The Pre-Order Deadline for the P-51D Mustang is Coming Soon!

  • Free-shipping to everywhere in the world! The pre-order deadline is coming soon!!
  • We will change the color of the SWS kit sprues! This will be the last multi-colored sprue kit!
  • Why don't you attend the IPMS convention in Orlando, Florida in August!?
  • I was chosen to be a speaker for “Meet the Maker” at IPMS in the UK in November! Please participate!
  • The package art of the 1/32 He219 Uhu is finally unveiled!!
  • The Hall of Fame for scale model kits! Eleven VOLKS Hobby Squares spread out all over Japan!
  • SWS kits are also available at our friend shops! 17 of them now, all around the world!!
  • The SWS, innovative in the world of plastic models, has released three kits so far!

The pre-order deadline for the P-51D Mustang is coming soon!!

Thank you so much for your quick pre-orders from all over the world for the newest SWS kit, the 1/32 P-51D Mustang!!

Thank you so much for your quick pre-orders from all over the world for the newest SWS kit, the 1/32 P-51D Mustang!!

You are the true supporters of the SWS!!

We appreciate your pre-order so much!!!

Your dream is with us, ZOUKEI-MURA, a tiny company who has recently undertaken a reckless challenge.
Of course, your dream is my dream as well. I will expand our dreams more and more. Please look forward to them!!

We will begin shipping this kit, fresh from its first run, to everyone who pre-ordered it prior to anyone else in the world, according to their order number. Please wait a little while longer until the June release date for the best Mustang kit the world has ever known! We will, of course, make sure to include an SWS give away sticker, so don't worry about that!
(Due to transportation issues, overseas shipping will need a little more time.)

The Mustang kit is now in the final checking stage to ensure that the contents live up to SWS standards.

So, in this old guy's blog post, I want us to enjoy the picture of Mr. Naoki Kobayashi's work, taken in the same angle as the kit's package art, together. I also want to share the joy of the nervousness and excitement right before the release day. Please thoroughly enjoy it.

The Mustang is currently in the middle of the pre-order campaign in which we are offering free-shipping to anywhere in the world! Don't miss this opportunity!!

This is the recreation of the SWS kit's package. This is the famous “Miss Marilyn II” of Capt.Robert Welch, recreated with decals which come with the kit, in a flying position.
The P-51D is especially beautiful from this angle.

As usual, the SWS Mustang assembly manual will be printed in full color. The picture above is the page which explains the concept of this kit.
The P-51D which is recreated in SWS style will lead your aviation model kit collection to a new world. The superior pleasure of feeling that you are assembling an actual airplane will be delivered to you.

Introduction to the SWS Mustang Free Shipping Campaign
We will deliver the SWS Mustang to you for free!!  Worldwide!!!(The free shipping offer is a time-limited promotion restricted only to those who pre-order between March 17 and June 30.)
[ Regarding the Pre-order Period ]
From March 17 to June 30. For those who pre-order the SWS Mustang from Volks during this period according to one of the methods listed below, worldwide shipping will be free.
[ Regarding Pre-order Restrictions ]
Each individual is limited to a 5-kit maximum.
In order to qualify for free shipping, pre-orders must be placed during the campaign period according to one of the methods listed below.
[ Regarding Pre-order Prices ]
  • If pre-ordering 1 SWS Mustang --- 7800 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 2 SWS Mustangs - 15600 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 3 SWS Mustangs - 23400 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 4 SWS Mustangs - 31200 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 5 SWS Mustangs - 39000 JPY (+fee)
[ Warnings ]
For pre-orders that will be shipping to countries other than Japan, it will be the customer's responsibility to pay any additional taxes or fees that may be imposed by the receiving country's government. Also, please be aware that the free shipping campaign will not apply to pre-orders or orders placed with a business other than the Volks retailers listed below.
[ Regarding Shipping ] (final date may be subject to change)
If all goes as planned, we expect to begin shipping orders sequentially beginning on June 1. (Volks USA is expected to commence shipping roughly one month later.)
[ Regarding Placing Pre-orders ] (for Japanese domestic shipping only)
  • * In person at any Volks showroom
  • * TelePhone via the Volks Mail Order Center (TEL: 0771-68-1141)
  • * Internet via the Volks Japan Web Store
[ Regarding International Pre-orders via the Web ]
  • * Volks International Web Store
    (The campaign has been completed successfully.)
    Business Area: Any country that can receive EMS packages from Japan
    Currency: Japanese Yen
  • * Volks USA
    (packages ship from Los Angeles, California, USA)
    (exclusive campaign pre-order page currently being prepared)
    Business Area: USA, Canada, Mexico
    Currency: US Dollars

Subject to the conditions listed above, we at Volks await your pre-order.

* Each person who pre-orders during the campaign period will receive a present in the form of this great SWS sticker!

A huge change in SWS kits!
I decided to follow your opinions for the sprue colors!!

I received a lot of enthusiastic, eager opinions and requests from unexpectedly everywhere in the world in response to my question about the kit's sprue colors in my last blog post.

Thank you so much to those who emailed us!

The result was that, for some reason, “B) SWS kit sprues should be in gray only.” had your support by a mile!

Ummmm, you guys really love gray~.
Why? Why does everyone love gray?

Many people told me that:

  • - Gray makes it easy to check the parts.
  • - Gray makes it easy to paint them.
  • - I have always just loved gray.
  • An interesting one among them was “Gray looks high-class.”

So, to fulfill this request from everyone, we have decided to manufacture all new SWS kits from the 1/32 He219 Uhu and beyond with gray sprues, including future reproductions of former kits.

Clap! Clap! Clap!
(I think I hear applause from somewhere…)

So sad! So this is how easily my personal preferences are washed away by the tidal wave of everyone's email requests. But actually, among these many emails, there was only one person who picked “A) SWS kit sprues should be in 3 colors as they are now.”
It's you! It was only you! Thank you very much. I think that you and I are the only two in this world who are truly buddies!

Anyway! The 1/32 Mustang, which is currently in the manufacturing stage, is the last multi-colored sprue SWS kit! So does it mean that this is the one and only chance for me to obtain a rare P-51D Mustang kit with multi-colored sprues, which may not be available ever again after this point!?

OK, this is the opportunity! You should pre-order the potential last multi-colored sprue P-51D kit now!
I still believe, though, that you will agree with me and say “Multi-colored sprues are interesting!” 30 years from now. The thing is I will be in the heaven by that point…

Backlighting the P-51D draws attention to its power! Other than this one, the SWS kit comes with three different bubble canopies in total, so you can enjoy various features of the Mustang. The antenna wire in the picture is not included in the kit. It's a place where you will show your skills!

Install the assembled Merlin Engine into the fuselage, then the cockpit and radiator. The last step is to set the engine cooling pipes. This is the moment you will notice the excellent design of the Mustang and the amazingly high efficiency led by that design.

This is a picture taken at the event in Omaha last year. It was finally decided that this year's IPMS convention will be held in Orlando, Florida this August. We, ZOUKEI-MURA, will take part in it with our full power. Please come to see us! We will announce the details of our booth in the next blog post here. Please look forward to it!

We will participate in the IPMS USA Convention in Orlando, Florida~!!

The next event of IPMS USA will be held in Orlando, Florida, in August~!

I'm happy~! I'm glad~! I am already really excited every day!!

My only concern is the food! Yes. I tend to overeat whenever I visit the US.
You know, life is filled with delicious hamburgers and Coke there day after day! I'm sure that I will gain weight this time, too.
But this is actually bad for my old body!! My doctor said to me, “No meat! No oil! No alcohol! Coke is worse than alcohol! If you smoke, I'll punish you!” I can't do anything!

But no! Once you learn the joy in the IPMS event site, you cannot resist!

So, of course, the ZOUKEI-MURA development team will be there this time as well with great glee!

Detailed information such as which kits and materials we will bring, pre-order availability, etc. will be announced here in this blog next time. So please keep your eyes on it!!

If you are planning to go to the August IPMS event in Orlando, Florida, don't miss my next blog post and make sure to pre-order the special items which we will bring to our ZOUKEI-MURA booth before they are sold out!
(So many people visited our booth at the IPMS event in Telford, UK last November that our items were sold out immediately. We are so sorry for the inconvenience which it might have caused.)

Those most reliable planes, the P-51D, were called “Little Friends” by the pilots of B-17 and B-24. To the eyes of bomber pilots, nothing might have looked more reliable than the P-51D.
We feel as if we can hear the dynamic roar from the Super Merlin Engine.

Those in the know can't miss it. Your aviation model kit collection will include the main wing structure of the P-51D as well. Not only the cross-section shape of the laminar flow wings, but also the way that the machine guns and landing gear are mounted, are all recreated in the manner of the SWS. It will delight and attract you.

This picture is from last November. I will participate as a speaker in the lecture program called “Meet the Maker” this year. I will fully explain everything from the origin of the SWS development concept, to details about ZOUKEI-MURA for a full hour! Please look forward to my souvenirs as well!!

Wow! Your attention to the IPMS Convention in Telford, UK this November!!

I have been given a chance to be a speaker for a special lecture program called “Meet the Maker” over two days and two hours in total!!
I was told to tell everything about ZOUKEI-MURA, the company creating SWS, which is the innovative model kit series attracting so much attention now. What a sweet offer it is! Don't you think so, my friends?

I have been given a chance to be a speaker for a special lecture program called “Meet the Maker” over two days and two hours in total!!
I was told to tell everything about ZOUKEI-MURA, the company creating SWS, which is the innovative model kit series attracting so much attention now. What a sweet offer it is! Don't you think so, my friends?

However, actually, this is not something I should be proud of, but I can't speak English at all! You know, even my Japanese is often shaky even though I am native speaker!
(No. I'm not expecting you to laugh here!)

However!! Who cares?! The enthusiasm for scale model kits has to be universal, right!? What do you think everyone? Everything is all about guts! It's about willpower! Life is like a dream, a short thing that often lasts only about 80 years! Well then, I've made up my mind! I also decided to bring a lot of wonderful presents for the brave attendees who ask me questions after my lecture!!

If you are planning to participate in the IPMS convention in Telford this November, please join my lecture in “Meet the Maker” at the event!! Of course, I'll have a translator for English, so you don't have to learn Japanese. Don't worry about that.
Please look forward to the presents that I'll bring from Japan! They are souvenirs from me!
(Please understand that they will be limited in number.)

Jerry Boucher is the shrewd British illustrator who drew the He219 Uhu for us. He drew an amazing He219 Uhu at the angle which I asked him. Please look forward to the future SWS kit packages that he will draw as well.

Finally the package art of the He219 Uhu is ready!!

What do you think everyone!? Look at the brave hunter who cuts through the jet black night!!
Finally, this satisfying package art by Jerry Boucher, one of the best illustrators from the UK, is complete!
The He219 Uhu, “Eagle-Owl,” is bravely flying over a misfortunate Avro Lancaster which has been hit. The time when we can own it as SWS is coming closer and closer!

What will the SWS Uhu be like? You will be able to assemble it from the inner structure as usual. The SWS development team thoroughly researched the only actual airplane, which has been preserved at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The kit fully reflects the study of this actual airplane.
We tried our best to recreate the He219 Uhu perfectly for the SWS including the fuselage structure, engine, detailed cockpit, all mechanism elements, etc.
Surely this SWS He219 will bring huge value to your aviation model kit collection. What you will get once you finish this kit will depend on your ideas. Please look forward to the development process of the mysterious airplane, the “He219 Uhu”!!

■ Message from Mr. Jerry Boucher
1. Your full Name -
Jerry Boucher
2. Your place of birth (country or district) -
Somerset (a rural part of south-west England). I grew up near the airbase at RNAS Yeovilton, and as planes were always flying overhead I think that what created my interest in aviation!
3. What is your specialty?
What kind of illustrations are you making? -
I've always been more interested in the planes that others tend to ignore, especially in terms of depicting them in artwork. My website is a showcase for this interest. I also enjoy trying to depict aircraft in more dramatic lighting conditions, with sky colours other than blue and grey.
4. Any comments on your illustration of the He-219. Your message to the viewers or some points you would like people to pay attention to. -
As the He-219 is a somewhat odd but quite sleek shape, it was interesting trying to depict it from an angle which shows such characteristics. Creating artwork for nighttime scenes is quite hard, and it was a challenge to also show events taking place below in the background.
5. Your plans for the future, etc. -
I will be very interested to see what aircraft Zokei-Mura want me to depict next!
Jerry's illustrations will take you to a dream-like world in the future as well. Please look forward to them!!

SWS #1
1/32 J7W1 Imperial Japanese Navy Fighter Aircraft "Shinden"

  • Type: Injection Plastic Model Kit
  • Parts: Total of 252 Parts
  • Price: 7800 JPY (+fee)
  • Sold Out

Upon the Navy's order, Kyusyu Airplane developed a type 18 experimental short-range interceptor, the Shinden, to fight against the opponent's long-range bombers. This popular airplane became available as plastic model kit.

SWS #2
1/32 Focke-Wulf "Ta152 H-1"

  • Type: Injection Plastic Model Kit
  • Parts: Total of 182 Parts
  • Price: 9500 JPY (+fee)
  • Sold Out
    * Some stores may have a few left,
    but they are the last remaining stock.

The best and last of the Luftwaffe, the Ta152, known as the ultimate reciprocated engine fighter, finally became available as a 1/32 scale model kit!

SWS #3
1/32 U.S. Navy Douglas A-1H Skyraider

  • Type: Injection Plastic Model Kit
  • Parts: Total of 336 Parts
  • Price: 12800 JPY (+fee)
  • Now Available

On one day it left from a carrier. On another day, it rushed across the freezing mountains. And on another day, it flew through the skies over the jungle. The most reliable flying tough guy is now available as SWS!

SWS #4
1/32 P-51D Mustang

  • Type: Injection Plastic Model Kit
  • Parts: Total of 283 Parts (Tentative)
  • Price: 9500 JPY (+fee)

No other fighters of any other country tarnish the appeal of this fine horse.

SWS #5
1/32 Raiden (Mitsubishi J2M)

  • Type: Injection Plastic Model Kit
  • Parts: TBD
  • Price: TBD
  • Now Under Development

SWS #6
1/32 He219A-0 Uhu

  • Type: Injection Plastic Model Kit
  • Type: Injection Plastic Model Kit
  • Price: TBD
  • Now Under Development

SWS #7
1/32 U.S.AIR FORCE A-1J Skyraider

  • Type: Injection Plastic Model Kit
  • Price: 13,800 JPY (+fee)

SWS #8
1/32 ???????

  • Will be announced soon via quiz!

Please visit our VOLKS Hobby Squares where we carry various scale model kits from land, sea, and sky including Japanese kits, overseas kits, materials, extra parts, etc.
We meet your expectations of a traditional model kit store's atmosphere with a fresh selection of goods and kind, courteous customer service.
These VOLKS direct stores are all under me, so I'm sure that you will like them. These stores are also more than happy to display models that you've proudly finished. Please feel free to talk with our store staff members for details.

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Sendai Showroom

Taisei GS Building 2F, 1-10-23 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Miyagi
Phone : 022-726-3070 (FAX : 022-726-3071)

Opening Hours
(Open Every Day / Closed on building holidays.)

>> More detail

Utsunomiya Showroom

Utsunomiya Festa 6F, 2-18, Mageshi-cho, Utsunomiya, Tochigi
Phone : 028-636-9393 (FAX : 028-651-1850)

Opening Hours
(Open Every Day / Closed on building holidays.)

>> More detail

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Akihabara Showroom “Hobby Tengoku”

1-18-20 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone : 03-5295-8160 (FAX : 03-5295-8137)

Opening Hours
Weekdays 11:00~20:00 / Sat, Sun, Public Holidays 10:00~20:00
(Open Every Day / Closed on building holidays.)

>> More detail

Tachikawa Showroom

From Chubu 7F, 2-11-2 Akebono-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo
Phone : 042-527-0931 (FAX : 042-527-0932)

Opening Hours
(Closed on 1/1 and building holidays)

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LaLaport Showroom

LaLaport TOKYO-BAY North Bldg 2F, 2-1-1 Hama-cho, Funabashi, Chiba
Phone : 047-437-2291 (FAX : 047-495-5911)

Opening Hours
Mon to Thu 10:00~20:00 / Fri to Sun 10:00~21:00
(Open Every Day / Closed on building holidays.)

>> More detail

Nagoya Showroom

Yaba-cho Nakakoma Bldg 2F, 4-1-71 Ohsu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Phone : 052-238-0771 (FAX : 052-238-0772)

Opening Hours
Weekdays 11:00~20:00 / Sat, Sun, Public Holidays 10:00~20:00
(Open Every Day / Closed on building holidays.)

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60 Goshonouchi Nakamachi, Shichi-jo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone : 075-325-1175 (FAX : 075-325-1176)

Opening Hours
(Open 365 days)

>> More detail

Osaka Showroom

4-9-18 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Osaka
Phone : 06-6634-8155 (FAX : 06-6634-8156)

Opening Hours
(Open Every Day / Closed on building holidays.)

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Kobe Showroom

Grace Kobe Bldg B2F, 2-10-7 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
Phone : 078-334-7717 (FAX : 078-334-7718)

Opening Hours
(Closed on 1/1 and building holidays)

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Hiroshima Showroom

Sunmall 4F, 2-2-18 Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Phone : 082-247-4489 (FAX : 082-543-4115)

Opening Hours
(Open Every Day / Closed on building holidays.)

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Fukuoka Showroom

Daiei Shoppers Fukuoka 6F, 4-4-11 Tenjinn, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Phone : 092-715-5239 (FAX : 092-739-0210)

Opening Hours
(Open Every Day / Closed on building holidays.)

>> More detail

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Inside Japan

Keystone 〒344-0026
048-735-6139 048-738-3504
ホビーロード女池店 〒950-0941
025-281-2686 025-281-1490
Bluebell Hobby 〒514-0033
三重県津市丸の内8-1 ひろハウス1-C
059-261-1415 059-261-1415
模型専門店 ファイナルラップ 〒520-0242
077-571-2339 077-571-2337
サクセスモデルズ 〒602-8157
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Hobby Shop SORA 〒771-0203
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モデルショップヨシオカ 〒780-0870
088-872-6420 088-822-8268
アカシ模型店 〒877-0005
0973-22-3723 0973-22-3723


Au 16eme Escadron
Avenue de l'Armée,
136 B-1040 Brussels
+32 2 733.85.50 +32 2 733.85.50
DOMINO Zwarte Berg - Mont Noir,
Bellestraat 55
8950 Westouter
+32 (0)57 44 51 66 +32 (0)57 44 73 27
Sturmtiger Leuvenselaan 172, 3300 Tienen, Belgium 0496720118  
KITS Discount
933 Chemin des Fourques -
83520 Roquebrune sur Argens,
(de 14h30 à 19h)
Traudls Modellbauladen
Mannertstraße 22
80997 München
089- 892 94 58 089- 818 97720
SIMPO Plus, s.r.o. (
ul. 1.maja 5470/46
90101 Malacky
+421 910 101 600  
Wings and Tracks
Baselstrasse 36
6252 Dagmersellen,
0041 (0) 62 756 43 38 0041 (0) 62 756 43 39


Esswex Hobbies Beyers Naude Dve,
2129 Northcliff Cnr Scntr Northcliff Johannesburg,
South Africa
+27 (0) 11 888 3619 +27 (0) 11 888 2264

Asia (outside of Japan)

Peter & Partner Mall Central Park L3 no 107A,
Jln Let Jen S.Parman no. 28, Jakarta 11470,
+62816 481 9277 +6221 292 000 11

See you soon in my next post here at my old guy's blog.
The best of health to you until then.


Hideyuki Shigeta
Representative of ZOUKEI-MURA


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