Old Man Blog No.63 HORTEN episode 10

Hello SWS Fans!!

Cold days still ongoing here in Kyoto, but are you doing well?

And how is your SWS Horten build going?

Following the last episode, let me introduce you a second finished SWS Horten kit.

This time too...

As you know,"recreating airplanes by the magic nature of plastic" is the leading concept of SWS Kits. The charm of the real machine and its "presence" can be felt through these complete kits made by the 2 modelers introduced below.

You could take notes of these pages for your own SWS Horten build, or perhaps it may wake you up and let you move on from the stage you're stuck in with your kit.

If you take on of these winter days to enjoy the outlook and the real charm of these two kits we'd be very happy too.

First, a high-skilled modeler from Spain
This is the Horten from Mr. Aitor Azkue!

■You can feel the disposition and feeling of the builder towards this plane. The contrast and the balance of lights and shades are the real highlights of this work.

■Nose up
These details and finishes in 1/32 scale make the Horten expressions.
Just like seeing the real aircraft in front of you.

■Look at this picture! It wouldn't be possible to do that if this wasn't an SWS kit. There's the whole passion of the modeler shining from this build.
Just wonderful!!

■The representation of the inner section is also astonishing!!
Can you see the smile of Mr. Azkue coming out?
You can make your Horten the same as this. Let's start working!

■This is what the engine looks like in his hands. Look at this!!
The success but also the hard work of a modeler can both be seen from this work. Very nice!

What do you think about it?
Watch the awesomeness of this finished kit!

The perfect use of lights and shades and the consequent contrast, make each detail so nicely represented.

Isn't this Horten like an art masterpiece!?

Furthermore, Mr. Aitor Azkue is going to publish a book mainly based on this Horten, where you will see plenty of pictures of our SWS Ho 229 and He 219 kits, plus more than ten beautiful dioramas!!

Wow, I'm so envious!!

We will surely have that book available. It won't be too long before we have it.

The book is scheduled to be released in July by AK Interactive. All the people who want to see the Horten, the He 219 and the other wonderful builds from this great modeler, will have a chance to reserve this book in Volks' shops.

And then, let's go on with more blowing away pictures of another finished Horten!!

This is the Horten build by the Dutch-born expert modeler, Mr. Andre Kliebisch!

■Our newest Horten is so beautiful! I feel like I can hear the applause and the cheering voices.
This is what you can achieve if you do your best with Horten!!

■The engine and its nacelles are so beautifully represented!
Even without any additional part, this masterpiece convinces everybody just by the painting!

■The work around the cockpit is also beautiful!
You can feel the real atmosphere of the Horten, just like you're watching the real aircraft.

■Horten fuselage.
This picture lets you feel like you're in front of a ferocious beast.
The pilot makes one with the double engine and is attacking the B-17.

This Horten is very astonishing, isn't it!?

This is just like the real Horten rolling out from the production line.
Just like seeing it the moment it has been completed!

Honestly, I want this too!!

It's incredible how this kind of masterpiece can actually come out of an SWS kit!

These are really SWS kits!? I'm speechless!! Chapeau!!

Unfortunately, Mr. Kliebisch's Horten is not yet complete, as he's currently working on the wings.

I'm going to upload in the next episode of this blog some additional pictures from Mr. Kliebisch as soon as I get them. Please look forward to them.

Yeah, this was really amazing!!

Here's a message for you, from the Old Man of Zoukei-Mura.

Would you like to send me pictures of your finished SWS kits you're so proud of?

All the SWS fans in the world will see your kit on this blog.

Everyone will be happy to see your beautiful job!!

Send me a lot!

  • ◯ SWS32········ Shinden
  • ◯ SWS32········ Ta 152
  • ◯ SWS32········ Skyraider
  • ◯ SWS32········ P-51D Mustang
  • ◯ SWS32········ Raiden
  • ◯ SWS32········ He 219 Uhu
  • ◯ SWS32········ Ho 229 Horten
  • * Before sending pictures of your finished SWS kit, fill in the following form "Finished Kit Submission" and contact us. We will explain by email how to send the pictures.
    (Don't forget to entry your email address when you leave a message.)

I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful, complete SWS kit pictures to show them on this blog.

Awesome scale models will get you an awesome daily life.

Please keep supporting SWS kits.

Dear guys living in the cold northern-half of the world, don't catch a cold!

Dear guys living in the hot southern-half of the world, don' get any head stroke.

See you then!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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