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IPMS Telford 2015 Event Report: Episode 1
"Thank you for coming so numerous to Zoukei-mura booth!!"

Dear SWS brothers, how are you doing?

Our Zoukei-mura team just got back from IPMS Telford 2015, and everybody is fine.

The pictures taken by our team show the happy crowd in those days and the smiley faces of the modelers happy to meet each other again after one year, I feel like I can hear their cheerful voices too.
That seems sooo fun!!

As the SWS Old Man, but also as your SWS brother, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart to come to Zoukei-mura booth.

And then, same as every year! This year so many of SWS fans lined up in front of our booth!!
We're so happy for that!! In the name of all the Zoukei-mura company, my deepest and heartfelt gratitude!!
Thank you very much.


Now you've probably opened the box of your 1/48 Horten or one of the other SWS kits you got at the event and maybe your build has already reached a pretty advanced stage, am I right?

So, how's your 1/48 Horten?

Yes!! I am talking to you!
You're one of the first in the world who can enjoy this kit.

This baby is cool, isn't it!
Every corner has just been downscaled in 1/48 scale to reproduce the real Horten Ho 229 machine, enhancing the volume of its charm!!

Same as the1/32 Horten? Oh no, the taste of working only on the small parts gets much more intense.

No fuss no muss, take your time to enjoy it.

I firmly believe that, the moment you finish it, you can feel with your body and soul you're in a different dimension; the world of scale models.

Of course! One model should be finished just with the skeleton.
Another one should be done to represent the wood pattern, and another one should be painted to show the dirt and stains remaining from the battle field.

And then the last one…..!!!
Secretly stocked somewhere in your shelves, to be enjoyed as a part of your collection even 20 years later!

You see?? It takes a total of 4 machines to dominate the SWS 1/48 Horten.

Stricken by the brave figure of those 4 Horten kits piled up in front of you, that's how you really are this year, embraced by the greatest happiness.

What? More than that, you're scared by the gaze of your wife?

Ah you're that kind!! Nothing to be afraid of, compared to the charm of the 1/48 Horten!

Not if you're man, better say a hero!

Here you go with a smart excuse or, otherwise, just persist with your poker-face!!

Here comes the time when you have to choose between fighting or running!!

For caution, I'll wish my brothers good luck from the Japanese skies…..!!!

OK, that's it for my weird incitement. This time I'll give you a taste of Zoukei-mura team's work and show you the SWS brothers enjoying the show.

For you who came to our booth, and also you who couldn't come, and also you bravely saying "next year I'll make it to Zoukei-mura booth, somehow!" thank you very much for enjoying this with us.

▋Here we are! IPMS Telford 2015 finally starts!
The fight of Zoukei-mura team, the earliest to go to the venue, is about to begin! They should carry on with this energy until the end!

▋Well, well! The same scenario before the opening, the calmness, or maybe I should say the quiet before the storm, however, the hard job starts from here!

▋Tadaaan! See the stuff from Japan all piled up!
Packed inside are the kits, the extra parts and concept notes you SWS brothers are waiting for!

▋Now! The war starts!
First of all lay these clothes all over the long tables, that's Zoukei-mura style.
This year too, the booth is scrupulously prepared to let all of you coming enjoy this event.

▋Hey! Here they have already started to display the finished samples.
They've come a long way so here and there something gets broken. Each aircraft is being carefully repaired.

▋Following up, this year's SWS brave figures join the battle line. You can see the 1/48 Horten behind the 1/32 Uhu. This time the "real warfare edition" and the "wooden reproduced edition" displayed, have both drawn the attention of many fans.

▋The booth is about to be complete. Our member KS is very busy!
Lots of you have enjoyed some talk with this French guy.
He's also in charge of part of the translation of this blog.

▋Ooooh! IPMS guys and other exhibitors are already coming to have a look!!
Here's K, busy with entertaining our guests. He's actually my son. Until today he's been working hard for Telford, where he's loved by anyone, waiting for it more than anything else. Please keep on loving him!

▋Booth completion is close! Plenty of SWS fans out there are waiting for the moment to come in.
The pre-ordered kits, the preparation of the display items, and then the extra-parts, the concept notes and the original display bases, everything is ready. We just need to wait the rush of modelers.

▋Just before the opening! There's already a line of people waiting in front on our booth!
And all of you, all of you are exhibitors at the IPMS!
We have the other professionals lining up! That is a really happy SWS kit! Thank you very much!

▋First, this guy got the 1/48 Ta 152 H-1!
Thank you for lining first! You'll be surely surprised by this SWS kit that will change your modeler's life.

▋Second man in the line! And he's the first in the world to get the 1/48 Horten!
Hey!! He looks awesome!! That smile has blown away all our pains. Thank you!!

▋And then, the nice smile of the second person in the world to get the 1/48 Horten…!!
If I continue, this entry will look like an official announce of the purchasing order worldwide!
But we're more than honored to deliver this to you. Thank you very much!!

▋Hey! This guy is holding some diorama bases in his hands!! You're an expert! You'll be amazed yourself with these masterpieces, bases that enhance the beauty of a finished kit!

▋I want this! Ta 152 H-0!
Ooohh, you have taste! I have this baby here in front of my desk!
Soon the Fw 190 series will be thrown into the battle line. Make sure you finish it by that time.

▋Hey hey, I want the 1/32 Horten!! Oooh! The 1/32 is good too!!
This kit will probably show its best presence being the most unique kit in the middle of your collection! Thank you very much!!

▋Hey, the happy SWS kit grabbed by the beautiful lady is our Raiden, isn't it?!
The deity that protected the skies of Tokyo will certainly protect you too! Thank you very much!

▋1/32 Horten for me too!
Ooooh another beautiful modeler-lady? Or is that a present for her darling?
We feel the happiness of this SWS kit you chose. Thank you very much!

▋Look at this! 1/32 Uhu! Yeaahh, you finally got it!
This baby is a really motivating kit! I'm sure it will become the best of things you've had during your modeler's life. Enjoy it all.

More pictures of modelers, no, SWS brothers enjoying their time, will keep coming on and on.

That's all for today; the remaining pictures are coming in a few days.

The echoes of the infamous prototypes of 1/32 Do 335 and 1/48 F-4…

And then a taste of the amusing raffle. I will deliver these next time.

You know, this scale model world is actually funny!!

So I feel happy just by looking at the pictures of the event days.

Please take care of you.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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