The Old Man Blog No.091 - Greetings for the end of 2016

▋All about SWS 1/48 F-4J & S are here
F-4 Phantom Concept Note will finally be released!
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This time, excellent techniques and pictures of beautiful finished works by master finishers of "Naoki Kobayashi" from ZOUKEI-MURA, "Mr. Milan Mitev" from Bulgaria, and also "Mr. Sampson W.S. Yu" from Taiwan are revealed all in the book! It will present you full of information to learn!
Please enjoy the book with SWS kits.
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Greetings for the end of 2016

All of the scale model fans and SWS kit fans in the world,
how are you doing?

Today is December 28th (Wednesday) in Japan time.

A turbulent year is about to finish within a few days.

From Kyoto in Japan,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who interests in our SWS kits.

I'm truly thankful to you.

And next year also, ZOUKEI-MURA will continue to have a passion for the reproduction of the aircraft as plastic models, and we would like to continue creating more wonderful SWS kits.

While praying for your happiness and good health, I would like to make this as the last post of the Old Man Blog in this year.

The next update is going to be the ones everyone waited,

▋Progress Report of 1/32 Fw 190

▋Progress Report of 1/32 Twin-seat Ho229

Please look forward the next update in 2017!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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