Old Man Blog No.77 - So, let's build the Do 335!! Episode No.2: how to build the DB 603 engine

▋Hey, the kit you can see next to the under-construction 1/32 Do 335 is the SWS 1/32 P-51D Mustang. I have built this one too, before it was released. Today I happen to be comparing its size with the Do 335. Are you amazed with Do 335's hugeness or do you admire Mustang's compactness? I guess this is up to each modeler.

So, let's build the Do 335!! Episode No.2:
"how to build the DB 603 engine".

This time I will show you how to build the "DB 603 engine".

You guys who have already built at least one SWS kit, as you very-well know, this Do 335 kit too has 2 DB 603 engines mounted back and forth, which is not going to disappoint you.

A powerful liquid-cooled engine mounted on this singularly shaped machine.

Finally this liquid-cooled inverted V-type 12 cylinder engine, pride of Daimler-Benz AG, revives in 1/32 scale on this Do 335.

With this engine, the single displacement is 44510cc!

Can you guess what sound this engine would make when started?

Also, as if the engine was skewered, Zoukei-mura directly challenged itself and tried to make a detailed reproduction of this deep interesting engine, which is as good as its original mysterious shape and concept.

This time too, an exceptional completeness shown by this engine assembly kit.

I would like to add that, at my own discretion, on this blog I will show you an assembly procedure which is different from the one explained in the instruction manual included with the kit.

In other words, this blog will follow a procedure which is different from the "regular" one.

Dear modelers, please read the assembly procedure illustrated in the instruction manual you will find with the kit and stick to it.

* After all, we are the ones in charge of development.
Every time we build a new test shot, the instruction manual is still not ready, some parts may not be available, the fitting could be better, and furthermore since it is a test shot, there is a "mold release agent" on the runners making them sticky.
(There will be no problems like these with the kit that will be released, so don't worry please).

I have built so many, so many kits that I naturally have the shape of the parts and their attachment positions in my head. That was I wanted to say.

That's why you must not imitate at all the procedure you see on this blog.

▋These are the parts of the "DB 603 engine" mounted on the nose!
You will build the liquid-cooled inverted V-type 12 cylinder engine with your hands. Interest, happiness and fun come up at the same time with an SWS kit.
In the picture, the parts have been separated from the runners just to show you the kit, but please, follow the instruction manual, cutting the parts and assembling according to the procedure.

▋And here is it, just mounted on the fuselage.

The round part on the right side of the picture is the loop radiator.

▋Engine block and crank case.

▋As you see, the engine comes up nicely by adjusting left and right piston connecting rod.

▋DB 603 set in the engine mount, with every part attached.

▋Despite the two engines having the same shapes, the rear engine mount is different from the nose engine. The SWS kit exhibits precise details and minute structure.
You can have a good time just by building this engine.

▋The test-build done, I display the kit on my beloved wooden base.

From here, front and rear engines look small, don't they?
You can mount them on the aircraft, or just leave them as they are, and admire their beautility for a while. Oh, aircraft models have a unique way to be enjoyed.

▋This morning, the instruction manual of the 1/32 Do 335 has been completed.
It is the same that will be packed with the kit. Look forward to it!

This time was fast but how was this DB 603 engine assembly?

What? "I'm burning to try my hand at it" you say.

That's awesome!!

Since Zoukei-mura has completed this kit just for you, hearing such words are the most encouraging thing ever for the development team members.

Next entry will explore in detail how to build the main wings and the cockpit.

See you next time!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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SWS10 [1/32 scale Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil]
SWS10 1/32 scale Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil

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