Thank You for Waiting!! Your SKYRAIDER is Finally Coming Home!!

Thank You for Waiting!! Your SKYRAIDER is Finally Coming Home!!

An entire year has flown by since we announced that we were going to develop a 1/32 SKYRAIDER for SWS No. 3.

I want the SKYRAIDER!!

Another dream that I have continued to long for ever since childhood is finally being implemented.

Even now, as SWS No. 3, the passion and wonder that we felt while researching the original aircraft still clearly lingers within our hearts.
From the huge propeller for the huge body, down to the unusually friendly feeling given off by the shape of the canopy, the SKYRAIDER appears just as it once did in my dreams.

The overwhelming presence of the SKYRAIDER parked on the deck of the USS Midway Museum was the very image of my childhood longings made manifest.

I want this plane in the SWS~~!!  I can clearly recall today, with much nostalgia, how I felt that wish from the bottom of my heart.

We gathered all the data, we drew up the plans, we made the mockups, and then we modified and fine-tuned them, over and over and over.
When everything was complete, and kit development had finally reached the last production stage in which we handed over the final metal molds for manufacturing, I put my hands together to pray, and entrusted the final finishing to the gods.

And now sitting before my eyes, held within a package that stands out even at a glance, is the final sale version of the SWS "SKYRAIDER," packed full of all those hopes and dreams, the long journey that had to be taken to get here, and all the work that needed to be done to reach this point.

This SKYRAIDER is literally the first 1/32 scale plastic model version of the SKYRAIDER to exist in the world.

Truly, I cannot stop myself from feeling the happiness and the joy, as well as the pride, that wells up at that thought.

In this entry in my old man blog, I would like to show you some pictures of a finished SKYRAIDER model, prior to their publication in the soon-to-be-released "SKYRAIDER Concept Note."

I urge you, please enjoy the world's best and most powerful reciprocating-engine carrier attack fighter plane to your heart's content, in the form of the SWS 1/32 SKYRAIDER kit.

The SKYRAIDER is expanding her wings, turning her propeller, warming up her engine, and waiting for the shooter's departure sign. The world of the “actual airplane”, that is what SWS wants to offer!

The SWS SKYRAIDER Concept Note will also be available soon!!

What will you do, buy the Concept Note after you get the SKYRAIDER, or buy the SKYRAIDER after you get the Concept Note?!  Remember, self-denial is bad for your health!

As usual, the SKYRAIDER Concept Note will thoroughly highlight the SKYRAIDER's appeal via build diaries from some of the world's top modelers.

This time, 4 modelers from Japan, the USA, and France use all of their skill to show you the magic of the SKYRAIDER kit, demonstrating its high points as well as teaching you tips and tricks to use while building the kit.

Once it becomes available, I highly recommend that you obtain a copy.
The price is expected to be around 3,300 JPY (+fee).

Signs and eye contact learned from training and experience, these are the only communication tools through the loud roar on the deck. You will be able to realize the meaning of each single SWS crew member figure's pose.

The wind is rotating the propeller. Our sculptors focused on highly accurate reproduction and refined the propeller with their own hands to satisfy the eyes of dedicated airplane maniacs. Even at the beginning of assembly, SWS kit propellers will make you feel the flow of air!

The main wing folding system was necessary on the crowded deck filled with airplanes from each squadron. Please pay attention to the kit design, born from understanding of development purpose, usage, and deployment of the airplane! You can park and display your work like the actual airplane!

The SKYRAIDER is taxiing to the catapult for departure, while expanding her wings. Scenes from “stillness” to “activity” can be captured realistically and vividly because SWS reproduces the “actual airplane!”

The “MD3° tow car, which was available as a bonus with the SKYRAIDER Set C, is now available for separate sale. It's a great supporting actor on the deck! The SWS never forgets to recreate the surrounding elements of the airplane, like this! To our worldwide SWS fans, thank you for compliments on this!

The cockpit is high above, away from the navigating deck crew's eyes. His signs are everything for the pilot during the tense moments until departure. Accurate motions and trust are requirements.

Look at the well rotating propeller! Right now, we are working hard on the SKYRAIDER Concept Note! We will include pictures taken outside using “natural special effects” caused by the wind and fine design of SWS kits like this! All of the attractiveness of the SKYRAIDER will be packed into this book!

The setting sun reflects the exhaust stain on the huge fuselage. No matter how many times it was cleaned, every time the SKYRAIDER went on a mission it was stained anew, again and again. The stain stayed on its body like the mark of a veteran of the battlefield. It's part of the SKYRAIDER's signature character which can't be missed!

The SKYRAIDER Air Force type will also make its debut!!

The kit for the Air Force type will include all of the parts that were installed only on the Air Force version of the SKYRAIDER and not on the Navy version – the Air Force kit will have the same price as the Navy kit.
The on-sale date, the exact kit contents, the decal details, etc., are all scheduled to be revealed in my next blog entry.

In this entry, I will show you the much-anticipated package art for the Air Force type.

The artist is a spirited American resident by the name of Ronald.  We met by chance at the IPMS Omaha event site.

It all began when I heard that there was an artist who was selling his work in the vendor's room next to the one in which we had our Zoukei-mura booth, and went to go check out his work.

I went to go see, and what's this!  Happily, displayed there were pictures of nothing but airplanes!  Such a wonderful thing!!  An artist who exhibited only airplane art!!

Among all of the beautifully drawn works were illustrations of the Zerosen and the Hayabusa, and even one of the B5N (the Kate)!!
The picture showed the plane being pursued by a searchlight, while from the opposite side, anti-aircraft tracer shells draw ominously close.  I was very moved by the illustration, which clearly conveyed the nervous tension of the crewmembers!

Of course, the booth was also overflowing with magnificent depictions of all of the famous aircraft from the European warfront.

Completely charmed by the many splendid illustrations, I promptly decided to buy nearly all of them right then and there.  Boohoohoo, with just this my spending allowance was almost completely wiped out.
But this is when the vital moment occurred.  It was destiny for us to meet at that moment!!
"Please illustrate for our kits."  As the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot.
Happily, Ronald just smiled and said OK on the spot, which became the starting point for SWS kit package art being created by his hands.
After all, I don't think anyone could refuse after coming into contact with the the SWS development concept.

Below is the first illustration he has made for us, the "SKYRAIDER Air Force type"!!

In the midst of a chaotic battlefield, is the SKYRAIDER attacking to try and rescue a comrade, or is it laying down cover fire?  Regardless, the gallant figure of the SKYRAIDER is magnificently depicted, as its pilot takes decisive action by firing rockets at a target from low altitude at the risk of his life.

We are also planning to commission various types of art from Ronald in the future.  Please look forward to it!!

You can also buy framed prints of Ronald's wonderful illustrations at Volks showrooms, or purchase prints directly from Ronald's website, "COLE'S AIRCRAFT."  Please do take a look.  Of course, he will also soon be selling prints of this SKYRAIDER illustration.  I'm very happy!!

* Please click here to visit Ronald's website, "COLE'S AIRCRAFT":

The “Flying Dump Truck” is breaking into the super low altitude sky with its trustworthy bullet proof cockpit and various armaments! The illustration captures the impressive scene vividly, the same as the SWS kit itself, recreating the “actual airplane”! This is the package art for the “A-1J SKYRAIDER Air Force Type” by the spirited young artist, Mr. Ronald Cole! Of course, we are working on “US Aircraft Weapons 2” (Air Force Type) for separate sale!


Can't forget SWS No. 4!! Refinement of the Mustang is also progressing!!!

In this blog entry, I'd like to show you some skeleton progress shots of the T-2 test shot, as well as a proof of the package art.

 Both of them are part of our challenge to recreate one of the world's best planes as one of the world's best scale models.  Please look forward to our journey to the finished model.

The basic concept of the SWS......... That would be....

Using plastic, we want to create scale model kits just like the real planes!!

For a project that began with such a covetous plan, it has become something that, even now, is receiving rave reviews from airplane scale modelers the world over.

It has been 2 years since the Shinden was released.  A pleasant feeling of gratification fills our hearts, one of: Those who know will understand!!
As much as it is possible, we will continue to develop kits that draw ever closer to the essence of the SWS.

We humbly ask for your continued support and encouragement.

Finally “your Mustang” has matured to this step! Just assembling the second test shot and painting its interior gives the feeling that you are an engineer who is assembling the actual airplane. It's the best part of SWS. We will still keep working on it to hear you say “Yes, this is MY Mustang!”

The function leads the structure. The structure leads the shape. Studying what the actual airplane's design is, learning the historical background of that airplane, understanding the developer's design ideas, and carefully checking all available documents. This is the answer.

The proof that an airplane model is a reproduction of the actual airplane is for it to have a shape which can fly in the air, just the same as the airplane is one of the ways in which to fly in the sky. The SWS Development Team will keep working within this theme!

An enlistment from the UK!!

Decorating the package of the SWS P-51D is the work of someone whose aviation art has been renowned for quite some time now, veteran aircraft illustrator Mark Styling himself!

This time, he has perfectly conveyed the famous "P-51D Miss Marilyn II!! Lieutenant Ozinga in Flight," using his stunning power of portrayal backed by accurate research.

Pressing in on the viewer is a heroic dogfight with a Bf 109 in the upper-altitude blue sky of a sunny day in Germany.

Mark will also be offering prints of this illustration for sale.
If you are interested, please make your way to a Volks showroom, or to Mark's website, "Mark Styling"!!  It's very easy to lose yourself in his many amazing illustrations!!

* Please click here to visit Mark's website, "Mark Styling":



What was the strongest fighter plane during WWII? SWS will try to reproduce the best, most perfect reciprocated engine fighter plane, which “flew to win”! With the cooperation of Mr. Mark Styling, who reproduces it as package art, SWS will fly to the next stage!

* The long-awaited SKYRAIDER is already available within Japan, with sales having started on September 30. The SKYRAIDER is expected to arrive at Volks USA and to European "friend shops" around the end of October. The huge package is filled with the very essence of the SWS. Rather than letting it lie untouched in your stash, please do experience the deep satisfaction of a finished model via the SWS SKYRAIDER.

If you happen to have a request for an aircraft that you would like to see reproduced via the SWS, please don't hesitate to send it in via this blog.
For the rest of my life, I hope to recreate as many great airplanes as possible.

On a final note, in my next blog entry, I will finally announce in detail the start of the SWS 1/48 series!!!
To all fans of 1/48 scale, thank you for your patience – a great aircraft will soon be coming your way!!!

I sincerely hope that wonderful things are happening in your life.

Hideyuki Shigeta
The Old Man of Zoukei-mura


If you have any opinions, questions, or requests regarding the SWS, please don't hesitate to let us know.


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