Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of SWS!! Thank you for supporting our 34 releases!!
Update: May 24th, 2021

Oh my!!
It looks like we may have these monumental kits ready in time for the 10th anniversary!!!

Two Famous WWⅡ Luftwaffe Aircraft
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A
Messerschmitt Bf 109 G

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long!
These famous aircraft that have made fans of 1/32 WWII Luftwaffe fighters positively antsy with anticipation will finally be revied as SWS kits! At last the day has come when I can announce that these two legendary aircraft may possibly even be released together.

As you can see from the photographs below, both aircraft will have their outer design, beautiful form, and internal structure replicated at the high level that one would expect of SWS kits. After receiving the final approval from yours truly, these models are finally at the stage where we can show you our mockup test models created by 3D printer.

At the time that I am writing this blog post, these models are still at the mockup stage, but I have decided to give you a sneak peak at the courageous form and some details of these two models that have just passed the assembly test.
Next comes the creation of copper test molds, and if those can pass our rigorous testing, at last the steel molds will be created for production.

We are also simultaneously charging forth with the preparation of the decals, instruction manuals, and Concept Note books. If every single thing goes smoothly without a hitch, we may be able to release these new 1/32 kits within this fiscal year, or maybe at the start of the next fiscal year.
(The truth is, we have never had anything go without a single hitch, in fact the real problems only get started now.)

Within the unprecedented calamity of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we strive to bring even a little bit of light to you. That is why we will continue the development of SWS kits without rest.

Please look forward to the completion and release of these two kits, as they will be an incredibly valuable addition to your 1/32 scale model collection.

Of course, we are planning the release of a special-edition kit to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of SWS as well as a special pre-order price and more.

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A

▋The BMW 801 air-cooled 14-cylinder engine manufactured by BMW is replicated in incredible detail. Parts include push-pull rods, exhausts, baffle plates, and all of the auxiliary components! Of course the connecting rods inside the cylinders are shown as well, as one would expect from an SWS kit! Pay particular attention to the one area that has connective exhausts, on the lower side of the nose! Our SWS kit will fully replicate the original design concept of the engineer Kurt Tank!

▋Check out the baffle plate’s shape for covering the ends of the cylinder heads, all lined up in the orderly fashion distinctive of radial engines! The engine mount’s connection to the firewall via truss-shaped supports is designed to distribute the load to the main structure of the fuselage, the firewall and longerons. The true joy of SWS is being able to experience the fuselage structure and the flow of air from the engine while assembling the kit!

▋The controllable-pitch metal propellers from VDM are perfectly replicated as well! You can glimpse the forced air-cooling fan deep inside. The nose tip cover is attached as a bulletproof surface around the oil cooler and coolant tank. Not only does this protect from damage, but the cover also reduces air resistance with its streamlined shape! By the way, our obsession with replicating this bulletproof cover perfectly is one of the reasons why the development of this kit dragged on for so long. Please forgive us, SWS brothers worldwide!

▋The latter side of the engine is chock-full of auxiliary components! The BMW 801 engine’s unique simplified engine control system called the “Kommandogerät” allowed the pilot to control the engine with just a single throttle lever. In addition to this Kommandogerät, the fuel injection system, power generator, starter, and other aspects are all replicated! As you gaze upon this methodically-designed engine after you have assembled it yourself, you’ll already be envisioning the strong and beautiful shape of the Fw 190’s nose!

▋In actual aircraft, wings are created with the ribs pre-attached to the insides of the upper and lower outer wing plates. These plates are then simply pressed together, like two halves of a plastic clamshell. However, we chose to prioritize the ease of assembly and shape replication, so that each rib can be placed and angled correctly and act as secure supports for the structure. The three central front spars are attached in a distinctive web-like manner on the actual aircraft. By connected these parts to the attachment surface and securely fitting and gluing the right and left spars in place, the spars are completed, replicating the original fully-connected appearance. In this way, the structure of the actual aircraft, the beautiful outline of the wings and the dihedral angle are perfectly set in place. Please take your time to enjoy this painstakingly created “wonder of design”!

▋This is what that we struggled with the most during the Fw 190 development- the shape of the vital areas of the fuselage and canopy parts! Hidden within the typically-Luftwaffe simple and sturdy overall design is the subtly changing surface shape from where the nose connects into the side of the fuselage. With each of our design ideas failing to meet criteria, we were so close to giving up on the development altogether after each rejection. In any case, please, try to endure the wait to see the assembled model for a little while longer! Please look forward to the different canopy shapes for the various versions as well. Of course we’ll be replicating the “Galland Haube” too!

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G

▋This photo shows all of the parts in the liquid-cooled inverted-V 12-cylinder Daimler-Benz DB 605 engine, which powered the Bf 109 G. This engine is also replicated in detail, including the pistons inside of the cylinder block. In addition, the fuel pump, oil filter, starter, power generator, and other auxiliary parts and the radial coolant tank in the tip of the nose are all replicated in detail! By the way, this DB 605 engine also powered the Bf 110, Me 210, and other aircraft.

▋The DB 605 engine has been scaled down into assembly parts countless times before, including in 1/32 and 1/48 scale. Still, we researched this engine from scratch, to create this engine based on the core concepts of SWS. It turned out with an amazing presence, unlike any before! In the actual aircraft, one could easily say that the installation of the DB 605 engine onto the existing Bf 109 F fuselage was the most crucial aspect of the development of the Bf 109 G variation. Oh dear… those slightly bent propellers are the tragic yet inevitable result of the 3D printer’s quality. Rest assured that the shape in the data of our design is perfect!

▋Here is the side view of the DB 605 engine. The most distinctive quality of the DB 600 series of engines is the location of the supercharger on the side, as opposed to the usual placement behind the engine! What’s that you say, you knew that already? Well, I wouldn’t expect anything less from my SWS brothers! The determination to have the machine guns fire through the propeller shaft seems to be characteristic of Luftwaffe aircraft. There are so many exciting details to see from this angle! Check out the engine mount, coolant tank, and the feed chute connective mechanism for the 13 mm MG 131 machine guns on the top of the nose, seen in G-5 and later variations. By the way, these test mockups of the Fw 190 and Bf 109 are for assembly testing purposes only, so please forgive us for mixing together parts from various versions.

▋When viewed from above, you can see the relatively small yet quite refined form of this aircraft. Of course we’ve replicated the hydraulically-controlled radiator flaps on the trailing edge of the wings too! The SWS kit will allow you to choose from the open or closed position, so you can enjoy assembling the model to perfectly satisfy your preferences.

▋Here is the view from behind of the inside of the cockpit. The infamously narrow cockpit of German aircraft feels even more cramped in this smaller aircraft. We have replicated the type that is separated into three sections—front, center, and back—that was commonly used up to the Bf 109 G variation, as well as the single-part, side-opening “Galland Haube” version, in order to replicate various shapes from different eras and production factories. Please look forward to it!

▋One of the joys of SWS kits is the ability to gaze upon the internal mechanisms underneath the fuselage, a view that is not usually possible with the actual aircraft! This view reveals the thin pipes winding like veins and the connection to the MG 131 spent case ejection chutes. You can also catch a glimpse at the distinctive landing gear mechanism, which connects the main strut’s mount base to the side of the fuselage in order to significantly reduce the structural weight of the wings. By the way, it is said that the main strut, which was retracted hydraulically to the side, struggled with insufficient strength and often caused accidents from breaking.

Just gaze upon this quality,
fit to be the definitive version!!

We are racing forth to roll out these famous aircraft. Surely when they are replicated as SWS kits, even those who are not fans of Luftwaffe aircraft will find themselves fascinated.

As I look back on the past ten years…. For the Fw 190, the understanding and interpretation of its outer form, as well as the digestion and expression of that information, were dismissed again and again. It ended up taking a great deal of time as we struggled with how to replicate the highly unique and complex shape of the nose cowling to the fuselage, despite it seeming like a simple nose with just an air-cooled engine enclosed.

On the other hand, while the replication of the outer form of the Bf 109 went smoothly, the mechanisms packed tightly in the compact fuselage and their replication took much longer than expected.

With all that being said, our work and concentration from this point forward will prove to be the turning point in the ongoing battle of these kits’ development.
For Fw 190, we will start with the A-3/A-4 early production versions, then release the A-5 to A-8 and other later production versions. Our aim is to recreate almost all of the Fw 190 A versions as SWS kits, and this project that we have been working on for years is now finally starting to take off.

For the Bf 109, we will begin with the G-14 piloted by a certain famous flying ace, followed by the G-2, G-4, and G-6, as we strive to replicate all of the long-awaited versions.

For you WWⅡ Luftwaffe aircraft fans, you can probably already hear the roaring engines of both aircraft, and likely will find yourself too excited to sleep at night for some time.
At last the time has come to utilize all those reference materials, decals, and optional parts in your collection that you purchased knowing they would come in handy someday.

Please enjoy the fun of the anticipation as you await the release of these two SWS kits.

And please take care of your health and wellbeing in the meantime, and keep looking forward to holding these kits, full of the delightful details of these famous airplanes and their beautiful forms.

I will continue to post more updates to this blog as our development of these kits continues.

In the next blog post, I plan to share details about the SWS 10th Anniversary Campaigns.

Now is the perfect chance to get your hands on SWS kits. Please look forward to it!!!

▋Just look!! Happy smile, after smile, after smile, on the faces of the customers who came to visit our Zoukei-Mura booth at previous IPMS conventions!!
Year after year, our Zoukei-Mura SWS Development Team travelled over seas and across continents from faraway Japan just to see these smiling faces.
We will keep working to spread the boundless appeal of airplane scale models! Keep looking forward to future SWS developments!!

Unfortunately, Zoukei-Mura is unable to participate in the annual IPMS/USA National Convention yet again this year.

We truly look forward to this convention every year, but we have to face the heartbreaking reality that we cannot participate in the IPMS/USA National Convention this time.

All we can do is focus on the work in front of us, as we look forward to the day when we can meet you all again.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura


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