■The SWS SKYRAIDER will fly over the sky of Nurnberg!

 Finally the Nurnberg Toy Fair 2011 has begun!

 In recent years, we have had a booth to introduce our large original doll series called Super Dollfie.

 The venue has 15 huge pavilion halls on its huge premises with each building connected by aisles.

 It's February and it's so cold in Germany around this season. The participants use these aisles all day to move from booth to booth where they want to go because the aisles are heated.

 It is the world's largest toy fair, to which worldwide hobby makers and toy makers bring any imaginable hobby and toy item such as stuffed animals, games, railway models, sports items, kites, furniture, stationary, baby's toys, tools, materials, etc

 Guess what Zoukei-mura brought for this worldwide grand occasion this year!!

 Yes, that's right. We brought the entire SWS line, the very first "SHINDEN", the newest "Ta152H-1"and the center attraction, the #3 "SKYRAIDER"!
The SKYRAIDER is still in the prototype stage, but we decided at the last minute to make its debut there and assembled one.

 Well! What kind of reputation will the SKYRAIDER receive from worldwide buyers!? We, the SWS team members who stayed in Japan, are now impatiently waiting with bated breaths for the first report from the members in Nurnberg. (Developer T will update the report of this event later! Please look forward to it as well!)

 Now I want to share the excitement with you and show you pictures of the SKYRAIDER which we brought to the fair. It's something special for all of you who take the time to read my blog. Please make sure of its presence and impact, which are some of the signature attractive points of the SKYRAIDER, with your own eyes. (We will bring a prototype SKYRAIDER to the next Wonder Festival, a hobby show in Japan, as well!)

 But this is still a prototype. This first step is the base which will be upgraded more and more with mold details, fitting adjustments, etc. until the last minute before its release.
So, there will be huge differences in the details between the SKYRAIDER in these pictures and the final product.

 Please understand that while you look at these pictures.

Just as we are doing so now, we showed the SWS #2 "Ta152H-1" prototype pictures before its release, but we couldn't fully explain these differences. It made many fans confused that it would be the final product and they worried over it.

 These are pictures of a prototype. Prototypes represent the mid-stage, which we will redo again and again from actual airplane research, designs, clay model sculptures, etc. until we finish the metal molds.

There are a lot of places which we aren't happy with. We will continuously upgrade this prototype.
We have so much to do until the day the SKYRAIDER will be in your hand. It's an endless task,
but it's fun at the same time.

 We will do our best until the day you receive your ultimate SKYRAIDER, so we ask for your support!!

 Okay, please take a look at the current SWS SKYRAIDER even though it's a prototype!

This can be called an incident!! The moment when the SKYRAIDER will be available in 1/32 scale is coming soon! At any rate, it's so cool~~!!

I'm sorry that I couldn't show the molds on the other side of the pylon! Please check it out when you purchase it.
Absolute detail reproduction is the point you can't miss!
Don't miss the other side of the propeller either! Its sharpness and beauty may be the most surprising thing!

The streamline from the engine cowling! The very allure of the A-1 jumps into your gaze.
There are, of course, the engine and frameworks as well. We will reproduce the interior equipment and machines the very best we can. Please look forward to them!

The main wing folding system is newly designed to work well. It's smooth, so as not to affect the beauty of the wings and works perfectly.
This kit is designed so that you can enjoy even the assembly process.

The bubble shape of the canopy will be reproduced accurately!
This signature, attractive shape of the American airplane gives a sharp impression to the entire craft!
Don't miss the reproduction of the meeting point of the fuselage and the main wings as well! The assembly here, just like the actual airplane, will excite you!


 What did you think about the SWS 1/32 SKYRAIDER?!

Could you feel the astonishing impact we felt during our actual airplane research?

Its wings rested silently, a white colossus staring down at us.

How long has it been? Through the SWS, we are finally about to reach the SKYRAIDER which we saw on that day.

 Only a few more months until its release. I will introduce updates here in my blog until we complete it.

 For you who love the SKYRAIDER to death like me.
   For you who know the SKYRAIDER, but your love does not reach that level.
    For you who have had no knowledge of the SKYRAIDER, but it's growing on you.

 For you who hate the SKYRAIDER.
   For you have no interest in the SKYRAIDER.
    For you who can't love even the SKYRAIDER.

I will dedicate this SKYRAIDER to all fans.

 Please don't miss adding this SWS SKYRAIDER to your collection!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
The Old Man of Zoukei-mura

If you have any opinions, questions, or requests regarding the SWS, please don't hesitate to let us know.



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