Old Man Blog No.73 IPMS Telford 2015 Event Report: Episode 2

IPMS Telford 2015 Event Report: Episode 2
"Thank you for coming so numerous to Zoukei-mura booth!!" Part 2

So, let's start this "Episode 2" of the IPMS Telford 2015 Event Report!! → "Episode 1" is here.

First let me tell you about our well-known Zoukei-mura booth that you were concerned about.

What? You are also interested in other booths so you would like to see them?

Aaah, sorry that's not possible!

The reason is that Zoukei-mura members at the booth were only 4 people in total!

It might sound good to have few selected members, but it's definitely not enough to run such a big booth.

However, the materials used to make over the booth, including the products must be all prepared and shipped from far away Japan, and this implies a relevant cost in terms of time and money, so we have choice but to put a limit to the participating members.

Hence, this four selected members have been actually able to run this big booth, despite some sigh of pain. Clap, Clap, Clap (Applause).

"Ooh! If it's so, I would like to help next year!"

If there's someone who thinks so I'd be glad to ask for your help, but is there anyone?

If there's someone so brave to say "me!" just let me know via this blog.

Ok, let's start this entry!

▋Hey hey hey, look at this. This is the famous IPMS "Zoukei-mura booth".
SWS kits and display samples. Extra parts and Concept Notes too.
Oh, and this year there were also the "The Old Man's Seven Tools" splendidly displayed. Who knows why they go sold out in a jiffy?

Oh, European and British modelers know best!

You moved this old man to tears!! Thank you very much!!
I'm sure that the Plastic Shaping Scraper, Plastic Modeling Chisel, Tweezers, Diamond Yasuri and Wooden Work base will become your right-arm enforcer for good. Make the best use of them.

"We sold out tools in jiffy!" As I heard this report I have decided that we should create more and more good stuff for you!!

▋Ooh!! You got the 1/48 Horten too!
Thank you. The smile on your face says it all!
Enjoy the essence of the SWS kit in every aspect!!

▋Hey! This guy also went for the 1/48 Horten!
Actually many people are interested in SWS kits but, you know, they have to eat.
I'm really too happy they buy our kits. Thank you!!

▋This one looks gooood!! The smile spread all over your face made me happy too!!
When you start building this kit, you'll be probably thinking "why on earth didn't I buy another one?" This is the enhancement 1/48 Horten will give you!

▋Mmmmm!! Mmmmm!! I heard your doubtful voice.
No doubt man! If you see an SWS kit just buy it!
Otherwise you'll start asking yourself why you didn't, from that same night!

▋Thank god, modelers keep coming to Zoukei-mura booth on the last day too.
That's nice. Really appreciated. I love you guys who bought our kits!
It's for you that we work so hard! That's surely going to be your asset!

▋The intense look in everyone's eyes tells eloquently, more than anything else, what the value of the SWS Kits is. "Mmmm, let's do it!!"
If you build an SWS kit even once, you will never be able to resist to that charm. I'm the living proof!

▋And then this is the 1/48 F-4 mock-up!
Its beautiful shape, precision, and…sexiness!! The tooling phase is finally about to start.
Please be patient a little longer. We'll give you an F-4 kit like you've never seen before!!
Zoukei-mura believes in this work!

▋Ops! Hidden by the visitors you couldn't see it well on this picture, but our 1/32 Do 335 looks beautiful even though the one you see displayed is just a prototype.
This impressive subject and its completeness will be probably acclaimed not only by the Do 335 fans.
Next Spring! Finally travelling to your place!

Don't miss it!!

▋Here's the Do 335 corner before the show starts.
You could see close with your eyes all the details of this kit, from the single runners to the completion of each section. Didn't that sight blind your eyes!??

▋Ooh here's Alan-san with his wife!
Thank you for coming and buying every time. We have prepared this booth for you this time too.
I couldn't think of an event in Telford where Alan-san is not coming. We really appreciate it. 

▋And you!!! James-san!!
Thank you for always sending beautiful pictures of your models!! We have a strong allied called James-san in the UK!! Please keep supporting Zoukei-mura.

▋And this is Steve-san!
He's the sculptor who creates those pilot figures and maintenance men figures thought just for our SWS kits. Many fans have been overwhelmed by his skillfulness! Please keep creating masterpieces for us!!

▋Ooh you!! Yes! This is the man who creates the metal struts and the gun sets that our SWS kits could never be without, turned metal parts maker, Piotr-san!!
Thank you very much for always doing a great job.
We count on you for the future projects too! Fans around the world are waiting!!

So that's it for this time.
The last part "Event Report: Episode 3" will be coming in a few days.

Look forward to it!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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