also about the engine, I want to know about its installation, the undercarriage, everything.
  • * This is what happens when you have a mission or a purpose to follow. I want to reproduce that beautiful figure precisely, as much as I can, and I want to enjoy it until I can.
  • * Thanks to the reproducing force of the SWS, I want to recreate those weapons, I mean airplanes, recognition planes, night fighters, strategic bombers and also planes for training and the pilots, which bravely fought against the enemy in the sky and returned home.
  • * It may look complicated, difficult at a glance, but you don't really need any special skill or tool to assemble it. Another good thing of the SWS kits is the instruction manual.

There are both my dreams and your wishes in the SWS kits!

And, an old man like me, or a guy like you who can't attempt any complicated work without wearing glasses, can both enjoy the assembly of an airplane model smoothly. That's the kind of kit that I want to keep creating.

As always my "terror questionnaire" is very popular! And in such a friendly atmosphere for all the people who came to the demonstration!! As you can see, to every question I may ask there were people from the audience raising their hands at the same time as if they were hypnotized! I'm really happy. Thank you all, for being the source of my motivation.
I'll keep striving to make your dream come true!!

Hey!! "The rumored mock-up of the double engine-jet fighter" is finally here!
Developer T is indeed explaining carefully for a reason. This is the first time we show this mock-up! If you come to IPMS Ohio, at Zoukei-mura booth, you'll have much more time to see it. Dear fans coming to the event, you're going to be surprised. Look forward to it!!

I think I have transmitted you the real charm of this hobby, called scale modeling.
Even in case I'd be the oldest one in here! I still have plans for this world for the next 20 years. I want to revolutionize the scale model world. That dream of mine is also your dream.

What is the rear taste of a kit?

After the "prior" and "current taste", here is the "rear taste" of enjoying the building of a kit.

We're finally got to the last stage of a kit assembly, the "rear taste".

In my case, once I have finished building and painting, I apply the decals and the antenna, and wait during the drying. Then, I usually try to adjust something and refine painting to get a feeling of completeness.

Furthermore, I also want to reproduce the rust, the defects emerged because of the usage of the machine.

Then I clean the dirty table scattered with leftovers and full of useless runners or masking tape.

I put the tools and materials that I messed with in the tool box.

And the work is done!

Then finally move the finished model in another place. The moment you secure it in the right place is the real start of the "rear taste".

My secret, safe place. It's the "Gun Room".

There, upon the long table, I put my "finished airplanes".
At the same time, I drown myself in silence, listening to my favorite music from the 60's.

Sit down in my comfortable chair, I can finally relax.

Now, if I take a look at the instruction manual, I already feel some nostalgia for the fun I had during the work.

Doing this in that way could have been better.
I should try to do this way next time, etc.

These are some regrets that come across my mind again.

The glue that leaked out, that little imperfection due to the scratch, I could handle it. Even though I put the putty on it still looks good. The angulation of the landing gear is well fixed too. The horizontal tail and the radar seem lively. That is wonderful.

But most of all, once I open the engine covers, the engine body seems alive; that's the trademark of the SWS kit!

Give some chalk, and after a long cranking, the engine moves haughtily and the propeller starts running maybe. (I reproduced the roaring sound with my nose).

This instant is the real "rear taste".
This is how my time goes by, and there is no such a substitute for a modeler.

Midnight comes, I turn off the light and it's time to sleep.

But the "rear taste" is still inside me, even in my bed.
Turning myself on the bed I still can see the canopy and the engine cowl, as the "face" of the airplane slowly fades out.

A happy day has gone… Good Night.

The next day, on the table where I eat my breakfast, of course there is the shape of the finished kit in front of me.

My wife smiles at me saying "you did a good job!"
If I have time I would start talking about my efforts on this plane. This draws all my passion and I could really stay here and continue talking for one or two hours, dear colleagues!!

When I don't have time, my explanations concerning the manufacturer, the aircraft, its use or war records get shorter.

When I'm in my car on the way to my company, the "rear taste" is still here.
I can't get angry, even though I'm stuck in the traffic with other cars.

During my job, my heart keeps beating fast. I have the same feeling during lunch, and still after.

Wow! This is the beauty of the rear taste, it's really addictive!

What about some weeks later?

It's finally time to choose the next kit.

You are right. The "prior taste" of the next kit is about to begin again.

Scale models, oh no, SWS kits are such a wonderful hobby!
Scale models: Banzai!

This is the SWS 1/32 Horten born in the hands of the well-known Mr. Naoki Kobayashi!!
"Skeleton and internal structure" reproduced too! Admire the essence of SWS!
If this kit had not been created, the mechanisms of the real Ho 229 would have probably remained a mystery for eternity. I'm still glad to the Smithsonian Museum for their great support to our research!!

This is how the Horten cover, made up by the same Mr. Naoki Kobayashi looks with the wood grain decals from Uschi Company.
Mr. Alex was also like "I can't say anything but, wow!"
It's the actual proof that we have fine "modelers in Japan". The real thing is really wonderful. Why don't you try to stick Uschi decals to your Horten?

Obviously, the mock-up of our next SWS 1/32 Do 335 couldn't be missing!
This is what we can do with SWS! Dear Do 335 fans all over the world, you can keep your expectations high as we're proceeding steadily to complete this model!! Look forward to it!!

Where's the picture of the mock-up of this fundamental "double-seat aircraft"?

We're going to show it at the IPMS Ohio, Zoukei-mura booth, right after the show opens.
Please be patient for a while.

A storm of the great admiration was unleashed at this first Regular Meeting hold in Akihabara, Tokyo.

"Wow, that's just Zoukei-mura!"
"They went so far!!"
"But it's surprisingly easy to assemble!"

In the end, just like I did, you had goose bumps all over your body while you were watching this really interesting mock-up model, didn't you?

Such a power even in 1/48 scale!! Fantastic!

Yes. Such precisely reproduced form would leave you a feeling in your heart, like you're moved to tears, wouldn't it?

For you who were so lucky to be at the Regular Meeting, this mock-up will leave some traces in your heart for some time.

For all of you who'll attend IPMS Ohio, please look forward to seeing the double-seated jet, for the first time showed in America!

IPMS USA National Convention in Columbus, Ohio 2015
(VOLKS USA Facebook)

This is going to be the exposition line-up of Zoukei-mura booth at IPMS Ohio. Please prepare for your shopping!
"Pre-orderable kits to be picked up at IPMS Ohio, Zoukei-mura booth"
Item NameEvent Price
SWS01 1/32 J7W1 SHINDEN $80.00
SWS02 1/32 Ta 152 H-1 $95.00
SWS03 1/32 A-1H SKYRAIDER U.S.NAVY $141.00
SWS04 1/32 P-51D Mustang $95.00
SWS05 1/32 J2M3 RAIDEN $88.00
SWS06 1/32 He 219 A-0 Uhu $174.00
SWS08 1/32 Ho 229 HORTEN $152.00
SWS09 1/32 MustangIV P-51D/K $105.00
SWS11 1/32 Ta 152 H-0 $108.00
SWS48-01 1/48 J7W1 SHINDEN $48.00
SWS48-02 1/48 Ta 152 H-1 $48.00
SWS 1/32 Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad $22.00
  • *Pre-orders are accepted. If you're interested please write to the following mail address. No longer accepting pre-orders!
  • *We accept the following credit cards at the event for payment.
  • *We'll try to satisfy your requests as possible, but please understand that we may run out of stocks.
Thank you for being so many to pre-order SWS kits!
We are looking forward to meeting you in Columbus and deliver your items at our booth.
  • *Please pay for your pre-orders at Zoukei-mura booth at the IPMS Ohio.
  • *The items pre-ordered must be collected no later than July 24th 2015 1pm (local time).
  • *For the items that won't be picked up within the due time, pre-order will be cancelled.

So please look forward to the SWS kits that will bring unlimited amusement and happiness to your collection.

We'll meet again on the pages of the Old Man Blog.

See ya then!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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