Old Man Blog No.70 Here we go!! IPMS Telford 2015 is about to start!!

*This picture shows Zoukei-mura booth at the venue, on November 2014.

Here we go!!
IPMS Telford 2015 is about to start!!!

These are going to be the hotspots at Zoukei-mura booth, IPMS Telford 2015!
▋ Zoukei-mura booth at IPMS Telford 2015 is here!
▋ Pre-order early our brand new SWS 1/48 Horten!!
▋ Great display of the test shot of our new kit, 1/32 Do 335!
▋ Mock-up of the upcoming 1/48 F-4 also exposed!
▋ Most wanted! Fill in the questionnaire and join the raffle!!
▋ SWS Extra parts, The Old Man's tools, hobby bases and also Concept Notes!

SWS fans all around the world, we're coming on!

How is everyone doing? Today is just another fine day in my Old Man's life!

One year has gone so fast, the season of the IPMS Telford in UK has finally come.
I'm sure you are happy and excited, aren't you?! This year too, the Zoukei-mura staff would like to see all your happy faces! We are waiting for you to come.

This time the Old Man Blog is going to be like a trailer preview to "Zoukei-mura in Telford".

For you who come to this event, but also for those unable to come, and also for you willing to come but too far to make it, let's have, altogether, a taste of what Telford will be like.

"What? Are you going too??" is what you're wondering.

Wanna know? Well, no good news on the way, you'd better not know.

Unfortunately, no!! Even this year, I won't be there.
I will just be commanding our members' work, from our strategic headquarter here in Japan.

"Why aren't you coming?" you're thinking. Well, there's a deep reason.

I actually want to go but, some years ago, on the way to Telford, I lost my way in Dubai's airport where I had the connection flight.

I was taken by bus to a different terminal from the one where the rest of the staff was, and left there alone. Oh god, I can't speak their language, and I had no hand-luggage or cellphone!!

Can you picture me holding my passport and my ticket like a clueless kid?!

Dubai's airport is actually huge! And all I could see were foreign faces!!
No other Japanese on sight! So I was just alone!
And I didn't have a cent with me! I never underwent such a tough quest!

Anyway, I was really in trouble. Up to my neck.

The boarding time of my connection was drawing near, and I had been so careless that I didn't consider the time difference, forgetting to synchronize my watch.

"How could this happen to me! This is no SWS- thing!"

And now I am here writing this blog, telling you about this weird experience that I had.
It's actually something I'd rather forget.

I guess this is probably some "post-traumatic stress disorder", or whatever it's called.

Did you have such experience? Probably yes, you did. Maybe more than once!

It's a trauma, isn't it? Now, as I hear "Telford", that mess at Dubai Airport comes back to my mind.

And this is not likely to be cured by any hypnosis or other psychiatric treatment.

That's why my body went back to the "can't go there from Dubai" state.

But this was a story apart. We're dead excited, preparing as much as we can to meet all of you guys; look forward to it!

▋ Zoukei-mura booth is at Hall 2(Booth #2101-2107), shown by the arrow. We'll be waiting for you.

▋ Pre-ordered items will be deliver from the opening day at 9:00, at Zoukei-mura booth.

▋ In case of too many people arriving to receive their items, please line up following the indications of our staff.
* "SWS 1/48 Ho 229" will be available from the first day, so we foresee some crowd at the booth. We recommend those who have pre-ordered SWS kits to come to our booth after the line for SWS 1/48 Ho 229 kit has ended.

"IPMS Telford 2015 kits available at Zoukei-mura Booth"
SWS01 1/32 J7W1 SHINDEN £53
SWS02 1/32 Ta 152 H-1 £64
SWS04 1/32 P-51D Mustang £64
SWS05 1/32 J2M3 RAIDEN £59
SWS06 1/32 He 219 A-0 Uhu £107
SWS08 1/32 Ho 229 HORTEN £93
SWS09 1/32 MustangIV P-51D/K £64
SWS11 1/32 Ta 152 H-0 £66
SWS48-01 1/48 J7W1 SHINDEN £32
SWS48-02 1/48 Ta 152 H-1 £32
SWS48-03 1/48 Ho 229 £40
Here's the full item list (PDF)
*We wil accept only 1pc per kit as pre-order.
There is no limitation for the extra-parts.
How to reserve your kits from Zoukei-mura booth at IPMS Telford 2015

If you wish to make a reservation please send an email at the following address no later than November 1 2015, 23:59 (Japan Standard Time).

  • * In order to prepare all the reserved items, no reservations will be accepted from November 2nd (Monday) and on.
  • * Please pay the price of the items you reserved at the event (Zoukei-mura booth IPMS Telford 2015).
  • * Please pay by cash only(GBP). No Credit Card accepted.
  • * We will try to satisfy your requests as much as we can; but please understand that we may not accept your pre-orders in case of sold out.
  • * Please come to pick up your reserved items on Saturday, November 7th, 2015 from 9:00 to 18:00
  • * If you can't come on November 7th 2015 for the pick-up, please let us know when you make your reservation, or send us an email within the reservation period.
  • * From Sunday, November 8th, 2015 12:00 reservations will be cancelled.
Please send an email to the following address to reserve your kit from Zoukei-mura booth IPMS 2015.
Pre-order acceptance closed. Thanks everyone!
See you in Telford!
Reservation period: No later than November 1 2015, 23:59 (Japan Standard Time).

Pre-release in Telford!

"Available on November 21st 2015!"
▋ SWS 1/48 Ho 229  Price: 5800 JPY (+fee) → Product details here

▋ 1/48 has finally come this far!

Rich, elaborated, is this a magic or an illusion? Just like completing a puzzle!

First time in the world!! SWS 1/48 Horten pre-released for this event!!

You could be one of the earlier few customers in the world to get this SWS 1/48 Horten!

▋ Make your reservation early to make sure you get it!

To tell the truth, I myself have just seen some test shot runners so I still have to see the kit that will be available.

Even though it will be just a few pieces, currently we're working hard with the factory in order to make it on time for this event.

So, we will just have a few kits for this event.

For those who can't wait for this 1/48 Horten.

For those who determined to make it part of their collections!

I recommend you to reserve it right now via this blog.

Since reserved items will have the priority, the items available for sale at the event might be a few. In case of sold out items, we kindly ask you for your kind cooperation.

As the production process will be completed, the kit will be available via Zoukei-mura's website, VOLKS Showrooms in Japan, and our Friend Shops all around the world, so look forward to it!

"We have to wait until next spring? That's too long!
I can't wait anymore!"

I see you can't wait!!
A nice test shot of the "1/32 Do 335" from our well-known master modeler, Mr. Naoki Kobayashi will be exposed for the first time in Telford at Zoukei-mura booth.

How come this thing could really appear in this world!??

This is really the fierce figure of Do 335 as an SWS kit!

Aaaah~ I want to build this soon!! I know, I know , I know how you feel!!

Once the SWS Do 335 kit is complete, you'll be moved by what you see.

A perfect chance to admire carefully that "birth" has finally come!

A wonderful thing, oh no, I mean a wonderful "work" will be revealed to you.

Even in case you're not a 1/32 scale modeler, it won't be bad if you take a look at this model.

The Do 335, built by Mr. Naoki Kobayashi, is full of the Zoukei-mura spirit and will be exposed in Telford.

▋ SWS 1/32 Do 335 to be released next spring!!

Zoukei-mura SWS Development Team is refining this test shot in order to bring you an awesome scale model for this occasion, something that you've never seen or heard about.

Please look forward and be patient for a while until release!!

Only for you, the F-4 fans!!

Being an F-4 fan myself, among the many F-4 kits released until now, I picked up "30 concerns" about the J-type, and I went for a thorough investigation!!

It took me almost 2 years to investigate the origins of what I was concern about, to fix the problems, to check, re-fix them etc.!!

From the research made on the real thing to the test shot, the development team has been fighting a gory battle.

Yes, no matter how much you like the airplane, we've come a very long way.

Zoukei-mura team, very well-done!! Good!! Excellent!! You own it!!

When I was still young, around 20 years old. 40 years have gone since I saw it, when the "Blue Angels" Formation Acrobatic Aircraft flew to Nagoya, for the first time in Japan.
I can't forget the beautiful silhouette of the F-4 during its aerobatic flight, cutting the blue sky.

My neck was hurting cause I kept it up all the time, I feel somehow nostalgic when I recall my hands and fingers getting completely numb because of the heavy camera I had with me.

"Please create the SWS kit of the ultimate F-4 Phantom"

Now that we've come this far, there's no turning back.

Not until we hear "you did it!" from you F-4 fans.
Not until I can say "this is The F-4 kit" pumping my chest.

This long path, full of prickers, continues.

This time we will bring " the latest clay model" to the show. We want to let you F-4 fans see every section, inspecting every details.

By the way, are you asking me about "those 30 concerns? What kind of thing are they?"?

You want to know our trade secrets, don't you?

Until now there's always been something I didn't like.
Something we kept asking ourselves how we should do to fix it, to let it become an SWS kit.
More details available on the event day. Please look forward to seeing it with your eyes.

Hey, if you really want to know it, this is the driving force that led us so far with this kit. It's coming out with a wonderful shape and structure in 1/48 scale.

* However, the F-4 that will be exposed is just a prototype. Due to some necessary improvements the kit that will be released will be different in some parts.

▋ November 7th (Sat) 16:00 start!
This year too! Please join Zoukei-mura's 7th Heaven Raffle!!

As always, "Zoukei-mura SWS Request Raffle", the lucky raffle that will give a chance to get some prizes to the luckiest among you will be held on November 7th (Sat) at 16:00!

We'll hand out the prizes of our "raffle", but only for you who will participate to the event.

No matter where you are, get in front of Zoukei-mura booth at the raffle time.
Every time, there are always people who get selected, but we don't know where he/she are.

"What? Well I guess this is it". That's what we say. You're harsh, bro~!"

Ops I forgot to say that you need to fill in the questionnaire in order to join the raffle.

Every time we run out of questionnaires in the blink of an eye.
Make sure you get one from our booth!

▋ Please look at the extremely popular "Old Man's Seven Tools"!!

In particular, "PRO-ZETSU Nippers", "Plastic Shaping Scraper", "Plastic Modelling Chisel" and also "Zoukei-mura Tweezers"; as I am using these tools every day I definitely recommend them.

We'll bring these tools to Telford so please try with your hands their functionality, and ease of use.

▋ PRO-ZETSU Nippers (for plastic parts) Made in Japan.

Full length: 18cm. Width: 9cm

Nippers made just to cut plastic parts from the runner.
Put the blade on the gate of a soft part, cut gently and you'll see how beautifully and sharply you can cut the part off from the runner.

But don't even try to cut thick runners, metal parts, paper or wood with these nippers, even by mistake!! You may waste them at once.
As shown in the picture, use it to cut only plastic parts.

* If sharpness decreases, you can fix it by hitting the blade repeatedly with a whetstone.

Available at VOLKS JAPAN Online Store and VOLKS USA Website Store !
The differences between ordering from Volks USA and Volks Japan are:

▋ Plastic Shaping Scraper (scraper to shape components) Made in Japan.

Full length: 19cm. Width: 8mm

Let it touch and slide on the surface of the part, it cuts so beautifully, just like a planer for woodwork; that's why I gave it this name.
This blade is also forged like a sword, using steel and soft iron. Once you've done a beautiful job on the parts surface, you'll see that waste is in fact extracted thanks to the planer itself.

* If sharpness decreases, you can fix it by hitting the blade repeatedly with a whetstone.

Available at VOLKS JAPAN Online Store and VOLKS USA Website Store !
The differences between ordering from Volks USA and Volks Japan are:

▋ Plastic Modelling Chisel (edge obtained by forging) Made in Japan.

Full Length: 18cm among which 9cm is built-in (Blade width 9mm)

Made of steel and soft iron, it is forged with the same technique used as for the katana, the old Japanese shaping blade. The surface where the blade is attached is like a single edge, so you can cut and shape with incredible precision the parts you would like to finish in 90°. The angles of the blade can be sharpened (the way you prefer) with a whetstone; you can use this blade for big parts as well as soft parts. Once you try it, such an ease of use will make you want to work with no other shaping blade than this.

The blade is about 9cm long. Most of it is inserted in the wooden body. Polishing the blade again and again, the wooden body becomes smaller by the passing of time.
By the way, I've been happily using this shaping blade for over 20 years.
(This is originally meant to be a small blade used to create wooden sculptures).

* If sharpness decreases, you can fix it by hitting the blade repeatedly with a whetstone.

Available at VOLKS JAPAN Online Store and VOLKS USA Website Store !
The differences between ordering from Volks USA and Volks Japan are:

▋ Zoukei-mura Tweezers (stainless set for medical use)

Length: 13cm. Stainless, handmade (Japan).

Once you try these, you'll no longer be able to use other tweezers.
The delicate curve of its extremity makes it very easy to use; I don't know other tweezers that work so naturally in your fingers.
This is the best article that I want to recommend you.
Unfortunately, the man that created these tweezers, Mr. Koyama, passed away last year and we just have a few leftovers at our stores.
You're still on time. I strongly recommend you these tweezers that you'll be using for all your life. You won't regret it!!

Available at VOLKS JAPAN Online Store and VOLKS USA Website Store !
The differences between ordering from Volks USA and Volks Japan are:

Please pay attention to Hobby Bases or SWS Extra Parts and other items you can get only here.

Please, this year too, get the products from "Zoukei-mura, the guys from a mysterious land".

So, you guys who come to IPMS Telford, you guys who will not and also you guys who cannot join us, did you enjoy this blog entry?

Thanks to your vitality, Zoukei-mura SWS kits can fly today too, from Japan to the fans spread around the world.

I'm deeply grateful to you made the SWS kits part of your collection.

In case you don't like the kits, that is all my fault.

Please forgive me considering the natural hastiness and immaturity of this old man.

I wish all the best to you, your family and your friends.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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