Old Man Blog No.79 - this time I introduce you the work on the main wings!!

▋With my SWS brothers!

You can feel the aura and the presence of the giant Do 335!
I feel so happy we could make a model of this unconventional machine that might overwhelm a regular twin-engine aircraft as the He 219. Awesome Do 335!!

Spring has finally come! Hi there, SWS brothers.

In Japan "Ume" (plum blossoms) bloom first in February, then "Momo" (peach blossoms) follow up in March and lately, by early April, "Sakura" (Cherry blossoms) bloom too. This is the core of Japanese spring, with different kind of flowers blooming all over the place.

Every year, we Japanese look forward to seeing the "Sakura front" (Line showing the cherry blossoms progression from South to North Japan).

Japanese spring goes through the long Japanese archipelago from South to North; first Okinawa, then Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu, until Hokkaido. The flower season runs through Japan; the angels of this season visit Japan at a run.

As for Kyoto, which is in Kansai (West-Japan) and where Zoukei-mura is, Sakura are expected to bloom around March 25th, a little earlier than usual.

Has already spring come where you live?
I hope you will be enjoying your spring, whatever it may be like.

So this is the 4th episode of "So let's build the Do 335!!" Hopefully, the presence of this model and the happiness I felt by building this incredible Do 335 kit that I have been waiting all my life, has arrived to you.

For sure this kit is appropriate for your collection. I really have no doubt about it when looking at this Do 335 kit.

It's alright, I guarantee. Believe and you won't regret it!

If you add this SWS Do 335 to your collection, your room will really look like an aviation museum.

But, in case you are thinking about letting this kit go, you will enter again into the dark and tight path of the doubt. You need some fighting spirit and say "yes!" right now.

OK? It's time to make your final decision. It is only your own final decision!!

What? Maybe you…
You are still doubting regarding the purchase of our SWS Do 335.

Maybe you think it's hard to build?

Maybe you think it's expensive considering the contents of the kit?

Or maybe you just want to wait a little longer?

Is that what you think?

No no no, you don't need to worry!! No other maker can give you a better Do 335 than this for this price!

You could pay this kit three times the current price, it wouldn't be a waste. For sure, you will agree with that too.

Believe me, brothers!!

So, let's go on with the fourth episode of this SWS Do 335 build.
This time we will work on the wings!

▋Look, look, look! Even the parts of the main spar of the Do 335 have been nicely represented. Since the fuselage is in clear parts, by using it with the landing gears you can observe all this interesting structure. Obviously the fitting of the parts is perfect! It just feels nice to build this kit.

With only one SWS Do 335 kit,
it is like if you will enjoy the build of two kits.

Indeed. The wings and the fuselage are like "1 kit", but as much as you proceed with the build you will feel such a satisfaction given by such a comfortable work that it will be like having built two aircrafts. This machine was operated by a single pilot to bomb the enemy units. Somehow you can understand the toughness of the Luftwaffe.

So we have finally got to the wings of this Do 335 build.

At that time, the swept-back wing that I took in is the main wing of the Do 335.

This so well done structure will surely let the builder understand and see the presence of this heavy bomber.

This time on this blog I want to show you one part of this very well done work, as well as the assembly altogether of the cockpit and the fuselage that I did previously.

Let's go, let's go.

▋I have tried to attach every parts to the main spar. Landing gear and tire are already attached to the upper main wing.

Gone so far with the build, you will get that enjoyment and satisfaction called "current taste" of building an aircraft model.

▋"Test fitting" with the fuselage.
This is something I want to enjoy again and again for long hours: attaching and detaching the fuselage and the main wings. Checking the angle, looking at the hugeness of the fuselage… That's fun. That's awesome!

▋Look at this! Just like a fierce carnivore beast!
Do you want to enjoy the internal structure and its mechanism for a while?
I tried to place the mobile ejection seat on the front part of the main wing.
You can of course attach and detach the part as your wish.

▋Pay attention to the landing gears cemented to the main wings.
You can assemble the fuselage with the main wings in such a comfortable way only with an SWS kit.
I heartedly enjoy the details of each section and the entire structure.
There is no dedicated space to put a weight in the kit in order to keep its weight balance with these three landing gears touching the ground. So how was it?

▋As you know, you can see through the fuselage and the main wings thanks to the clear parts!
Next time I will finally show you the fuselage and the main wings. And also other equipment. Please look forward to it!

Well, well,

You who were reading this blog should be humming since last week, aren't you?! Yes, just you there!

It's normal. But try to relax anyway, for the modeler's sake.

For you who have no doubt, well, you can go back home.


Aaah, the problem is you who cannot hum, sing or anything else. I am worried about you!!

Perhaps you need x-rays or at least a very detailed examination once.

Eat something good, sleep well as much as you need and then read all the "So, let's build the Do 335" entries once again from the beginning.
→ Old Man Blog No.76 "So, let's build the Do 335!!"

Look at the mountain and scream out loud
"I want this SWS Do 335!!!!" It might be good too for you.

Anyway, if you think about the joy this model will bring to your life as a modeler, there is nothing to hesitate about!!

Do you understand? Climb this wall, smile and life will smile to you.

With that magic material called plastic, I want to build a model that looks like the real aircraft.

Because your dream is my dream.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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SWS10 [1/32 scale Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil]
SWS10 1/32 scale Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil

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