Have you got F-4J Marines?
Update: July 26th, 2018

Have you got F-4J Marines?

SWS brothers around the world, how are you doing?

Today is July 3rd. The 7th Typhoon is grazing Okinawa and about to pass through to the Sea of Japan and the shaded billow rushes Kyoto.

It's been a long while since the previous entry. In the 100th milestone of this old man's blog, I will write about:

・1/32 Toryu Ki-45 Kai

We will show you the first test shot at the Zoukei-Mura booth in the IPMS Phoenix in August. The release of the kit will be a bit later in the future, though...

・The release of F-4J Marines Ver.

・1/72 & 1/144 Ho 229

・Zoukei-mura booth at the IPMS Phoenix in August

▋Look at the F-4J Marines making a head-on attack with a roar of overwhelming sound!!!
How far has your assembly gone?
You will surely enjoy the vivid description that only an SWS kit would be capable of.

▋The famous VMFA-232 "Red Devils" scheme can be reproduced faithfully with the decals attached in this kit!
F-4J Marines will revive and come back to fans.
It's so cool!!

▋I call your attention to the radome on her nose. The radome looks like a circle. However, we observed a real plane and found out the cross section is actually an oval. Based on that data, we produced the kit.
In the same way as F-4S, C, and D, the cockpit consists of parts exclusive to the F-4J.
You will enjoy finding small spec changes.

▋Take a look at the distinctive form from its air-intake to the fuselage. It's fascinating and you must love it. F-4J Marines is absolutely what a jet fighter should be! The work in the photo above is completed by an expert, Naoki Kobayashi. It will be displayed at the Zoukei-Mura booth at IPMS Phoenix. After IPMS, it will fly back to Japan and be displayed at Hobby Square Akihabara.

▋Diorama Base 07 for 1/48 F-4J Phantom II MARINES 1/48 IWAKUNI BASE
Resin made, pre-painted, 295mm diameter 2000 JPY(+fee)
The US Marines' Iwakuni base from the ‘70s. Hangar apron faithfully reproduced.
*The Hobby Base(Wooden stand) is not included.
Click here to purchase from VOLKS Website Store

▋The Defense of the Imperial Capital: The package art for "Toryu / Ki-45 Kai Tei (Tai-atari special attack aircraft)"
Second Lieutenant Miosaburo Yamamoto, the leader of the 4th Sentai's ramming unit, flew bravely through a large formation of B-29. I can't help having adoration and respect toward the promising young who fought each other in the sky on opposite sides.

The arrival of the first test runner of 1/32 Toryu!!

3 years and 11 months have passed since the project began! The designers of Zoukei-Mura worked really hard to make the CAD drawings. And finally, the test molds were completed. The first test runners arrived, but this is just the beginning.
Here in the pictures below are the test runners of 1/32 Toryu. This kit consists of approximately 430 parts. (It varies according to the type.) I just wanted to tell you how excited I got with its arrival! I will explain the details of each part.

▋Thud!! With all of these parts, "Toryu" will be revived.
These runners are made for the test, so they are in a variety of colors. When it is for sale, of course, you will find grey-colored and clear runners in the box.
There will be a lot of steps until the end: checking the molding, carving of the part numbers, finishing touches to the molds, making an instruction manual, adjusting the size of decals and so on. The runners are so heavy that I can feel the strong presence of the Toryu.

▋Runner parts for the cockpit include the Mitsubishi Ha102 engine.
Please look forward to a detailed explanation of each part. I will start it in the next entry!

▋Check out these parts: the main spars, the ladders, the elevator rods, the upward-firing autocannon, the main gun on the fuselage, and the turret in the back. For those who are interested in precise duplication of aviation mechanics and in the aircraft structure; you can't miss it!

▋The three-bladed constant-speed propellers are also faithfully duplicated! The Toryu was equipped with these metal propellers, manufactured by Sumitomo/Hamilton. The shape, thickness, and twisted form reflect the reality of Japanese aircrafts at that time.

▋Our development team members assembled the first test runners. Note that the color tones vary because they are test samples.
We shall keep adding improvement to improvement and meet your expectations!!

▋The picture shows how the cockpit looks when viewed from above. In this kit, clear parts will be used for the main outer plates, such as the fuselage, and grey-colored parts for the rest of the components. You may notice some gaps at the jointing area of the main wings and the fuselage and some fillet parts. However, they will be removed during the improvements. Don't worry about it.
The most important feature of the fuselage is the accurate duplication of the cockpit and the turret area. I can't believe how much information was gathered for this. You can count on it!

▋I want to draw your attention to the reproduction of the Toryu's nose. The main weapons are equipped around her nose. Different types of Toryu are equipped with different armaments, so they are reproduced with different parts. Now you can finally reproduce any Toryu according to the combat airspace or the attached unit.
You can also learn the detail of the engine bulkhead and how its suspension works from this kit.

▋The Toryu's retractable landing gear was ingeniously designed and executed. SWS can reproduce it in detail and make it possible to be installed easily.
Looking at the gear being retracted into the engine nacelle, modelers must be moved deeply. The area inside the flaps also looks exactly like the real thing. You can find a notch for the 20mm canon on the ventral side of the fuselage.

▋The Air Defense of the Imperial Capital: The package art for "Toryu / Ki-45 Kai Ko"
Silver wings of B-29s are shining crimson in the pitch-black sky. Two shots from Toryu's Ho-103 machine gun hit one of them! Days and nights in the sky of the imperial capital, Japan and the US, they both fought with their combat planes at the risk of their lives. Ones that attack and ones that defend―I tried to find the words for them, but I can't.

▋Toryu Arrives!!: The package art for the "Toryu / Ki-45 Kai Tei (Early production)"
3 types of SWS 1/32 Toryu kits will be released consecutively―the first is "Ki-45 Kai Tei (Tai-atari special attack aircraft)", the second is "Ki-45 Kai Ko", and the final is Ki-45 KAI Tei (Early production)" Each type will be a scale model kit reproduced with different distinguished features.
The main two-seat fighters of the Imperial Japanese Army played an important role until the end via air defense from all the area of the Southern Front to the Japan mainland. The Toryu will make a great addition to your collection!

1/72 & 1/144 Horten Ho 229 will revive and land on your palms!!

You must have been waiting for this! The development of 1/72 & 1/144 Horten is now in the final stage! We have already released 1/32 & 1/48 Ho 229 before, and now additional scales of that amazing kit will soon be taking off. The release will be this November at the Zoukei-Mura booth at IPMS Telford (UK). You can count on it! (The price is TBD.)

▋The Arrival of the 2nd Test Shot for 1/72 & 1/144 Horten Ho 229
There are so many parts even though it is 1/72. This is SWS!! You can also find a pretty little 1/144 Ho 229.

▋Only a few modifications did we find on this test assembly. It seems 229 will make a smooth landing. However, this is where we begin with the main part. The quality of our SWS kit depends on how we work on it from here!

▋Take a look at the picture! The framework is reproduced in 1/72 kit!!
The most exciting feature of this eerie bird of the German Air Force is its airframe structure. We want to hear 1/72 fans say "I've never seen such a kit before!" We'll do our best.

▋Although 1/144 Horten is very small and tiny, the eerie bird has a really strong presence!
I can't believe it is a supplemental kit coming with the 1/72. What an excellent craftsmanship!!

▋Breaking the formation, the eerie bird 229 gets ready to attack Lancaster with heavy bombing!
It was fortunate that this did not happen in reality.
I will announce that we finally entered into the final phase in the development of the 1/72 & 1/144 Horten Ho 229, the last resort of the German Air Force.

The Items that we will bring to IPMS


"The Item List at IPMS 2018"

Item NameSpecial Price for the Show
SWS 1/48 F-4J FhantomⅡ MARINES $75
SWS 1/48 F-4D FhantomⅡ $75
SWS 1/48 F-4C FhantomⅡ $75
SWS 1/48 F-4S FhantomⅡ $75
SWS 1/48 F-4J FhantomⅡ $75
SWS 1/48 Ho 229 $64
SWS 1/48 Ta 152 H-1 $48
SWS 1/48 SHINDEN $48
SWS 1/32 Do 335 A-12 $196
SWS 1/32 Ta 152 H-0 $108
SWS 1/32 Do 335 A-0 $185
SWS 1/32 P-51D/K Mustang IV $105
SWS 1/32 Ho 229 $152
SWS 1/32 A-1J Skyraider U.S. AIR FORCE $152
SWS 1/32 He 219 Uhu $152
SWS 1/32 J2M3 RAIDEN $88
SWS 1/32 P-51D Mustang $95
SWS 1/32 A-1H Skyraider U.S. NAVY $141
SWS 1/32 Ta 152 H-1 $95
SWS 1/32 J7W1 SHINDEN $80
  • NOTE:
    In addition to the SWS kits listed above, we will also bring many of other related items.

How did you enjoy my 100th blog?
In the Northern Hemisphere, we feel too hot for hobby under the fierce summer heat. I hope the information about new Zoukei-Mura products gave you delightful expectations and made you refreshed.

In the next entry of this blog, I will write about:
the twin-engined combat aircraft, 1/32 Hs 129, which is now in the final phase of development,
progress report on 1/32 Fw 190 our challenge for development of a famous aircraft, one of the 5 best battle planes.
For our dearest SWS fans, we will not let you sleep!

Please take care of yourself!
Write you soon.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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