Update: November. 3rd, 2023

Enjoy the best part of SWS kit with the instruction manual.
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-4 Siegfried Schnell: Last Episode
(Final Outfitting)

This is the final of the five episodes of SWS 1/32 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-4 construction guide blog,

Some of you have already completed the painting and decal application and are "completely captivated by the presence of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-4," while others are still "enjoying the quality of the kit itself and its archival information from the instruction manuals and other resources. On the other hand, there are some who have not event opened the package yet and say, "I am enjoying the package artwork”.
This is such an ultimate kit that Fw 190 fans all over the world waited for, and so some people are full of excitement and expectations for the impact of the kit.

I, for one, feel very happy and relieved that we could deliver this "Fw 190" kit to you all.
The harsh and tragic fate of this fighter aircraft, which was born during WWII, a world war that should be called a misfortune of mankind, met a destructive end in defeat.
The pilots, who went to the battlefield with the fate of their country, were also faced with a fierce and cruel fate.
Thinking about this, I cannot help but feel how fortunate I am to be able to devote myself to this Fw 190 kit.
I would like to send out this kit with a heartfelt message to aircraft model enthusiasts who love this inorganic machine, an aircraft model, as if it were a living creature.

In this final episode, we will take you through the final stages of the project, from attaching the propeller and canopy, to the pitot sedan, foot rudder, shell supply cover, antenna, wingtips, and aeronautical lights at the rear of the fuselage, so that you can take your time and enjoy the process.

The "Bf 109" and the "Fw 190", the two major fighter planes of the German Luftwaffe, both join your collection as 1/32 SWS kits.
The joy and a sense of accomplishment are indescribable, surging through my heart like waves.
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you, all SWS brothers around the world who were able to get this kit.

Thank you so much ~~~~!

▋It might be a little difficult to see, but please you look closely. The side of the "windshield" is molded with spray tubes for cleaning. The bulletproof glass, instrument panel cover, and sight are also well reproduced (we got the actual sights as a reference for the kit.)
In addition, the slide canopy and its rails are reproduced. Also, please pay attention to the reproduction of the rear bulletproof plate and the slide crank (this is where you can show off your wire work, isn't it?).
Pilots at that time apparently complained about the fact that all Fw 190 models could not be flown with the rear part of the windshield open, but we are amazed at the foresight of Tank, who prioritized both the functional aspect of securing visibility and bulletproof protection in his design. Very cool~~!

▋The access door for maintenance to the in-wing machine gun and for shell replenishment work is your choice. I imagine the mechanics liked these wide-opening doors for maintenance and inspection to the powerful 20mm machine gun.
Also, the parts for the wingtip lights and aviation lights are really "minuscule," so please take enough time and keep your desk tidy and clean. First try temporarily gluing with tape turned inside out on the end of tweezers and then, attach the parts carefully with two-component adhesives.

▋The ladder is completed, and engine has been warmed up. We just wait for the flying ace "Siegfried Schnell" to board the Fw 190.
All the Fw 190 photos in this blog are the one done by the master finisher Naoki Kobayashi, and his completed model is displayed in the store at Volks' Kyoto headquarters. The photos of the unpainted kit for each step are the one done by me. It is also displayed there. I will be so glad if you could come over and take a look.
It is a hard decision to make whether to equip it with an additional tank for long-range operations, or to make it for a scramble launch condition, but in either case, the form of the intrepid Fw 190 is so fascinating.

▋Yessss! Finally, the SWS32 "Fw 190 A-4" kit is almost done.
At this stage, a big feeling of accomplishment as a scale modeler is rising from the bottom of my heart.
This kit started with the "BMW 801 D-2 engine," a simple but careful construction of the adhesive positions.
The cockpit required precise gluing of the floor and instrument panel, and the seat and bulletproof bulkhead, and maintaining the correct angles. The best way to do this was to place the floor and bulkhead in the grooves marked on the inside of the right fuselage part and use the fuselage parts as assembly jigs for accurate gluing.
Also, throughout this process, it was important to pay attention so as not to damage the parts with your fingers.
The main wings were not difficult to build, but there were many small but important steps, such as attaching the machine guns, shelling equipment, and various control links, as well as installing the tanks and thinking whether to open or close the hatches.

▋Now let's see, what should we do with the tank augmentation? It is essential for today's sorties for a long-range operation. The Luftwaffe's distinctive tanks are one of the items that make the Fw 190's heroic appearance stand out even more, so please equip them (to do so, don't forget the preparation on page 24, 31, and 36).
The tanks for long-range operations, will be a hindrance to a scramble launch. You have to choose here, but in both cases, your eyes and heart are drawn to the form of the fearless Fw 190.
What should we do ~~~ ? Should get two kits? I agree~~! That's the only way.
No, no, we should get three kits and keep one as a collection for a long time.

▋Please check the painting and the decal instructions. However, the "color tones" shown above are just one of the examples.
We encourage you to use your own resource or imagination to create your own unique Fw 190.
This was as many as 80 years ago. In midst of the war, those aircrafts that was mass-produced in factories for operational flights…. It is impossible to reproduce it accurately anymore. So, I think it is best for modelers to paint as they like using their own imagination of what Fw 109 would have looked like in reference to the painting instructions.

▋Well, this is now the finale of the Fw 190 kit. Good job!
I remember it was 10 years ago.
I had a dream of the two major fighter planes of the German Luftwaffe as a SWS kit in 1/32 scale! The dream has truly come true. On behalf of the "SWS kit development team," I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the aircraft modelers and fans who have continuously supported us.

Enjoy the best part of SWS kit with the instruction manual.
Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-4 Siegfried Schnell:

How did you enjoy the masterpiece WWII fighter of the Luftwaffe, the "Fw 190 A-4"?
A valuable addition to your aircraft collection.
The skies are endless for model airplanes.
We will continue to make scale models of aircrafts from all over the world under the slogan, "Your dreams are our dreams!”

Please look forward to Zoukei-Mura creations to come. Thank you for your continued support!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura


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