Welcome to JOINT FESTIVAL of our company that will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Volks Inc!!

What is the Joint Festival?
4 big Volks events are held all together at the same time.

Even if the hobbies are different, all of us enjoy them in the same way.
Please come to the biggest event of our company that will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Volks Inc!!

40th Anniversary of Volks Inc. BIG EVENT - JOINT FESTIVAL-

[Opening Day]
December 22nd 2013
[Door Opening Time]
12:00 – 18:00
Tokyo Big Sight East 4, 5, 6 Halls
*Approx. 3 minutes' walk from Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon Station. It will take approx. 22 minutes by Yurikamome train from Shimbashi Station (JR, Subways).
[Entry fee]
Entrance is free
& Contents
  • * Scale Model Frontier (Contest, Assembly Lessons, etc.)
  • * Venue Special Sales Corner
  • * Hobby Round & VLOCKer's Koushien 06
  • * Rail Expo and Assembly Lessons
  • * Dolls Expo and Dealers' Booths
  • * ther Volks 40 Year Anniversary vents

Click to download a map of the venue (pdf approximately 1.9MB)

* This is me (when I was 24 years old) and my wife (she was 21).
We opened a Volks shop 2 weeks after getting married. This picture was taken in front of the shop.

We knew nothing, we could do nothing, and we had nothing. We two started business being totally inexperienced in the ways of the world. At that time, all we had were dreams, and even today that is still the same.
However because of our innocence, we could dare to take chances.
Since that day, we have been blessed with 4 children, keeping 5 dogs, 2 cats, 3 parrots. And now we have a longed-awaited grandchild!
My wife has been raising all of them! Including me!
So, I have been no match for my wife since we got married. She is totally in control.

What? Same with you?
I know, I know. That is why the world piece has been achieved, my friend!
Let's keep contributing to a world peace!

40 years ago, one cold winter morning.
December 3, 1972. One small model shop was open.

Its name was "plastic-hobby shop Volks."
"Volks" means 'public' or 'everyone's' in German. It was a very small shop. It has almost the same space as a compact car.

We didn't have enough money to purchase of stock, so I displayed my model kit collection which I was working on. And only when we got an order from customers, we went to a warehouse to make purchase. Like a "let's pretend" game of children, it was the beginning of "Volks".

40 years have passed.
At that time, no one could imagine that the day we can invite our customers to our event held in Tokyo Big Sight would come.

It is an only a one-day event in the year end, but we will hold the Joint Festival in order to express our gratitude for your continued support. We would like to show you our 40 years-history and enthusiasm for our future work.
We are looking forward to seeing you there.


For you aircraft modelers out there, the SWS "Full Metal Uhu Model" complete with diorama base, assembled by the divine metal worker Mr. Naoki Kobayashi will on display as well!!

The world's only "Full Metal Uhu", assembled by the divine modeler, Mr. Naoki Kobayashi himself, is finally complete; and he's going to donate it as an auction item!
It's so awesome that just looking at it will make you happy!

Take a look at this grandiosity!! This heftiness!!! And this realism!! It's a shame that I can't show this to you here in person! There's nothing missing from this as it was assembled by the grand master Mr. Kobayashi himself! Of course he used metal sheets with different grades of reflectivity for the various external planks. He has applied the touches of a true craftsman with each piece.

Total number of days used; 32! Total number of hours; 320! With even more polishing tasks in addition to this as well. He topped it all off with a handmade diorama base, crafted specifically for this showcasing! This is sure to blow you away as it is jam-packed with the experiences, skills, and top tier styling sense of a true master, Mr. Naoki Kobayashi! Please visit us at the venue and take a look at this metallic Uhu with your own eyes!

Even the internal structures, all assembled by Mr. Kobayashi himself, are definitely worth seeing! Being a true master, he perfectly finished the complicated tasks that are the Uhu's engine and internal structures. The engine panel, cowling, and gun-pack, and the gun-panel atop the main wings can be removed to view inside. Who will be the successful bidder of this magnificent Uhu, crafted by master Kobayashi!? Let us hold our breaths and await the answer!

Joint Festival "VOLKS ONE FOR ALL" Hobby Round Charity Auction

Who will be the successful bidder of this special Uhu?

The entire staff will be awaiting you arrival, please make this a memorable last page in your 2013 hobby life!

* As you can see in this picture, the engine mounted on the model is beautifully finished to the details.
All were assembled by Naoki Kobayashi.

* You can see Mr. Kobayashi's originality in the detailed work in a cockpit. Look at its accurate expression on the meter panel!
The paint on a seatbelt, levers, and the other accessories are excellently finished.

* The recreation of Liechtenstein radar that is hidden in the nose of SWS Uhu is as you can see above.
Not just the paint on the parts of air frame, but the surface of the fuselage, the nose cover, and the connection to the canopy look like being made from metal, and fit together perfectly.

* Engines have been equipped on the main wings. Paint and attachment of the gun belt of 20mm machine guns to the gun panel have completed.
He starts placing metal plates on external panels.
They look beautiful even now.

* Mr. Kobayashi is concentrating on his work placing metals on the Uhu auction model.
He has made it this far! His technique never fails to surprise all who see it.
Instantly, the Cockpit cover of the Uhu is coming to be metalized.

* "Here. You see?" Mr. Kobayashi's relaxed smile seems to guarantee his excellent work.
Major model magazines run a feature review of Mr. Kobayashi's works; P-51, Ta152, F104, B-36, and as you know, he has become legendary among the modelers.

British publisher: Valiant Wings Publishing produces a guidebook of SWS P-51 Mustang!

A guidebook of SWS P-51 Mustang is released from a British publisher!
On the 64 all color pages, Up-and-coming modeler, Daniel Zamarbide, gives detailed commentaries on Mustang's stories, assembly guide, the way to put realistic paint, and introduction of written materials and decals.

This guidebook amazes even the Zoukei-mura development team.

This is a perfect book for you to enjoy SWS Mustang to the fullest.
This book is written in English, but even if you cannot read English, with all the wonderful color pictures for each process and detailed commentaries, you can use it as a reference and enjoy it.

As well, Valiant Wings Publishing plans to produce its second SWS guidebook "He219 Uhu" that will be noteworthy book too.

There is limited number of copies, so I recommend that you make a purchase early.

SWS Mustang Guidebook...2400 JPY (+fee)

You can buy this book at: VOLKS Website Store

This is a self-produced, my favorite stand for building a plastic model!
(This item is limited run, so we will finish selling it once sold out.)

Yes, I drew a plan and crafted it with wood offcuts.
I have used it personally for long years, but many people who saw me using it and understood its convenience have told me that they want to buy it. So, this time I decide to make small quantity production and sell them to people who want them.

This item is limited run, so we will finish selling it once sold out.

"Volks Oyaji's Stand for building a plastic model"
Price: 4800 JPY (+fee)

*now in preparation for the sales.

When I make propellers thinner or working with planer shapes, I use this stand as another fingers to keep the parts steadily.
And when I smooth a joint area of tires or mold parting lines on small parts, this stand soothes the pain of fingers.

This stand is good for building all kind of plastic models.

However this is made from wood, so unsuitable for processing of metal or works using fire. There will be a crack or a burn mark. This stand is only for processing of plastic.

I recommend this to you who focus on cutting process and a craft knife!

Craft Knife Holder handcrafted by Philip Hui in the U.S.
Price: 2800 JPY (+fee) ~ 4000 JPY (+fee)

*now in preparation for the sales.

This is an artistic knife holder handcrafted by Philip Hui. I met him at the venue of IPMS Colorado this summer.

He handcrafts this knife one by one, so we will finish selling it once sold out.

If you find a favorite one, please get it. You can use it for life.
Please see it with your own eyes at the nearest Volk showroom as soon as possible.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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