Old Man Blog No.64 Extra episodeVIII

Thank you for the pictures of your finished SWS kits!

Cherry blossoms are spreading out, and it finally feels like spring has come here in Kyoto.

How are you, dear SWS fans? Are you doing alright?

Spring is actually the hardest season for someone like me who has allergy to pollen.

But this spring I feel like expectations and anxiety are somehow mixing each other.

By the end of last year I read a book saying that Stevia is good for allergy. Then, I immediately started to try Stevia based organic food, and it's been four months now since I first tried this!

You know what? It's the end of March and still I haven't sneezed or had any inflammation of the eye yet!!

In the last 40 years, from January or February allergy was already attacking my nose, eyes, the whole body and felt like sneezing and itchy all the time.
It was only by the end of May, when chestnuts and oak-trees started to bloom and take color, that I realized that allergy was finally gone.

Now I really hope that I'm done with this annoying allergy.

Anyway, following the last issue, this time too I'm going to introduce some nice finished SWS kits.

I'll also show you plenty of pictures of the latest Toy Fair in Germany, taken at the Zoukei-mura booth.

Guys in the North hemisphere are living spring days, while guys in the South are on fall days, but all of you please enjoy this SWS World!

SWS 1/32 Mustang wonderfully back to life!

This kit has been submitted by a young modeler woman living in New Zealand!!

I'm so happy to show you this incredibly beautiful finished kit, please look at all the pictures! Even among female modelers you can find such a high level!! Chapeau!

Hey hey, this is "CRIPES A'MIGHTY", the famous airplane loved by Major George Preddy, magnificently reproduced!

It really looks like the actual airplane!
Its atmosphere is so nicely realized… If you're a real Mustang-fan you will fall for this model!

You can enjoy this work even more by these color pictures. What a diorama! And all the details of this work!
Life is breathing through this SWS kit! Surprisingly, this Mustang has been finished by adding kitchen foils to every single section of the plane.
Can anyone see anything remaining from that addition?

And here is the cockpit! All the assembly, deep in detail, as well as the painting are perfectly realized. You can even read the small letters on the instruments!
This Mustang kit, finished with raw materials, will let you see all the completeness and the superior skills of this woman.

So, how was the Mustang of our Anita Davis, from New Zealand?
I've been immediately impressed by her skills as well as the choice of the subject "CRIPES A'MIGHTY". She's been the first to submit her pictures to this blog! And that idea of finishing the surface of the aircraft with a kitchen foil, well that's a great idea! Anita-san, awesome job!!

Furthermore, in her email she wrote that wife and husband should cooperate and enjoy the same hobby as modelers. That really put a smile on my face.

Her husband prepared the shelf to put the model by the day Anita-san would have finished it.
Isn't he a lovely husband?

These information below are from her impressions regarding this build.

  • 1.She began modelling 27 years ago. She and her husband enjoy modeling together. When she was still a child, she dropped some yellow paint on the carpet while making a model and got scolded by her mom. That's how her story with modeling, enjoyed with the whole family, begun.
  • 2.Building the SWS Mustang, from the overall structure to the engine details, has been just like building the real aircraft.
    From the propeller to the tips of the aircraft, the shape of Mustang has been wonderfully reproduced.
  • 3.By making the diorama, at the same time, she reproduced the aircraft and recreated a beautiful scenery where to expose it.

This shows all her passion as a modeler. When we read that she felt somehow sad when she finally finished the aircraft, we felt all her satisfaction, and it was like all the pain we went through during the kit development was gone. Thank you so much Anita-san! Keep enjoying the SWS world!

What? You're already working on the SWS Uhu??

Well, we're waiting for the pictures of this kit!

Please check all the details of her SWS Mustang at the following page.
It's definitely worth it!


Next, another high-skilled modeler from Germany,
Mr. Sven Muller and the pictures of his SWS 1/32 He 219!

Look! You can see the real He 219 with our SWS!
From the "PMC Erding" Modeling club, Sven Muller created this SWS He 219!
There is no kit except than SWS that can allow you to reach such a high degree of completeness and perfection.

Full Hatch Open! See in details all of the He 219!

The way you can enjoy the model, represent this aircraft and show such a mastery; we can say that SWS and high-skilled modelers naturally find themselves into these kits.

The fierce owl splendidly represented!

Despite being completed in 1/32 scale, the He 219 looks pretty compact. This airplane reflects all the fighting spirit and the expectations of Dr. Heinkel; the strain of the nigh battle of the last, intense days of the war in Germany, revives now.
This finished kit displays exactly all the charm of an SWS kit.

So, how was the SWS Uhu by Sven Muller , from Germany? This was arguably one of the best night fighters of the Luftwaffe, sadly abandoned to its destiny; you won't be able to feel its beauty apart from a mixed feeling of bravery and tragedy.

The fact that you can feel all this story thanks to this work, made me unconsciously admire the unlimited sensitiveness of this modeler, besides his skills.

You may find this build as well as other beautiful finished kits on "Flugzeug Classic" magazine. I definitely recommend it!

Sven Muller wrote these, as his impressions about this SWS kit:

  • 1.90 hours to build it!
  • 2.The hardest work has been the cockpit assembly and the reproduction of its details.
  • 3.The engine reproduction is the highlight of this kit!

As a veteran modeler, he really enjoyed all of this SWS kit.

Thank you for coming so many this year too!!
Germany, Nuremberg – Raving around Zoukei-mura Booth at Toy Fair!

Hey! From the founder of the Czech-based review website, VIKTOR MULLIN, we got the "Best Aircraft Model in 1/32 Scale Certificate" for our SWS kits as the best 1/32 kits he has ever built!

I'm so happy!! This is an honor! It's been an intense moment where the courage of the whole development team has been praised!!

From Shinden, through Ta 152, P-51D continuing until Horten, this is the first time that the SWS World receives such an important award!!

Our concept is finally starting to be recognized! Someone who understands this has finally come! Now we will use this force for developing the next kits!!
Our motivation and courage have risen!

Viktor Mullin, Thank you so much!!

We will keep creating more and more fantastic scale models! Keep your expectations high!

Now, I'm waiting on this blog for the pictures of the masterpieces you created with your SWS kits. Fans all over the world are waiting. Please send the pictures of your finished kits!

Next time on this blog:

  • 1.Finally, some news about SWS 1/32 Do 335's development
  • 2.Thank you for waiting! SWS 1/32 Ta 152 H-0's release information!
  • 3.News about the development of a new double engine aircraft! You'll be amazed!

And more and more, even delivery dates!

Take care of yourself until next time!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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