Old Man Blog No.52 Ho 229, Episode 4

Hello to all of SWS fans!

Here it is the middle of the rainy season in Japan right now!
It's been annoyingly cloudy every day, but how is everyone doing?

I suppose that in the southern hemisphere, late fall and winter is coming from now.

Weather is unsettled when the seasons change, so please take good care of yourselves.

Now, as for SWS Horten that you long for, the final test shot has reached my hands from the local production facility.

With a total number of 19 sprues, the very fascinating scale model kit is here now, right in front of me.

As soon as we receive it, our development team members start carrying out the final check on each part, and deliberately build it many times in order to check if there is anything wrong. And at the very end, when I give a green light, they finally move toward its production.

In this Blog, I will let you know the followings:

- Pre-release of SWS 1/32 Horten kit at IPMS Virginia
- Development progress of our new product: SWS 1/32 "Do 335"
- SWS kit requests made by fans worldwide.
- Ideas on how to make the build with clear parts.

"Scale Mode Kit" let you enjoy model-building and have fun as if you are making a real aircraft with the magical material: plastic.
Please enjoy the updated information on SWS Horten's development as well.

Notice of Pre-release of SWS 1/32 Horten kit at IPMS Virginia

Finally, the SWS 1/32 Horten kit will be pre-released at IPMS Virginia in this August, but just a small quantity of kits will be available! Your chance to get the kit has come! Please visit our Zoukei-Mura booth as soon as possible if you are interested in it.

But please notice that the items in stock are limited, so we will sell only one kit per customer.

*Sales ends when the items are sold out.

  • SWS 1/32 Ho 229 model kit
  • Price ······ $152.00 (special price for the event)
  • * Because this is a special sale for the event, the instruction manual will be different from the one included with the kit released in October. The October version of the instruction manual will be available for download in this Zoukei-Mura Blog.
  • The official release date of SWS Horten kit is planned for late October.

The size of the box is 33×53×10cm, that is to say as big as the SWS Uhu's ones.
The beautiful box art shows the "mysterious wing" attacking the British WW II heavy fighter: Lancaster.

After all, it's time to add this astonish "Horten" in your 1/32 scale collection.
Please be prepared for it.

As shown in the picture above, the color and the style of SWS Horten instruction manual were made in the image of the original manual of Luftwaffe secret fighter. Of course, Mr. Naoki Kobayashi helped us for the building instructions. He has built this kit many times from an early stage, so he can use his experience to make manual easy-to-understand. You can see his ideas everywhere in it. Please look forward to this instruction manual as well as the kit itself.

It is incredible to see how the recreation of the Horten's intricate structure is so simple, and you will definitely feel impressed steadily by building it.

Here is the 1/48 Ta 152 which will also be available at Zoukei-Mura booth at IPMS Virginia!
1/32 Ta 152 kit was rescaled in 1/48, so how has the kit evolved?
We created a perfect kit in order not to betray the great expectation of 1/48 collectors.
Please rush to Zoukei-Mura booth!!

  • SWS 1/48 Ta 152 model kit
  • Price ······ $48.00 (special price for the event)

Thank you very much for your kind requests on SWS kit and expressing lots of dreams.

When I asked for any requests on SWS kits in the previous blog, I got many of emails back from SWS fans worldwide. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much.

Your dream is my dream.

Please keep supporting us with SWS kits from now on so that I can deliver your dream aircraft as a SWS kit.

Anyway, surprisingly enough, everyone has the same idea as mine!!

I enjoyed running through your emails and some of the requests that mentioned the upcoming new kit really freaked me out.

Look! Look at that!

Here we are!!
I will finally show you how the development of SWS 1/32 Do 335 kit is going on.

This is the first attempt to show you the 3D drawings of SWS Do 335.


What do you think about this? As compared to 1/32 Horten, obviously Do 335 makes a big difference!!

With this 3D drawing, this SWS kit is recreated as the way it is.
From the fuselage structure and the reproduction of each part, to the precise description of the mechanical movements of the plane, the development of this SWS kit is currently moving forward.

However, this is just a 3D drawing. From now, we will do more historical researches, and add more detailed description about each part as we can. We seek a recreation of the assembly process that will give you the fun as if you are creating the real aircraft.

We, the development team keep working hard to complete the final investigation in order to make this kit good enough to be part of your collection.

Please be a little bit more patient!!

While waiting for the day when the SWS Do 335 is released, please enjoy building the Ho229.

Our only hope is your patience and your judgment as a modeler.

The SWS 1/32 Horten looks like that! Its development went forward as the 3D drawings!


We conducted a thorough investigation into the real airplane exhibited in the famous Smithsonian Museum.

Based on the 3D drawings elaborated from all different angles, we have developed a great Horten as a scale model kit.

With the arrival of SWS Horten kit, many of scale modelers could finally get the ultimate fighter which looked like an almost real plane.

SWS 1/32 Horten will finally be available and you may change your idea about plastic models.

Applause for this great amount of information!

Through the SWS kit style, the entire "Do 335" is finally recreated!


From the DB 603 A traction engine to the cockpit, and from the tank fuels to the internal structure and the propulsion engine, you will enter into a world of building where you will feel as you are recreating the real "Do 335"!

The model-making world of 1/32 scale kits has moved so far!

For both, the expert modelers who built SWS kits many times and the new modelers who have never tried before, SWS Do 335 is the best recommended kit.

Luftwaffe Heavy Fighter 1/32 Do335 is also diligently under development in order to make one of the best SWS kits!!
This will be a breathtaking kit too!! Look forward to it!!

Thank you for your great ideas on how to use the clear parts.

"I have a good idea regarding the treatment of the clear parts for SWS Horten"

said Mr. Erwin Sengco from Los Angeles (California, USA). And others have posted many of their ideas to my Old Man Blog too.
I will briefly introduce them to you so please look it over.

Please be aware that these ideas and building techniques that I introduce in this blog are just ideas for reference. Please do not start your build just right away. Verify the building process and assembly first, and then try the described ideas below often enough before starting your build.

Here are Mr. Erwin Sengco ideas:
"I think the problem of hiding cut and file marks can be handled by dipping the clear part in Future Floor Wax. It is a cheap clear acrylic based liquid. It is actually called a different name now if you want to buy it from the USA. The new name is Pledge FloorCare Finish".
"Another suggestion I want to add is the use of jewelers glue. It works like cyanoacrylate but it does not cloud clear parts. A common brand name is G-S Hypo Cement but there are others that give the same results."

I got another creative idea from Mr. Michael Ezat from Greece:

Here are Mr. Michael Ezat ideas:
"A little trick for avoiding cracks when we cut the parts from runner: You can cut them using a hot blade (burn for some seconds the blade of your cutter with a lighter or so and then the plastic will cut like butter without any risk )"

Lastly, I got another idea from Mr. Julio Cesar Gomez from Colombia:

Here are Mr. Julio Cesar Gomez ideas:
"It is true that sanding, or applying putty to the clear parts would damage that place, but there is a fix, and is to disguise the blemish painting it like wood, and resembling a screw or other piece there.."

Except those ideas above, we may still have other suggestions on how to use the clear parts, haven't you?

Please send me any further ideas to my blog.
Well, I will see you in this blog again.

Please take care of yourself until then.

I wish all the best to you and to your hobby life!!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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