Delivering the SWS Mustang to All of You Around the World!!

No matter where in the world, we will ship the Mustang to you for free!!(The free shipping offer is a time-limited promotion restricted only to those who pre-order between March 17 and June 30.)

The time has finally come for the secrets of the P-51D, hidden away in its beautiful fuselage, to be clearly revealed beneath your hands. Please take note of its solid skeleton, the primary armament which peeks out from between the main wing spars, and the comprehensiveness of the peripheral equipment.

Delivering the SWS Mustang to all of you around the world!!

Good afternoon to all of our SWS fans.

To tell you the truth, despite all of my many precautions, for the first time in several decades, I recently fell victim to the epidemic known as the flu (Hong Kong influenza A virus).

Because of this, I was stuck lying in bed all day, every day, for nearly an entire week.

I had thought of the flu as just another type of cold, but during that week, the enormity of exactly how false that belief was was hammered home to me to a truly terrible degree.

At this point, I've pretty much completely recovered, but I sincerely urge all of you to take the utmost care to avoid influenza.

Basically, symptoms of dizziness, runny nose, cough, fever, aching joints, and loss of appetite suddenly assaulted me all at once, to the point where I was completely unable to work.

I immediately went thud, and slept!!

Even I, who have a fairly large build at 183cm in height and 86kg in weight, immediately moved at high speed for my bed like a child.

Perhaps the only good thing about the whole situation was that I somehow lost 3 kilograms of weight.

Even while lost in fever dreams, the inside of my head was, nevertheless, filled with an SWS Mustang soaring beautifully across a blue sky.

In this entry, I will once again be showing you many photographs, and best of all, I will tell you how the Mustang can be ordered.

Please don't overlook this opportunity to add the SWS Mustang to your collection of plastic model airplanes.

The cuffed Hamilton Standard propeller part, which is cast all in one piece, bears not only the correct pitch and twist, but was thoroughly researched in order to reproduce the proper blade shape, and also the proper airfoil cross-sections. Not only is its degree of recreation distinctive of large 1/32 scale, but its beauty will tickle your hobbyist spirit!

The maintenance crew members and pilots shown in the photo are part of a diverse lineup of planned figures! You will also be able to enjoy yourself by creating various dioramas set against the tense backdrop of a front line base. In addition to the ones shown in the photos, we are planning several different US military figure scenes. (Please look forward to the separate sale announcement in a few days.)

Experience for yourself the intensity of shining silver wings, and the sheer presence of such an aircraft! In the Mustang Concept Note, the renowned Mr. Naoki Kobayashi will provide you complete instructions on metalwork, from how to choose the proper materials to how to build. Please look forward to the SWS P-51D Concept Note shortly after the kit release! * Expected price: 1,800 JPY (+fee)

The SWS P-51D is truly a faithful recreation of the Mustang that, for many years, I have envisioned in my dreams!
Its beauty and impact make me so, so happy that I can't sleep at night!!

Introduction to the SWS Mustang Free Shipping Campaign
We will deliver the SWS Mustang to you for free!!  Worldwide!!!(The free shipping offer is a time-limited promotion restricted only to those who pre-order between March 17 and June 30.)
[ Regarding the Pre-order Period ]
From March 17 to June 30. For those who pre-order the SWS Mustang from Volks during this period according to one of the methods listed below, worldwide shipping will be free.
[ Regarding Pre-order Restrictions ]
Each individual is limited to a 5-kit maximum.
In order to qualify for free shipping, pre-orders must be placed during the campaign period according to one of the methods listed below.
[ Regarding Pre-order Prices ]
  • If pre-ordering 1 SWS Mustang --- 7800 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 2 SWS Mustangs - 15600 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 3 SWS Mustangs - 23400 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 4 SWS Mustangs - 31200 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 5 SWS Mustangs - 39000 JPY (+fee)
[ Warnings ]
For pre-orders that will be shipping to countries other than Japan, it will be the customer's responsibility to pay any additional taxes or fees that may be imposed by the receiving country's government. Also, please be aware that the free shipping campaign will not apply to pre-orders or orders placed with a business other than the Volks retailers listed below.
[ Regarding Shipping ] (final date may be subject to change)
If all goes as planned, we expect to begin shipping orders sequentially beginning on June 1. (Volks USA is expected to commence shipping roughly one month later.)
[ Regarding Placing Pre-orders ] (for Japanese domestic shipping only)
  • * In person at any Volks showroom
  • * Telephone via the Volks Mail Order Center (TEL: 0771-68-1141)
  • * Internet via the Volks Japan Web Store
[ Regarding International Pre-orders via the Web ]
  • * Volks International Web Store
    (The campaign has been completed successfully.)
    Business Area: Any country that can receive EMS packages from Japan
    Currency: Japanese Yen
  • * Volks USA
    (packages ship from Los Angeles, California, USA)
    (exclusive campaign pre-order page currently being prepared)
    Business Area: USA, Canada, Mexico
    Currency: US Dollars

Subject to the conditions listed above, we at Volks await your pre-order.

* Each person who pre-orders during the campaign period will receive a present in the form of this great SWS sticker!

Once again, Zoukei-mura participated in this year's Nürnberg Toy Fair.

Six days, beginning on February 1. This year, for the world's largest toy fair, which is held in Nürnberg, Germany, we brought our latest prototype kit for the “He219” with us!

Because it was only a prototype, it was still in a rather rough, unrefined state. However, perhaps its appearance gave the impression of being close to completion, or perhaps the unusual atmosphere unique to the Uhu provided a shining glimpse of a great SWS kit, because it definitely stood out!!

Due to this, as you can see in the pictures, our Zoukei-mura booth was completely packed with toy fair attendees from around the world, all wanting a look at the Uhu.

As one would expect of the newest in the SWS line, the He219!

Whether it was the aircraft in particular, the quality of the kit, or the SWS-style method of reproduction which recreated even the aircraft structures, it received a very large reaction from the crowd.

At any rate, when it comes to the He219, even though it will be the SWS' first twin-engine aircraft, it is also a phantom that fights by night.

Under the combined influence of the appeal of its mysterious shape, the amazing content of the SWS kit where, as usual, everything possible was reproduced, as well as the various incredible techniques used to develop it, this year's Zoukei-mura booth was the subject of much, much anticipation and applause.

I will soon be posting the full story of the He219's development on this blog, so please look forward to it!

As usual, the SWS development team members were the subject of an all-day barrage, answering questions from morning until evening. This time, because our visitors were not really general users, but mostly retail stores and wholesale companies, the questions themselves were different from the ones we usually receive.

Because we would like our works to be seen by the maximum number of people possible, Zoukei-mura will endeavor to continue attending the Nürnberg Toy Fair.
Now, please begin to look forward to what kind of kit we will bring with us next year.

Own the Heinkel He219 as a 1/32 scale model!! Little by little, that dreamed-of moment is getting closer and closer.

In addition to the six MG 151/20 cannons, which were equipped for the purpose of striking down large enemy night bombers in one blow, there were also two MK 108 cannons mounted obliquely in the fuselage, giving a total of 8 autocannons for default armament. As a night fighter, the nose was equipped with an FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2b radar set, with an FuG 212 C-1 in the center. Of course, each crew member was protected by thick bulletproof panels, and in case the worst should happen, the aircraft was designed to have ejection seats, so that the crew could escape in an instant.

In order to prepare for night sorties, as well as returns to base in darkness, the Uhu was equipped with extremely sturdy landing gear assemblies. The actual aircraft was thoroughly researched for the SWS Uhu, and much focus was given to reproducing these particular aspects!! We tried to recreate them as completely as possible. Moreover, in order to make building the conventionally configured landing gear assemblies as simple as possible, the weighted parts have been perfectly designed and distributed so that anyone can recreate that magnificent landing posture.

As usual, the fuselage has been recreated so that it is fully and densely packed with major parts: the cockpit, the radar system, the fuel tank, the gun pack, the wireless equipment, the landing gear assemblies, and even the seat for the support officer. Also, if you open the panel on the left side of the fuselage, you definitely can't overlook the moving wing rods that run the length of the aircraft, whereas on the right side are wiring and power cords, organized in bundles on both right and left to an amazing degree; here, as well, you can peek at the secrets of the high-powered "Uhu" aircraft.
Once again, you will be able to choose whether to leave the inspection hatches and panels open or closed when building your model.

Please take particular note of the reproduction of the “Daimler-Benz DB603A liquid-cooled, inverted V-12, 33929cc engines,” which some of you may possibly be seeing for the first time!! Although the DB603 was an enlargement of the DB601, it was the most efficient, most reliable high-performance engine of the time. Moreover, the engine units and landing gear assemblies were identical on both right and left sides of the aircraft, standing together in both productivity and maintainability. Of course, the engines will be matched and fully recreated for the kit, designed so that the modeler will be able to fully comprehend their refined construction, as well as take complete satisfaction in the build process. From the engines themselves to their bulletproof protection, their intake and exhaust systems, and even the method by which they are mounted onto the fuselage, the process of building the kit simulates building the actual aircraft, and we feel that it will provide clear answers to any questions you may have had over the years.

In cooperation with the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in the US, the rods and wires that connect the cockpit to each part of the aircraft were clearly revealed for the first time. Even the bulletproof protection and the storage mechanism for the main landing gear assemblies have been recreated. During the time it takes you to build the SWS kit, you will be able to study all of these aspects. The secrets of the mysterious Uhu will finally come clear beneath your hands!!
Until the release day, please savor with us our delight in working to complete the Uhu, and the thrill of intellectual curiosity.

To everyone who came to visit the Zoukei-mura booth at the Nürnberg Toy Fair in Germany, thank you ever so very much.
And above all, to all of those retail stores who placed orders for SWS kits, we extend our gratitude from the bottoms of our hearts. The number of worldwide "friend shops" who deal in SWS kits has also suddenly bloomed to 16 overall. It's entirely possible that somewhere near you, there may be a store that will soon be carrying SWS kits.

Now, in my next blog entry, I will be showing you the kit sprues for the SWS Mustang.

I am also thinking of showing you photos of the Mustang Concept Note, one step ahead of publication.

Until then, I urge you all to beware the influenza, and hope that you pass each day in good health.


Hideyuki Shigeta
Representative of Zoukei-Mura


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