The Old Man Blog No.097 - The autumn show of hobby world is about to begin!!

This is the infamous raffle held at Zoukei-mura booth during Scale ModelWorld 2016. Of course,
we'll hold it this year too!!

▋This year too, we'll be waiting for you at Scale ModelWorld in Telford!!

Update: October 25th, 2017

The autumn show of hobby world is about to begin!!

We're in the middle of autumn here in Kyoto Japan.
How are you, SWS fans of the world? Enjoy your hobby-life taking care of yourselves in these days with the temperature always changing.
So the season of Scale ModelWorld in the Telford has finally come. We'll be waiting for you at Zoukei-mura booth with many of our products, including the already famous 1/32 Do-335 A-12 double seat and the extremely popular F-4S and F-4C.
There will be also many finished kits displayed.
A great chance to admire with your eyes the real charm of Zoukei-mura SWS kits.
Definitely stop by Zoukei-mura booth.
You can also place a pre-order, right now, at the following address.

Pre-orders must be collected at the event no later than November 11th (Sat) 13:00.
Be careful: your pre-order will be voided if you don't pick it up within the aforementioned time. (Payment by cash only).

▋Debut at Scale ModelWorld! You can pre-order it from this blog!

You may not be a Luftwaffe fan but aren't you excited by thinking this fascinating aircraft will be part of your collection? I can't describe how happy I am every day, just by thinking that one of my favorite aircrafts will be finally reproduced as an SWS kit.
This aircraft should be enshrined!! Cheers to your hobby room!

However, this kit has been produced in a very small quantity. Only a few people in the world will put their hands on it.

●1/32 Do 335 A-12 Price £151

For pre-orders……… Send an email here

Please understand that we will bring also a small quantity to the venue but it might sell out very quickly.

For customers who want to pick up their kit at Telford.

SCALE ModelWorld

Pre-order for IPMS Telford 2017

Item NameSpecial Price for the Show
SWS 1/32 Do 335 A-12 Pfeil £151
SWS 1/48 F-4C Phantom Ⅱ £64
  • * Pre-orders accepted for "1/32 Do 335 A-12" and/or "1/48 F-4C" kit only.
  • * Pre-order limited to one kit for each customer.

How to pre-order for the IPMS Telford 2017 Show

If you want to pre-order the kit, please contact us at the email address below, no later than November 5th 2017 (San) 23:59. (Japanese Time)

  • * In order to prepare the reserved items, no pre-order will be accepted for any reason from November 6th 2017.
  • * Please pay for your kit at the venue (IPMS Telford 2017 Zoukei-mura booth).
  • * Only cash payment (in GBP) will be accepted.
  • * We will try to accommodate any storage request, but we ask for your understanding in case of sell-out.
  • * Reserved items must be picked up on November 11th (Sat) 2017 from 9:00 to 13:00, at the Zoukei-mura booth.
  • * In case pickup is not possible in the above mentioned time, please let us know via email when you make your pre-order, or no later than the pre-order deadline (Nov.5).
  • * Reservation will be cancelled if you don't pick up your item before 13:00 on November 11th (Sat) 2017.

Mail us at the following address to reserve and pick up
"1/32 Do 335 A-12" and/or "1/48 F-4C" at IPMS Telford 2017
Pre-order acceptance closed. Thanks everyone!
See you in Telford!
Pre-order deadline is 23:59 on November 5th 2017 (San)
(Japanese Time).

▋Packing this small quantity of A-12 was fun!!
Seriously. I can't take any more of the precious time of the overly busy SWS Development Team.
When that happens, uncertain voices arise towards this old soldier that still wants to do and still is able to do so many things. Well, I'm actually happy for this.

 The staff is like … "President! Do you want to pack Do 335 A-12 yourself?"

 And I'm like …… "Oooooh, Yes I do, I want to do it!"

So this old soldier, without caring of the hard job this body has to do, feels instead a little excited about that.

No problem! I can do it!
My wife who is also my boss, as she heard of this matter, decided to help me with this work.
Thanks to her, after a long time we could enjoy working together, just the two of us.

We'll deliver these Do 335 A-12 filled with the passion of me and my wife!!

●World release November 18th (Sat)! Stay tuned !!
               Keep in mind that it may sell out.

▋SWS S-kit over J-kit!
After the incredibly popular and already sold out J-kit, the S-kit has been reproduced with all its own features, apart from the J79 engine shared with the J-model!
The S-type has been wonderfully reproduced with all its peculiarities, including cockpit, landing gear, wings, stabilizers and all the types of antennas. In particular, the front-edge slat, typical of theS-type, has been reproduced as the S-fans requested. And also the reinforcing panels of the underside! See with your own eyes!
The full-color camouflage of the VF-161 from the air carrier Midway, has been adopted for the decal of this kit.
(This kit has been produced in a very small quantity, so be quick to get it!)

▋And finally the long-awaited F-4 C is here!
This is the famous aircraft that participated to the ADC (Air Defense Corps) shooting competition "William Tell'76" held for the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the United States.
Of course, the memorial camouflage is included with the kit.

All the differences with J and S have been reproduced; along with the new engine J79-GE-15, the operating system for the pilot in the front seat and the weapon system operator in the back seat. The landing gear show the passage from high-pressure tires of J and S-model to low-pressure tires. Approach and taxi lights have also been reproduced. The catapult hook has been removed from the main wings and the inside of the front edge flap is movable. With other particulars like the IR scanner fairing under the nose, the peculiar shape of C-model has been faithfully reproduced.
Hey you grinning! You're definitely an F-4C fan.
Back in those days, F-4C was used mainly for operations from the land base, so we decided to reproduce that particular shape.
From J to S. Then, following this C, D is scheduled for the close future, to give more and more depth to your F-4 collection.
I already see all the F-4 lined up in front of your eyes.
(This kit has been produced in a very small quantity, so be quick to get it!)

▋Thanks to you guys, SWS 1/48 F-4J is sold out. Thank you so much for appreciating and, most of all, purchasing this kit.
To me, it is really an honor to have delivered this kit to awesome people like you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Low stock item list
SWS No.07
(via Volks Japan)
SWS No.08
1/32 Ho 229 HORTEN
(via Volks Japan)
SWS No.11
1/32 Focke-Wulf Ta 152 H-0
(via Volks Japan)
SWS48 No.01
(via Volks Japan)
SWS48 No.03
1/48 Ho 229 HORTEN
(via Volks Japan)
1/32 SHINDEN 2nd Edition Ah! My Goddess
(via Volks Japan)
1/32 Focke-Wulf Ta 152 H-1 Slipstream Edition
(via Volks Japan)
Zoukei-mura CONCEPT NOTE
(via Volks Japan)
Zoukei-mura CONCEPT NOTE
SWS No.VI J2M3 Raiden
(via Volks Japan)
Zoukei-mura CONCEPT NOTE
SWS No.VII Ho 229
(via Volks Japan)
Zoukei-mura CONCEPT NOTE
SWS No.VIII Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil
(via Volks Japan)
SWOP Diorama Base06
Shrike Perches - Luftwaffe Hard Stand
(via Volks Japan)
SWOP Diorama Base08
Gottingen Air field
(via Volks Japan)
SWOP 1/48 Diorama Base02
Improvised Airfield
(via Volks Japan)
SWOP 1/48 Diorama Base04
CV-41 Flight Deck
(via Volks Japan)

▋These are the "SWS Pamphlets" that will be distributed to all people who'll come to the venue! Come to our booth and you'll have it for free. Enjoy!!
(Due to the limited quantity available, we'll distribute until we run out)

▋These are the tools, the concept notes, the diorama bases!
Have a look at these rare tools, loved by many Japanese modelers, including me.

▋Here you have the concept notes, released simultaneously with the SWS kit and highly requested. They will let you enjoy the kit before, during and after the build. Some will sell out soon, so be quick to get yours!

▋Perfect to highlight your finished works. These are the diorama bases made by Zoukei-mura. Fitting your 1/32 and 1/48 kits, they will turn them into something memorable. Be quick, as some are about to sell out.

▋SWS F-4 kits are all the same?! No way! J, S and C, have been built including all the particularities and details, something only SWS kits can give you. The differences between the details of each kit have been commented here. Choose the best F-4 for your collection.

▋The Henschell Hs 129 showed all its mobile and destructive power in all the theaters of World War II. This special aircraft feared as the terror of the skies from the allied forces because of its great power, and consequent great damages, is finally here! Soon available!

▋Our Toryu, with all the weapons and bulletproof equipment removed, during a killer attack!! This is the samurai of the sky, ready to protect Japan's mainland.
I have been observing the development of this kit trying to control the tears. I really want such an intimate kit, that only Zoukei-mura could make, to be built by as many people as possible. This time we'll bring the latest mock-up to our booth. Come and look carefully.

▋The development of the beautiful twin-engine fighter Toryu Ki-45 is going on smoothly!!
Definitely come to Zoukei-mura booth to have a look at its mock-up.
This kit will be maybe the first model in the world of this aircraft in 1/32 scale.
You'll be able to enjoy the real taste of building the real Toryu Ki-45 with this kit, precisely represented in it exterior shape and internal structure on the base of our investigation on the real machine at the Smithsonian Museum.
Soon available!

▋Yes! I absolutely want you F-4C fans to see it! Our newest F-4C! More strengthened by a long training in preparation of the real battles, its existence and its role among the F-4 family cannot be overlooked. We'll be waiting for you at Zoukei-mura booth in Telford.

▋Ho 229 Horten twin-seat to be displayed!!
We'll go on with the development until the day before the event opening. See with your eyes.

Perhaps, during the event you'll also see the mock-ups of 1/72 and 1/144 Ho 229. The internal structure compacted in the cute size of this aircraft is another interesting thing to see.

▋Release is still far but this time we'll just let you see how the development is going. The kit that we'll release will be in resin, and the canopy made by heat press. It will be released as a "re-modeling" of the 1/32 Ho 229 that you have. Look forward to it.

▋Look at the control system and other particulars of the twin-seat reproduced in detail.
The mysterious bird, Ho 229, will acquire an even more complex form by the additional work of this kit, changing into a jet fighter that could work these days too. But I'm afraid the ears of the pilot may suffer some damages!

▋Dear 1/72 scale fans, sorry for the long wait!! This is the Ho 229 currently under development and the cute 1/144 Horten. You already know the contents of the SWS Horten in 1/48 scale so I assume you don't need any explanation but this is how far Zoukei-mura went even in 1/72 scale! Moreover, the one in 1/144 scale will be a bonus!

▋On the right, my favorite Mont Blanc, 13cm long; on the left, my hand. From the engine to the interior structure, Zoukei-mura's soul shines bright even in 1/72 scale.
1/32, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144 scale, the sky of your hobby room will have a Horten fleet flying high real soon!!

▋Development is proceeding with clear parts for the skin so that internal structure can be seen, even in 1/72 scale. The uniqueness and the majestic design of the Ho 229 that recently revived with the SWS kits are just outstanding.

VOLKS Store Introduction… .Part 1

▋VOLKS Hobby Square Akihabara

At the center of Tokyo! Our store is at the 8th floor of Akihabara Radio Kaikan, one minute by walk from JR Akihabara Station (Yamanote Line)
Inside you will find airplanes, AFV, paints, tools, accessories, books and plenty of decals and aftermarkets.
We're proud to give you the best assortment and the best service you may find in Tokyo.
If you come to Tokyo, please stop by. All our staff is waiting for you.
Models built by Master Kobayashi and other proud modelers are waiting for your visit.

In case you're looking for something that is currently unavailable in the store, just ask the staff and they can recollect it from one of the other VOLKS Stores in Japan.

Oh, don't miss the corner of precision model-guns, all Made in Japan.

VOLKS Hobby Square Akihabara

  • 101-0021
    Radio Kaikan 8F, 1-15-16 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Tel 03-5256-1990
  • Opening:
    Monday through Friday: 11:00~20:00
    Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 10:00~20:00

▋I received this wonderful clock from Randy-san, who gave us an incredible supported for the IPMS USA National Convention in Omaha, for our participation in that fantastic event.

"IPMS Omaha Members….Thanks everyone!!"
All the memories of the beautiful event in Omaha came up to my mind
We'll keep on creating more and more stunning kits. Please keep supporting SWS kits.

Thank you very much. Hideyuki Shigeta, President of Zoukei-mura

How was it?
That's it for today. I hope it was fun even for those who can't go to Telford.
Your dream is my dream.
Zoukei-mura will keep improving its ability with this magic material called plastic.
Keep supporting us.
See you next time !!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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