The Old Man Blog No.098 - SWS Brothers from UK & Europe!! Thank you very much!!

▋Ooooh!! If this is the route, maybe I can go to Telford again!
This time Zoukei-Mura members flied with Air France. It took 18 hours, including transit, to get to the place.
They stopped at Paris's airport on the way. I was surprised to hear that there was no transit through Dubai Airport! Hey, hey...
If this is the route I may even step on Telford's soil again!
I'm just bluffing, you know.

Update: December 11th, 2017

Here in Kyoto the temperature is around 2 or 3degrees in the morning, beautiful red leaves are coloring the mountains; final, beautiful days of this year.

How's fall where you live?

Fall 2017. Our best members went to Scale ModelWorld this year too.
This time I'll show you plenty of pictures taken on the way and at Zoukei-mura booth during the event.

Please enjoy this long autumn night reading this blog, hopefully feeling like you were there with us.

2017 Fall
- Scale ModelWorld Venue - Contest Hall

Let's take a look at the venue where Scale ModelWorld takes place. As usual, eyes are caught by the displays of modeling clubs and modelers with their works. Absolutely, these hard-worked models and the splendid booths are worth looking!!
Zoukei-mura staff found a bit of time to get out of their busy-as hell booth and take some pictures of the contest area and the rest of the venue. We have several hundreds of pictures. I'm going to introduce you only some of them this time, even though I want to show you all. These finished models gathered in this giant venue will strain your eyes!!

We went this far!
SWS 1/32 Imperial Army Twin-seat Fighter Ki-45 Toryu

▋How was it? This where we are with Ki-45, the Type 2 Two-Seat Fighter of the Japanese Imperial Air Force with its beautiful but sad history. Now, the last check for part shaping, mold alignment, assembling order, and finally we'll give the green light.
Nevertheless, compared to the Hs 129 developed simultaneously, the Japanese aircraft shows a particular, delicate fuselage structure. I'm speechless when I imagine the rigor of the development required by the Japanese Imperial Army willing to have a high-performing twin-engine fighter.
If there's no big problem with the development, we may finally start to work on the tooling!

Some presents for me! I'm so grateful.

Well well, how was Zoukei-mura's Scale ModelWorld 2017 Report?

Thanks to you all, we sold out almost every SWS kit, Concept Note, Tool and extra parts, and this makes us very proud.

On behalf of all the Zoukei-mura member,
Thank you, from the bottom of our heart!!!

Our team will do her best every day so that next year you'll be even more impressed.

Unfortunately, Zoukei-mura can produce its kits only in a small quantity, so it will be
still hard to get them, but we hope you will enjoy Zoukei-mura and SWS kits anyway.

See you next time on the pages of this blog!!

Dear SWS Brothers of the world, take care!!!


Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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