Old Man Blog No.56 IPMS Virginia , Episode 3

This is Zoukei-Mura's booth at IPMS Virginia!!

Hello, dear readers of The Old Man Blog. How are you doing?

We're now at the third episode of the IPMS Virginia 2014 Report.

I'll tell you what happened inside our booth, giving you also some information about the new SWS kits under development.

Autumn rainy days are continuing here in Kyoto; if you have time, please sit down, relax and read this blog.

Let's start with the Do 335 development.

It's still just a clay model, but we finally have some clear full pictures of the Do 335!
We just brought a 1/24 rough structure mock-up to the event. From now, every single part will be developed and they will form a new SWS kit altogether. Look forward to it!

This IPMS Virginia represents the first official appearance in the world of this clay model!

Yes, this event has seen for the first time a clay model of the tenth SWS kit: the Dornier Do 335!

It looks rough because of the 3D print process, but this is actually the model we use during the development of a new kit and this big 1/24 size prototype has indeed caught lot of attention by the fans.

This structure is the one we use to verify the details of the engine, landing gear, cockpit, and other small parts, shown in this impressing 1/24 size.

Every 3D model is based on something like this; from here on every part is gradually shaped until it becomes the SWS kit you will see with your eyes.

This SWS Do 335 gives you the chance of learning and experiencing the model in its fullness, giving you a nice sense of completion.

This SWS kit will also shows some secrets of the Do 335 that you have never seen before, but that you can finally enjoy.

Pay attention to the next development information!

By the way, the SWS Do 335 will be obviously in 1/32 scale. Just to make it clear, guys.

Dadaaaan! See the shape of the Do 335 enshrined in a 1/24 scale!!
As always, the SWS kit will be designed to let you understand every mechanism of its powerful double-engine, frame structure and every other single part.

You'll be feeling the real power of the Luftwaffe!!

DB 603 A double engine, was equipped on a very special aircraft; the Do 335.
Because it's an SWS kit, you can build it and get a full understanding of the aircraft structure and mechanisms, as well as the details and the interconnections of every single part, the cockpit and the 3 advanced landing gears.
This model kit is just the climax of the scale models.

The Fw 190 revives in SWS!!

And here is the 1/32 Fw 190 panel showing what planes will be developed next!

Look how this panel is huge!

What do you think about that!! Finally, the time has come for Fw 190 to revive as an SWS kit.
How your collection will look like with all the Fw 190 types gathered, from A-3 to D-9?!
Please look forward to them from now!

Hoo! If we look attentively here and there, we can see the concept of development for the 1/32 SWS Fw 190 kit!! What? Each type of this fighter, emblem of the Luftwaffe, is under development!
From A-3 to D-9 type!!

That will be definitely great!!

Of course, if we develop all the types we would have 200 planes, so it is absolutely impossible to recreate them all without any exception.

But, we will make the A-3, A-4, A-5, A-6, A-7 and then A-8 and F-8, which are desired by the Luftwaffe fans all over the world!

It is terrible to say that it will cover almost all the aircrafts that played a role in every conflicts area!

And it is not over yet!

Indeed! I am thinking about accomplishing the D-9 too.

By doing this, all the Focke Brothers planes until the now on sale SWS Ta 152 will be recreated!!
Imagine the squadron of Focke Wulf gathering in your room!!

The news about the SWS Focke Wulf development is not over yet!

Finally, Zoukei-mura will make your dream comes true by dividing in two concepts the reproduction aspect and the SWS development method itself, and by investigating the charms of these two concepts!

What are the SWS kit 2 major series?!

"SWS Standard Series" and "SWS Basic Series"

So far, we have used plastic, the magical material, to reproduce an aircraft with every single part in details; this time we've gone further and try to create the ultimate scale model.

What is "SWS Standard Series"

We place serious consideration in the reproduction of "the external beauty of the aircraft brought to the extreme". The idea is that you want to create only scale model which shape has been well considered.

This is one of my dreams that SWS kits will make come true.
I'm seriously considering the idea of making a Focke-Wulf exploiting its external shape.

This is the spirit we develop our SWS kits with!

Another series is called "SWS Basic Series".

"SWS Standard Series" and "SWS Basic Series". With these two development concepts I want to develop the ultimate airplane kit, using both methods. And we'll start with Fw 190.

I like these full-immersion works.
From the aircraft structure to every single part, it's like learning everything about the kit through its creation.

In that case, we recommend you the "SWS Standard Series"
No! I just like the beautiful shape of that Focke-Wulf.
I want to enjoy the suggestiveness of a model once you have easily complete your build.
In that case, we recommend you the "SWS Basic Series".

We, Zoukei-Mura, will give you both SWS kits. A perfect airplane called Fw 190 as you have never seen before.
Please look forward to the next news regarding its development.

If you have any opinion regarding this development, please feel free to tell us.

Thank you for filling in the questionnaire!

This was the special questionnaire of Zoukei-mura for the IPMS.
My war-friend John-san was in charge of this questionnaire here in Virginia.

The line was full of these funny American old men, and this time we reached 200 replies!

It's four times the number of replies we usually get at the IPMS.
Thank you everyone for answering!

And thank you John-san, for doing your best from the morning opening to the late closure.

I'm really grateful to you my brother for having helped us.

We also held the popular raffle where you can win SWS kits and Concept Notes.

There's already such a big gathering of nice old men in front of Zoukei-Mura 's booth.

As always we put all the applications in a big bag and we start the raffle.

The bag with all your entries has all your attention.

Everybody wants to know what the prize will be in case of win.

Every time a name is chosen there's a shout of joy from these old me in front of our booth.
"I'm next!" and it gets hotter and hotter.

Hey Hey! Everybody has come to our booth to enjoy the SWS raffle. The expectation and excitement for these many prizes are higher and higher year after year.
This time too we will offer generous prizes from Zoukei-mura T-shirts, to Concept Notes and the latest SWS kits!!!

At first, here is my question to all of you!
Do you know SWS? Hoo, of course you do!!
"More important than this, start the raffle now!"
Ok ok, here we go!!

Ho?! This customer got the Skyraider Concept Note!!
John-san reads the name of the prize-winner! At his side, Joe-san shows up the prize and congratulates the winner. Our raffle has become an IPMS specialty. You enjoy it, right?!

Hey!! The P-51 D Concept Note is for you, guy wearing a Batman T-shirt! If you like the book, please try to build the SWS P-51 D kit. You will be surprise by the kit's quality!

Yes!! You got the Zoukei-mura T-shirt man!!
It will make you 10 years younger if you wear it! It's because the T-shirt was made in Japan and is the Zoukei-mura T-shirt.

You did it!! The SWS Skyraider Air Force kit is given to this fan with a great beard. If you assemble the kit, you could not like any other kit anymore! This is a very nice kit.

Yes, there are still plenty of prizes!
I can feel the passion of you guys, who raise your hands. I would like to be on the other side and among the participants for once. Indeed, if you win, you are happy, and if you don't you can still clamor, which is funny isn't it?

This beautiful woman got the US Navy Skyraider! Congratulations! I'll tell everyone about this beautiful smile! I hope there will be more women in the scale models world.
Then it would be really a peaceful world!!

This big thing, the SWS Uhu went to this man!! You see? Good luck always comes unexpectedly. Well this year your life as a modeler will be full of nice events from now on. Once you complete your build, send us some pictures please. Congratulations!

Where are you from? Oooh..America!

We've been able to give a present and some happiness to so many people with our prizes, from Zoukei-Mura badges, to T-shirts, Concept Notes and of course or SWS kits.

First of all, congratulations to you who got the prize!

Sorry if you didn't win. Next time is going to be the good time!

And so, we spent another nice day at the IPMS Virginia.

Look forward to reading the next episode too.

That's it for this time!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

↓ Please don't hesitate to use the submission form below ↓

"1/48 Ta 152" is now available too!!
Now in 1/48 size, how far developed is SWS Ta 152? How has it changed from previously released 1/32 kit?
We made a wonderful kit that will not disappoint 1/48 kit collectors!

This is the first attempt to show you the 3D drawings of SWS Do 335.


What do you think about this? As compared to 1/32 Horten, obviously Do 335 makes a big difference!!

With this 3D drawing, this SWS kit is recreated as the way it is.
From the fuselage structure and the reproduction of each part, to the precise description of the mechanical movements of the plane, the development of this SWS kit is currently moving forward.

However, this is just a 3D drawing. From now, we will do more historical researches, and add more detailed description about each part as we can. We seek a recreation of the assembly process that will give you the fun as if you are creating the real aircraft.

We, the development team keep working hard to complete the final investigation in order to make this kit good enough to be part of your collection.

Please be a little bit more patient!!

While waiting for the day when the SWS Do 335 is released, please enjoy building the Ho229.

Our only hope is your patience and your judgment as a modeler.

Through the SWS kit style, the entire "Do 335" is finally recreated!


From the DB 603 A traction engine to the cockpit, and from the tank fuels to the internal structure and the propulsion engine, you will enter into a world of building where you will feel as you are recreating the real "Do 335"!

The model-making world of 1/32 scale kits has moved so far!

For both, the expert modelers who built SWS kits many times and the new modelers who have never tried before, SWS Do 335 is the best recommended kit.

Luftwaffe Heavy Fighter 1/32 Do335 is also diligently under development in order to make one of the best SWS kits!!
This will be a breathtaking kit too!! Look forward to it!!

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