Old Man Blog No.53 Ho 229, Episode 5

Here in Japan, home of Zoukei-Mura, hot days with over 35 degrees temperatures continue. How are you feeling, dear SWS fans?

SWS Development Team is finally completing the preparation prior to leave for IPMS Virginia.

We have set up a temporary booth at Volks (Parent Company of Zoukei-Mura) Head Quarter in Kyoto; same size, same design of the one that will be installed at IPMS Virginia. Final check of products, POP, Show Cards and Extra-Parts that will be exposed at the event.

Considering size and contents, this is going to be the biggest booth we have ever had!
I'd like to let all of you taste the atmosphere of the IPMS Virginia, event those who, sadly, will not be able to attend the event.

And this time, part of the Development Team will go first to the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum to gather new information on a new aircraft.

The name of this Aircraft is top-secret but, in order to realize a kit worthy of the fame that SWS has gained, the study phase will be more intense than before.

You can start imagining of an SWS kit that will shake up the world of scale models!

I'll be there at the event but I can't speak English at all !
You may start studying Japanese from now, bring a Japanese-speaking friend or just use eye-contact, body language and a smiley face to show your friendship.
Go easy on me, please!
If you have any question for me, I will try to answer helped by my English-speaking staff; if it gets too busy, let's try at least to look at each other with a smile on our faces.
We'll be also recruiting new "Zoukei-Mura Friend Shops" (SWS retailers) at the event.
If your retailer does not know Zoukei-Mura or the SWS kits, feel free to introduce our company!

IPMS Virignia, Horten Special Pre-Release. Go, get it!

♦This is the Special pre-release of 1/32 Horten kit, for IPMS Virginia!
"Freshly" done, wanted everywhere from everyone, who's going to get it first?

Here's a chance to make the long time expected Horten part of your collection, earlier than anyone else!

Just a few pieces of this Horten have been prepared to be available at this event. If you can come to Volks Booth at IPMS Virginia, this chance is for you.

You just need to come to Zoukei-Mura's booth, see with your eyes if the kit is like the one you've heard about, and once you're convinced, get it!

The adventure called "Scale Model" begins with the Horten!!

  • ♦SWS 1/32 Ho 229 Horten Assembling Kit
  •  Price…………$ 152.00 (Special Price for this event)
  • * For the items purchased at the event, Instruction manual will differ in some parts from the one that will be released in October. The Instruction Manual of the items released in October will be available for download from Zoukei-Mura Blog.
  • ♦SWS Horten Official Release Scheduled for Late October

"I'll think about getting the Horten after I see the manual"

I see, I see. It's for you that we have prepared the Instruction Books that will be available at the IPMS Virginia.
Just $3 and you'll be able to see with your eyes the contents of the SWS Horten in every nook and corner.

There will be just 50 pieces available, so be quick if you really want to have it.

Scale Models, this is what we do !

The essence of SWS Kits and its production process, shown in an interesting and carefully written paper.

Here's the Horten instruction Book!
Master Kobayashi also edited several parts! Easy to read, meant to show Horten's assembly in a very simple way.
Please take a look, and then get the kit!

Zoukei-Mura Catalogs distributed for free at IPMS Event Virginia!

We'll be handing out this booklet to let you understand and enjoy the whole production process of an SWS Kit, from its basic idea, through kit and extra-parts development, until the final realization of the model and its concept note.

This is for free. Don't hesitate to pick it up.

I'd be glad if you if take a look at this documents that may show you how Zoukei-Mura changed the world of scale models. Distribution will continue until supplies last. Hurry up!

This Pamphlet is perfect for you guys who know Zoukei-Mura for the first time. From the basic concept to the showcase of the products, you'll get a better understanding of what Zoukei-Mura is.
Your dream is my dream!

Pay also attention to this special event!!

As always, this time at Zoukei-Mura's booth we'll be collecting your requests for the future SWS kit.
Let us know what you think and what you think regarding the next kit development.
(Fill in the questionnaire, and then insert it in the specific box)

We have prepared a lottery with splendid prizes for all of you who will leave a request for the next kit. The prizes will include SWS kits, Extra Parts, Zoukei-Mura T-shirts , Concept Notes etc.

This the event that, every time, makes all the hobby-loving men go crazy!
Please join this time too!

♦Lottery Schedule:
August 8 (Fri) 15:00 ~ At Zoukei-Mura Booth

You want to buy an SWS kit in America?

There `s Volks USA (Los Angeles) for that!
Of course you can pre-order online, and also by calling. (order explanation will be given at the time of your request).

Just like in Japan, all of the SWS kits, Extra-parts, Concept Notes will be available in America.

We look forward to your order.

URL: https://www.volksusa.com/
Phone: 310-782-8324 / Email: service@volksusa.com
For reference: Hideyoshi Shigeta (USA General Manager)
[ VOLKS USA, Inc. Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volksusa ]

Flash!! Do 335's Clay model will make its first appearance at IPMS Virginia!!

No kidding! Still at a rough stage ( clay model) but we have decided to bring this model in 1/24 scale just to show you how its parts will look like.

Just like He 219, Ho 229 and of course this Do 335 too, the complex realization of an SWS kit starts with this Clay Models.

From now on, all the details will be gradually added to every part you will see.

This Clay Model is for all you German-Aircrafts Fans who are thinking about getting an SWS Do 335.

The real charm and excitement of a scale model. This is what SWS kit wants to represent.

It's not over! New information will be disclosed about the next SWS kit!

Just as you thought, that cool machine is under development. It starts with an A-4 Model. Then, your collection will be shaken at its foundation when we expose this huge release!

I know your heart is starting to beat faster just by seeing or listening about it!

All you guys coming at IPMS Virginia, take a look at it. Feel free to dream of it!

Special Nipper for modeling finally here!

The masterpiece that you modelers were waiting for.
That is Zoukei-Mura "PRO-ZETSU Nipper" (for right handed)

This nipper, designed by me and manufactured by a Japanese tool factory, is meant just to cut plastic parts.
This delicate and sharp tool will surprise you and make your hobby much more pleasant.
Please, just use it to cut the "gate" of the plastic parts.

Do not use it to cut runners, metal parts, wood or paper, not even by mistake, not even for fun.

Not recommended to the ones who just want to cut and cut without minding.
Please be careful.

"I want a cutting nipper designed exclusively for plastic models!!"

That's what I strongly wanted, about 30 years ago, so I decided to develop a design and make an original model by myself. Then, it's been handmade one by one at a metal factory. Now, that nipper is available again with a renewed design.

It is a real master piece, light, easy to hold, and it cuts so cleanly. We highly recommend you to have it as a special tool for your plastic models; you'll be loving it!

Just meant to cut plastic parts….

1. Please do not use it to cut off thick sprues.
Its delicately made and adjusted blades are very easy to get damaged.
They are developed just to cut "gate" pieces. If you use it solely for this purpose, you can enjoy its sharpness for a long time.
2. Please do not use it to cut wood, metal, and papers.
No matter how thin the metal, wood or paper is, when this nipper is used to cut these things, unnecessary pressure is put on the blades and made them slide easily.
Please use special nipper to cut these materials.
3. You can re-sharpen the blades.
If it gets blunt, you can re-sharpen it. Please contact your retail shop, Volks or Zoukei-mura.
4. Nipper for right-handed people will be released first.
Handles have "protrusions" which prevent falling; design to be easy to use.
Once you have it in your hand, you can enjoy building plastic models more than before.
♦Zoukei-Mura PRO-ZETSU Nipper
Price 3,300 JPY (+fee) $ 36.00
To order via website click here → [ Volks Website Store ]

The Pride of the Old Man! Zoukei-Mura Tweezers!!


Let me tell you about this magnificent tool I have been using for 40 years; I may say it's become like a second right hand for me.
13cm long, high-quality stainless made, I dare to say it's a real masterpiece.

Beautiful design, easy to handle, a tender repulsion plus a natural touch when I pick up a part; it's useful in different ways, for different jobs.

Once you use these tweezers, you'll be wishing you could use them again as soon as possible.

Whether it is a sophisticated work or just something like cutting decal sheets, if you have these tweezers, modeling will get way funnier and enjoyable.

Sadly, Mr. Koyama, the man who made these tweezers by his hands, just for us, died last year.

I wanted him to stay healthy and create more and more of these splendid objects, but that's a dream that can't come true anymore.

Fortunately, there's a stock here that I have prepared for you! I really wanted to make more and more modelers aware of these wonderful tweezers.

I guess you will all be using and enjoying them!

If you want to make hobby more enjoyable, I really recommend you these tweezers that I personally love.

Dear hobby-fan, this is just for you!

♦Zoukei-Mura V Tweezers (Bent)
Price ¥ 2,800 JPY (+fee) $ 31.00
To order via website click here → [ Volks Website Store ]

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

↓ Please don't hesitate to use the submission form below ↓

"1/48 Ta 152" is now available too!!
Now in 1/48 size, how far developed is SWS Ta 152? How has it changed from previously released 1/32 kit?
We made a wonderful kit that will not disappoint 1/48 kit collectors!

This is the first attempt to show you the 3D drawings of SWS Do 335.


What do you think about this? As compared to 1/32 Horten, obviously Do 335 makes a big difference!!

With this 3D drawing, this SWS kit is recreated as the way it is.
From the fuselage structure and the reproduction of each part, to the precise description of the mechanical movements of the plane, the development of this SWS kit is currently moving forward.

However, this is just a 3D drawing. From now, we will do more historical researches, and add more detailed description about each part as we can. We seek a recreation of the assembly process that will give you the fun as if you are creating the real aircraft.

We, the development team keep working hard to complete the final investigation in order to make this kit good enough to be part of your collection.

Please be a little bit more patient!!

While waiting for the day when the SWS Do 335 is released, please enjoy building the Ho229.

Our only hope is your patience and your judgment as a modeler.

Through the SWS kit style, the entire "Do 335" is finally recreated!


From the DB 603 A traction engine to the cockpit, and from the tank fuels to the internal structure and the propulsion engine, you will enter into a world of building where you will feel as you are recreating the real "Do 335"!

The model-making world of 1/32 scale kits has moved so far!

For both, the expert modelers who built SWS kits many times and the new modelers who have never tried before, SWS Do 335 is the best recommended kit.

Luftwaffe Heavy Fighter 1/32 Do335 is also diligently under development in order to make one of the best SWS kits!!
This will be a breathtaking kit too!! Look forward to it!!

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