The Old Man Blog No.090 - Thanks for the instant sell-out!

IPMS Telford
The SWS F-4J was instantly sold-out!!

▋IPMS Telford Report
▋1/48 F-4J Concept Note Progress Information
▋1/48 F-4J Extra Parts Introduction
▋About SWS Restock

"All in the blink of an eye!!"

The words of the SWS Development Team members who went to the IPMS Telford will tell you a lot about how Zoukei-mura booth was like. Beside the new F-4J, on pre-sale for the first time in the world, Do 335, He 219, Ho 229, P-51, A-1 Ta 152 and Raiden kits led us to this incredible, literally instant sell-out. Our deepest thanks to all you guys who visited Zoukei-mura booth at IPMS Telford. And thank you a hundred times to all you guys who bought our 1/48 F-4J and other SWS kits or tools. We are really grateful.

We went all the way from far away Japan, but this IPMS 2-days fun event has gone so fast. Sadly I could not be there myself this year either, but I have been reported that Zoukei-mura booth was even more appreciated than last year, and that made me happy and relieved.

This time, let's take a look back at the pictures of those days.

▋The best four members of the Development Team were sent to the Zoukei-mura booth at this year's Telford event. Over ten hours of patience in that narrow cabin. They go everywhere for you guys waiting our SWS kits!!

▋Set-up complete. The tension before the opening is palpable.
Oh, Mr. Kobayashi's F-4S is also in standby, waiting to be finally premiered for the first time.

▋Look! This pile is all the 1/48 F-4 kits pre-ordered though this blog.
On the right, some customers already lined up in front of the booth!!
Thank you very much for lining up so early in the morning. At this time, you are probably way deep into the SWS F-4 building process.

▋"The SWS F-4J is finally mine!!"
The smile on your faces makes us happy and proud more than anything. That is the best reply I can get!! You have waited for so long. And now one more of your dreams has come true!!
Thank you.

▋As a member of the Development Team, from the concept of the design to the test shots' build, passing by the guidelines of the instructions and the build-reviews for the Concept Notes, super-busy Mr. Kobayashi is also delivering the F-4 kits. How was your first time in the UK, master?

▋"This is the F-4 I wanted!" We could hear this voice here and there at the event.
Exactly. Actually me too, I have been awaiting this for some decades. Besides all the short-nose types, we are going to make all the long-nose types as well, and they will not be just some off-hand variations, they will be represented in their tiniest details.

▋"Hey hey, I got my F-4J!" You are one us, a SWS kit developer now.
We are like my brothers now. Enjoy your F-4 build without any hurry.
But I know you will be like trembling because of its completeness and beauty.

▋"Why only Mr. Kobayashi is in the pictures!" Yes, it is because he is in charge of delivering the pre-ordered F-4s to each one of you. "Aww, if only I could speak English a little bit"
I know how he feels in this case.

▋In few minutes all the F-4s are gone from the bench. I feel just like I said farewell to my son. It was worth coming here all the way from Japan.
We actually sold out the other SWS kits too. Thank you, all of you who visited us!!

▋Thanks to all of you who lined up in front of the Zoukei-mura booth.
I want to make all the F-4 types into SWS kits! We are getting one step closer to that dream. After this, other stunning aircrafts will be ready! Look forward to it!

▋Here is how the booth looks when the line was gone. The time of many modelers and fans.
How was our display of finished models? And what about Mr. Kobayashi's performance? Did you take a look at our extra-parts, tools and diorama bases to enrich your SWS kits? Did you enjoy the Ki-45 and Hs 129 mock-up displays?

▋Great success this time too!! It is time for the famous Zoukei-mura booth's Raffle!
Awesome SWS kits and Concept Notes are given to some of you who filled in our SWS future kit questionnaire! There have been many lucky modelers this year too. Good on you guys who won. Don't worry, next year you will be lucky too!

Under Development F-4J Extra-parts to Follow Next!!

▋SWS48-04-M01 F-4 C/D/J/S Metal Struts
Material: White metal
Price: 1600 JPY (+fee)
Release date: Scheduled for December 23rd (Fri) 2016
▋SWS48-04-M02 F-4 C/D/J/S Weighted Tires
Material: Resin
Price: 1200 JPY (+fee)
Release date: Scheduled for December 23rd (Fri) 2016
▋SWS48-04-M03 F-4J/S Photo-etched Set
Material: Photo-etched parts, turned metal
Price: 2000 JPY (+fee)
Release date: Scheduled for December 23rd (Fri) 2016
▋SWS48-04-D01 F-4J Masking Set 1
Material: Two decal sheets (paper)
Price: 2200 JPY (+fee)
Release date: Scheduled for December 23rd (Fri) 2016
▋SWS48-04-C01 F-4J/S Color Set
Vallejo Colors x 8 colors
SWS71130 Gull Grey / 70842 (MC003) Gloss White / 71057 (MA057) Black / 70861 (MC170) Gloss Black / 71073 (MA073) Black / 71072 (MA072) Gun Metal / 71063 (MA063) Silver (Metallic) / 70991 (MC159) Dark Sea Grey
71199 Airbrush Cleaner x 1
Price: 2800 JPY (+fee)
Release date: Scheduled for December 23rd (Fri) 2016

SWS F-4J Concept Note is Going to be Hot!!

▋Kit review by Naoki Kobayashi
"I just built the kit out of the box, faithfully." Even though he might say such a light-hearted thing, you cannot look at his work without feeling Kobayashi's magic.
As always, his outstanding mastery gets the best out of each kit he works on. Cheers!

▋Kit review by Milan Mitev
Such a wonderfully completed SWS kit from a fine Bulgarian modeler, at his first appearance. There are still really awesome people in this world. This awesome book allows you to take a look at his personal, fascinating style.

▋Kit review by Sampson W.S. Yu
And, another fine modeler debuting from Taiwan! Definitely hard to look at his incredibly weathered F-4J without saying "oooooh". It's so nice to have awesome modelers all around the world competing for our SWS kits.

This time too, "fine modelers" from different countries joined in!!

The famous Naoki Kobayashi from Japan!! The awesome Milan Mitev from Bulgaria!! And the awesome Sampson W.S. Yu from Taiwan!!

Wholehearted contributions, SWS F-4J kits are finished with stunning, flawless skills. Incredible pictures and finely explained assembly works will strike all your senses.

I definitely recommend you to collect it together with the kit before we sell it out.

▋Zoukei-mura Concept Note SWS No.IX F-4J/S Phantom II
64 pages, All Color
Price: 1000 JPY (+fee)
Release date: Scheduled for December 23rd (Fri) 2016

These are the Highlights of the SWS F-4J Kit
According to us, SWS Development Team!

  1. The tridimensional and faithful representation of the nose radome based on a precise research of the cross-section.
  2. Cockpit downside cross-section. Represented with its particular and over-extended shape.
  3. Cross-section variation from the bottom of the cockpit side to the ram air-intake located forward (triangular big cut-off, oriented to the nose radome cross-section).
  4. Reproduction in separate parts of the differences in the heat-resistant areas located right before the engine nozzles of the J type and the C/D type.
  5. Accurate reproduction of the volume of the intakes, largely spread on left and right, and the following constriction.
  6. Accurate reproduction of the shapes and molds of the four underside missile bays for the AIM-7 Sparrow.
  7. Rear-half (green frame) movable in the real machine, the missile bays for the two front AIM-7 are optional separate parts in the kit.
  8. Accurate representation of the rear fuselage thanks to separate parts for the US Navy and the US Air Force types.
  9. Next to the cockpit, the fuselage side is segmented to reproduce the presence or absence of the refueling probe.
  10. Fully realistic details included on the heat-resistant area on the lower side of the rear fuselage.
  11. Cockpit reproduced as accurately as possible for a 1/48 kit.
    Instruments of the instrument panels and side consoles reproduced with molds.
    Detailed decals for the instrument panels and side consoles included too.
  12. Canopy rearview mirrors reproduced in plastic.
  13. Intake duct reproduced.
  14. Two J79 engine built-in.
  15. Differences between the J79-10 engine (for J-type) and the J79-15 (for C/D types) reproduced.
  16. Martin Baker Mk.7 ejection seat accurately reproduced in seven parts.
  17. All the instrument panel parts for J/S/C/D types included.
  18. Back seat's control stick and consoles accurately reproduced with all the differences between the US Navy and the US Air Force types.
  19. Subtle differences between the main wing and the fuselage underside cross-sections accurately reproduced.
  20. Stabilator slots reproduced as thin as possible and with realistic molds.
  21. Main wings designed to be glued with appropriate thickness, without distortions.
  22. Tiny bulges (meant to soften the tires' thickness) on the upper-side of the main wings on J/C/D types accurately reproduced.
  23. Antenna fairing presence or absence on the vertical tail tip reproduced in separate parts.
  24. Robust landing gears, easy to assemble with precise attachment angles.
  25. Highly realistic molds on the inner sides of airbrakes and landing gear covers
  26. Bulkhead of the main landing gear storage bay to be assembled as one part.
  27. Accurate decals including a large number of small stencils.
  28. The square notch fit on the front of the windsheild reproduces the air outlet that worked as a wiper on the real machine, working also as "fitter" for the kitt assembly

How was it? These were the main 27 points of the SWS F-4J, among all the others. To be more precise, there are actually many more things to point out, but you should better enjoy them while you build this kit yourself.

Anyway, you will surely feel the power and the effectiveness of this F-4 Phantom, the strongest jet-fighter ever of that era, and unconsciously feel sorry for all the rivals that had to fight it for the supremacy.

Now there is finally an F-4 Phantom kit whose contents will reaffirm its beauty. Coming next is the "S type", ready to be finalized on short terms. Then, this short nose series is set to continue with "C-D-J (Marine Corps) types". Furthermore, the highly expected long-nose series will proceed in parallel with "E-F-G-EJ" types. We plan to finish the whole F-4 series in 1/48 SWS kits.

"Your dream is my dream." That dream is about to come true. I want to leave to this world the best F-4 kits, in all types!! Restless nights are going to continue, for me and for you...


The long-awaited Ho 229 Concept Note will be available again!!

▋Zoukei-mura Concept Note SWS No.VII Horten Ho 229
Price: 2500 JPY (+fee)
Available from: December 23rd (Fri) 2016 in Japan

SWS 1/48 Shinden re-released!!

▋SWS48 No.1 1/48 Shinden
Price: 4800 JPY (+fee)
Available from: February 11th (Sat) 2017
From Eagle Aviation - Research Book
Price: 3500 JPY (+fee)
Restock date: Scheduled within the end of 2016
From Eagle Aviation - Research Book
Price: 3500 JPY (+fee)
Release date: Scheduled within the end of 2016

Next on this blog:

▋Fw 190 Progress Report

▋Twin-seat Ho229 Progress Report

And much more to come.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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