Is Your SKYRAIDER Already Home?!

Is Your SKYRAIDER Already Home?!

I have received a great amount of letters from numerous SWS fans from all over the world, who have received their so desired and long-awaited SWS SKYRAIDERs.

These letters were full of cries of joy, like: “It was worth waiting!”, “Thank you for granting me such a wonderful time!’, “My dreams came true!” etc.

Their happiness seemed to fill me with happiness and pleasant feelings of gratification, too. Happiness and excitement appear to be contagious. Sharing these kinds of feelings makes my passion grow larger and larger and makes my burden of responsibility easier to carry.

I am so happy that you are pleased! It was worth all the trouble.

These kinds of responses support us (members of the SWS Development Team) more than anything else and fill us with power and inspiration.

“All right! Let's start working on the A-1E right now!” (Hold on a sec'!)
I cried with excitement. For one thing, there should be no problem with that, because I am holding the whole development process in my hands.

I can say what I want to say and continue going my way, full of inspiration and ideas for new SWS models lying before me. (Wait a minute...)

The AD-5 (A-1E) is one of the most popular types among numerous “SKYRAIDER” models. If you compare it with the A-1H model, you might first think that the only thing different is the cockpit, but if you pay close attention to it you will see that it is a completely different model. Also, if you speak of changing the kit, there is no doubt that all of the design work would have to be almost completely redone!

If you look at it from this angle, the SKYRAIDER could resemble a long boot. However, gathering information made me realise that it has a really glamorous body. If you look carefully, you will see that it consists of three smooth curved surfaces, forming a beautiful silhouette. And believe me, SWS is much more than just an ordinary "plastic model".

If you take a good look at the finished A-1H model, you will actually see the engine starting up, the propeller beginning to turn, the rudders and elevator moving...Oh...I am beginning to feel like a real SPAD pilot.


Now, let me introduce you to the shipping procedures.

*Shipment within Japan has been completed.

There have been a great number of SKYRAIDER's delivered to all of the Volks shops all over the country, so you can purchase them whenever you want, as many you want.

*About shipment to USA, Canada and South America

To customers who purchased their kits via Volks USA.
Shipment inside the USA, to Canada and Mexico started on October 20.
Shipment to any other countries besides these three countries will be performed via Volks International (Japan).
It will be home soon!!! Just a little bit more!!!

*About shipment to Europe and Australia

To customers who purchase their models via Volks International (Japan).
Products will be shipped directly from Japan. Shipment to our friend shops all over the world has also been successfully completed. To customers who have made their pre-orders at one of our friend shops, please follow the information from that shop.

Please note, that there are some shops that do not carry the SKYRAIDER yet. In this case, please contact Volks Japan, or Volks USA, directly.
We are also looking for more friend shops in other countries. Please contact us if you know any shops which might be interested in our SWS series.

The IPMS show in Telford is approaching!

Okay, now let me tell you about our participation in the IPMS show in Telford.

This show is a wonderful opportunity for our SWS Development Team to collect the necessary data on British airplanes. Now, what kind of aircraft will be developed next? Please look forward to the day when that information will be presented. The first British airplane we will introduce will be one which everyone desires.

Everyone who is thinking of purchasing any SWS models, please hurry to the Zoukei-Mura booth, because once we sell out of what we have brought, they will be sold out.

Scheduled to be Brought to Telford
* Finished Models: SWS SHINDEN, SWS Ta152, SWS SKYRAIDER
* Prototype Models: SWS P-51D, and please look forward to some other extras, as well!
1/32 SWS Kits for Possible Sale
* SHINDEN (We are sold out, but I am offering a few units from my personal collection.)
(preparing 12 units only) ......... Special Event Price: £60
* Ta152H-1 (We are down to the last of our stock. We will bring all that we can.)
(preparing 15 units only) ......... Special Event Price: £75
(preparing 20 units only) ......... Special Event Price: £100
* Shinden Concept Note ......... Special Event Price: £25
* Ta152H-1 Concept Note ......... Special Event Price: £25
※* In addition, we are also preparing different kinds of promotional pamphlets, kit assembly manuals, and charity button badges. However, quantities may be limited. Stock will be limited to whatever we have on hand.

The chance to see real SWS kits with your own eyes is approaching!!! We are waiting for you at the Zoukei-Mura booth.

Site of the IPMS show in Telford and thousands of hobby fans from all over Europe. We received a very passionate welcome in America. I wonder what the reaction in Europe will be?!

Map of Telford (Official website, URL):

We will begin accepting pre-orders for the SWS 1/32 P-51D Mustang!!!

The strongest fighter of WWII, the P-51D, will finally appear as a 1/32 scale SWS.

We will be accepting pre-orders starting from early next year! The pre-order period will be three months! Pre-orders will be accepted via our official websites, VOLKS shops or by phone order (in Japan only.) Pre-ordering will also be available in all of our friend shops, all over the world.

Moreover, shipping to any country is free to customers who make their pre-order during the period stated above.

This is a limited time offer. We would like to deliver this magnificent kit to as many SWS fans as possible. Don't miss this great opportunity to make your pre-order.

We will be giving more details, payment methods and other information in further advertisements from VOLKS etc.

So, you must all be wondering about the date when this marvellous kit will go on sale. We are now making detailed arrangements and deciding the exact schedule, but we are planning to release it next Spring.

We are now making last preparations to complete “Your Mustang”. So, everyone, please use this time to study the “actual P-51D” well. Then, when you receive and assemble it you will notice that without even realizing it, you are reviewing the actual P-51D when you assemble the kit.

I don't need a “simple model” anymore!
“A true scale model” is the one which reproduce the “actual airplane”! So, please, while assembling the kit pay special attention to its frame construction. Now close your eyes. Can you imagine its clear silhouette?

A figure set for the P-51D has also been successfully completed! This time they were produced by the company “Master Box”!
This is a scene of two pilots talking. One is listening and another is telling a story of being caught in a struggle for life or death with the enemy force while piloting the “strongest fighter”. It all looks so unbelievably real. This kind of fruitful collaboration of two companies widens the world of SWS.

Speaking of productivity and maintainability, I am taking off my hat to the high technological power of the American forces! The greatest pleasure of SWS is in comparing your model with the production manual of its prototype. These little craftsmen look like a part of you. So, once again, don't forget to check out the real P-51D while assembling your SWS kit!

SWS will be releasing 1/48 scale models soon!!

And what do you know; the first one on our list is the “SHINDEN”!!!

As you can see, this is a new model that can compete with the 1/32 scale. We put a lot of new ideas into our new 1/48 scale to bring you a completely new, dazzling model.
Please look forward to it!

I am proud to say, that we are entering the final stage of preparations for the official release of our 1/48 scale SHINDEN model (below). Please look forward to more information concerning the release schedule, item details, price, etc.

The shocking 1/48 scale!
We all know the 1/32 scale very well. Now, how about something new? Why don't you step into a “New Scale Model World” that coexists together with our own “Real World”.
We will continue to investigate “original aircrafts” and I am sure that this hobby will satisfy your curiosity.

Hideyuki Shigeta
The Old Man of Zoukei-mura


If you have any opinions, questions, or requests regarding the SWS, please don't hesitate to let us know.


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