Enjoy the best part of SWS kit with the instruction manual Part 3: Heinkel He 219 A-0 Uhu: Last Part
Update: March. 14th, 2023

Hello my SWS Brothers!

Here in Kyoto, Japan, the temperature has finally warmed up and we can feel the long-awaited breath of spring in the fields and mountains.
How are you doing?

This is the final part of the SWS32 He 219 Uhu in "Enjoy the best part of SWS kit with the instruction manual".

This large twin-engine night fighter is indeed a Luftwaffe aircraft, and when built, it looks like a ferocious bird of prey from every angle, as if its entire body is a mass of muscle.
It is surely going to continue to radiate a beautifully unique, deadly, and powerful presence in your collection of completed models.

This is the kit that you should try the most now, if you are excited after reading this blog.

Now, the fuselage and main wings are finally assembled to reveal the huge figure of the Uhu.
There are no difficult parts in this assembly itself, but if the angles of the fuselage and main wings are not fixed correctly, the fillets on the left and right sides will not fit neatly.
Please adjust the angles repeatedly before you glue or fix them.
The fuselage top panel and the rotating antenna should be left free to be removed in preparation for painting the entire fuselage. The same goes for the maintenance door on several parts.

▋Now I will proceed to the landing gear that supports the huge body of the Uhu, which repeatedly takes off and lands at high speed during the night.

▋As you can see, the landing gear of the Uhu is a simple design with a sturdy structure and mechanism.
In addition, the main wheels and huge low-pressure tires are positioned so that a stable three-point posture which are essential for takeoffs and landings, can be taken without difficulty, also considered to provide a sense of security for the passengers, which also shows that this was an extremely excellent aircraft.

Now let's move on to the highlight of the Uhu kit, the final outfitting.

▋The ailerons, flaps, mass balance, engine covers, and other parts are now ready for the most enjoyable part of the kit assembly process: the finishing touches.
Only modelers who have made it this far will have the privilege of taking plenty of time to fully appreciate the majesty of the Uhu and the power of the twin-engine fighter.
The cowl flaps attached to the radiator cowling can be either open or closed. If you choose to close it, you will need to cut the activation pin.

▋The Uhu is a fighter plane. Therefore, please make the propeller as thin and sharp as possible. However, please do not overdo it and cut too much.
We have also tried to replicate the "FuG 212 antenna" as possible as we can for the 32-scale kit, but it is up to you, the owner of the Uhu, to make your own by using brass wire and pipes. We look forward to your challenge.
Please be sure to allocate plenty of time for the canopy processing, which is a decisive factor in the completed model, and be sure to prepare your work environment carefully before starting.
The same goes for the aviation lights, wingtip lights, bulletproof glass, etc. In addition, there is also the installation of detailed antennas. Others will never understand the frustration I felt when I carelessly lifted and damaged the parts.
I don't know how many times I have been reprimanded by my wife for my cries of despair at such times.
When you have come this far, don't be in a hurry and don't be in a hurry. Please remember the saying, "If you hurry, you can turn it around," and simply become a crafting machine in a state of mindlessness.

This is the final part of the SWS32 He 219 Uhu in "Enjoy the best part of SWS kit with the instruction manual", which has been coming along quickly.

The rare masterpiece twin-engine fighter aircraft of the German Luftwaffe in World War II, the "He 219 Uhu," now appears before your eyes as a large 1/32 scale model.
The figure of the masterpiece night fighter derived from the human beings, and their backgrounds, and their desires, even though it was an instrument of war, is truly a witness to history itself.
If the Uhu had been developed not as a night fighter aircraft but for other purposes, we would have had a completely different impression of this aircraft.
Anyway, I would like to conclude this blog with my sincere wish that you will give "life" to the SWS kit of this aircraft that you have in your possession.
Thank you very much for your long-time cooperation.

Please look forward to our update for the next SWS kit.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura


At last, my "dream" is coming true!
After 10 years of development, the ultimate aircraft kit finally in your hands!

Imagine my shaking voice, my hands, and my heart!!
The day has finally come when I can fulfill my promise to you!!

Details of the kits will be announced sequentially in the next issue, the following issue, and the issue after that.
However, it took 10 years from the start of the development and research on the actual aircraft.
Therefore, this kit is so amazing and wonderful as I myself still cannot believe it.
I even do not know how I can explain for this kit, where to start, what I focus on.

It is the work of the last ten years of wandering around in dreams and illusions.

Above all, I was able to finally reach this point with the support of your happy voices and faces, and with the encouragement of the Zoukei-mura development staff.

Pre-order for this kit is from April 29, 2023 to June 25, 2023 in Japan Standard Time.

Your dream is our dream.

Please look forward to the Zoukei-mura's latest model, Fw 190 A-4, with you in anticipation!

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