Old Man Blog No.50 Ho229, Episode 2

Hello, SWS fans!

This time, I decided to meet many requests from all over the world!

However, please keep in mind that the pictures of the SWS Horten still show a test shot.

Even though this 1/32 Horten is a test shot, it is pretty well made, isn't it?

Taking it as a base, the development team is finally entering a finishing process in details from now.

However as you can see in these pictures, it looks like being ready for the release any time…

That's right.

As a matter of fact, if I give the "OK" to its release, or if you say "it's good enough", this Horten has already reached a level high enough to be released any time.

However, in Japanese culture, and in the belief of Zoukei-mura, we always have the stance that "makes assurance double sure".
We don't want to deliver our items just by thinking that they might be good enough to be released.

What? You want it as soon as possible? I understand.

All the Luftwaffe fans, please look all over the pictures of Horten under development on this blog, and let us know your opinion and request.

All the developing team members are looking forward to hearing from you.

■This is the front view of Horten. Can you see the structure of the airframe through the clear parts?
If we receive many requests, we will plan to produce these clear parts for sale. Please let us know what you think about it.

■In this kit, just like the real aircraft, the spars of the main wing and the fuselage are separately recreated as different parts.
If you choose a certain way of building the kit, the main wing can be detached. So yes, the SWS Horten is easy to store.

■With this SWS Horten kit, you can completely understand how "Jumo 004" engine was mounted on the airframe and how it gave the power and flight ability to Horten. You will be surprised by the mental strength of the Horten's pilots who withstood all the vibrations and thunderous noise!!

■The structure and mechanism of the three landing gears which enabled Horten to take off and land steadily are also fully reproduced.
The huge front tire is striking.
And the big fuel tanks on the right and left main wings are also a specific characteristic of Horten.
Considering their size, Horten must have needed a quite a lot of fuel.

■Will a pilot be included to the SWS Horten kit?
It won't be included, but we are planning to produce many extra parts like mechanics figures.

■How is the internal structure of "Jumo 004" engine recreated?
Of course, it is completely recreated. As you can see in the picture, there is also a carriage for the engine. Please recreate the scene of Horten being in maintenance.

■We experimentally produced clear parts and attached them to the airframe. This is best suited to the fans who want to look inside the aircraft. You can see the cockpit and the internal structure without removing the panel. The more you look at it, the more you notice that the form of this aircraft is really unique and so advanced!

■This picture shows the entire aircraft. You can see that this aircraft is unexpectedly small considering the size of figures.
And if possible, would you like to have a 1/48 scale Horten with the same quality? I think so too!!
We are planning to produce a 1/48 scale Horten as soon as possible! Look forward to it!

■Here are two Hortens; a skeleton type and the one with clear parts. You can have these splendid scene on your desk soon!
Will you add a Horten fully painted and equipped for war? The dream of all Luftwaffe airplanes fans will come true soon!

■What is the starting point of the Scale Model!?
It is to make an assembly kit by recreating the real thing as faithfully as possible. That sums it up.

It is also the conduct of a thorough research of an existing real aircraft, and drawing a plan based on an accurate examination.
Then, it's avoiding making omissions as much as we can and creating the contents, which can be expressed with a scale model only, as a plastic model kit from detailed molds.
That is the goal of our SWS kits we deliver.

Your dream is my dream.

I hope the SWS Horten, which will innovate the world of aircraft kits, will be added to your collection!

Please look forward to the next entry!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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Luftwaffe Heavy Fighter 1/32 Do335 is also diligently under development in order to make one of the best SWS kits!!
This will be a breathtaking kit too!! Look forward to it!!

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