Old Man Blog No.74 IPMS Telford 2015 Event Report: Episode 3

▋Thanks everyone!
Plenty of requests regarding Zoukei-mura kits have been written down on the questionnaires. Your dream is my dream. For sure, the kit you are dreaming of will be realized someday. Please enjoy today's raffle too.

IPMS Telford 2015 Event Report: Episode 3
"Thank you for coming so numerous to Zoukei-mura booth!!" Part 3

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Here in Japan, located in the northern hemisphere, temperature is finally going down, and the season that covers all the mountains with a late fall attire has come; are you SWS brothers doing fine?

So, the third and last part of this "IPMS Telford 2015 Event Report" is finally ready. Were you waiting for it?

This time I'll give in an insight of our famous "raffle" which has already become one of Zoukei-mura's distinctive marks and the final view of our booth set-off.

All our Zoukei-mura stuff we displayed at the event still has to be returned back, and each one of the Development Team members has already started to prepare for the next show.

Next time we'll be going to "Toy Fair" event in Nurnberg, Germany.

From the last updates regarding our 1/32 Do 335 which is under steadily development, to the mock-up of our 1/48 F-4, Zoukei-mura's challenge to show everyone how far our development has come continues.

If I think about it, five years has already past fast since we started the revolution of the aircraft plastic model kit world with our 1/32 Shinden.

Since then, Ta 152, A-1 Skyraiders, P-51D, Raiden, He 219 Uhu, Ta 152 H-0, continuing with Horten and now our 12th entry Do 335 is finally going to be released.

It is weird to say that by myself but, I'm too sad I could not show you guys the prototype of Do 335 I have here in front of my eyes.

As soon as the development goes a little further I will reveal it on this blog but, believe me, if someone asks me how good this kit is, I'd answer it already looks like a miracle!

I can't tell by words!! As there are no words to fairly describe this kit.

Even you who have never built an SWS kit, even you, awesome SWS brother who caught and built all of our SWS kits, I'm over-confident this kit will impress both of you.

One more thing!

Yes, this is something only the people who saw it at the even can understand!!!

The "F-4" from the SWS 1/48 series is still undergoing the earnest development!

This F-4… It is still a mock-up under development, but including me, there's a bunch of people who saw it with their eyes and keep saying "this already gives me goose bumps!!"

At the moment, all of Zoukei-mura development team is continuing the development getting goose bumps.
A skin-crawling kit is what we want to give you!!

All of you F-4 fans, look forward to it!!

Intro has got a little long so now enjoy the last day until the moment Zoukei-mura booth has closed.

Hold on~~~!! What's going on?
There was a 3.5 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter under Kyoto!
I heard a weird sound from the window glasses in my room, and the whole building trembled.
Just a bad shake but no damages, enough anyway to surprise Japan, even though its frequent earthquakes.

▋So!! The raffle finally starts!!
Hey! Isn't this guy on the front line Radu-san from RB Production!?
Thank you very much for always developing awesome extra parts or kits! Hopefully you'll win the raffle!!

▋Look! The fierceness of our raffle participants… No, the concentrated and powerful faces of the SWS brothers!! Alan-san and his family are in the middle!! Aww, I'm so happy… I hope you'll win some nice item!!

▋What! This picture!! It seems they're actually sending me a message, trying to tell me to be in Telford next year!!

Thank you so much!! Everyone!! Now I really want to meet every one of you!!

▋And!! All of a sudden!!
He's Radu-san, entering the IPMS Contest with our 1/32 SWS Horten!! The result is obviously a big win!

Congratulations Radu-san!!

I'm so impressed by this awesome 1/32 Horten of yours!

▋Here is our SWS He 219 Uhu too!!
Look. In this masterpiece of realism there's the ongoing maintenance of the Uhu represented!
Congratulations for this excellently finished He 219!!

▋Oooh!! Here's also our SWS Ta 152!!
And this model also got a prize!!

Stiff! This tough-looking airplane fairly represents the atmosphere of German aircrafts. Painting is also superb! Well done!!

▋This over-enjoyed IPMS Telford 2015 is now over.

Another big turn-over! We need to start Zoukei-mura engine for next year's participation. Only few stuff remained compared to all the stuff we brought from Japan. It looks fine. Who knows what we'll be bringing next year to this event…

Please keep enjoying SWS kits until that day!!

So how were these 3 reports of the IPMS Telford 2015 Event?

Thank you for the questions, opinions and wishes we received from everyone at the event.

Thank you very much to you, you and you who showed us your nostalgic face.

And you who gave us heartfelt, incredibly strong support!!

Yes, just you who bought at the event our SWS kits, Extra Parts, Concept Notes or Tools and accessories; you are the greatest SWS brothers of the world.

In name of Zoukei-mura, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude.

Thank you very much!!!

Cold weather is starting here in the northern hemisphere.
Take care of your health and stay safe every day.

For you living in the southern hemisphere, long-awaited spring is coming!

Brothers all around the world, tied by these SWS kits of ours: take care of yourselves.

Let's meet up again one day!

Until that day…Goodbye!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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