The day that you can uncover the Mustang's secrets with your own hands is finally here.

Build the structure of the fuselage, then mount the engine. Attach the cockpit and the landing gear assemblies, then the weapons and the fuel tanks. In this way, you will be able to add to your airplane collection a Mustang such as you've never seen before, one that's just like the actual aircraft – the ultimate Mustang!!

This entry of the Old Man Blog will cover the information you need to know leading up to the on-sale date for the SWS Mustang.

– Contents –
  • Sales information for the SWS well as delivery information for all of those concerned.
  • Build after you read it, or read as you build! Information regarding the Mustang Concept Note –
       find your motivation to build the kit within its pages!
  • Take note: advance information regarding the Zoukei-mura booth at IPMS Florida!
  • For those of you hoping to purchase Zoukei-mura items at IPMS Florida, an inventory list of what we will be bringing with us!
  • Early information regarding sale of the Air Force type Skyraider
  • A guide on where to purchase Zoukei-mura items

Good afternoon to all of our SWS fans!

Lightning and hail, as well as heavy rain and a tornado!!

With the invasion of a cold front, the islands of Japan continue to experience turbulent weather, but how are things where all of you are living?

This will be "Mustang Entry #5" in my Old Man Blog.  This time, I will be going over sale information for the SWS Mustang, as well as delivery information for all of you who are eagerly waiting.  There will also be information regarding Zoukei-mura's participation at IPMS Florida in August, information on how to reserve items prior to the event, as well as, finally, sale information for the SWS Skyraider Air Force type – as you can see, I'll be covering a lot of different things in this entry.

For a short while, please do spend some time on this blog with both scale models and with me, the Old Man of Zoukei-mura who is so thoroughly in love with them.

The SWS Mustang kit is finally finished!!

That's right, it's completely done!! Before my eyes, reeking with the smell of freshly printed ink, are several Mustang kits from the pre-sale inspection run, identical to the final production version and delivered from the factory just the other day!!

The magnificent package art done by Mark, a well-known illustrator from the United Kingdom, glows in the light.

How many times have I dreamed of this vision currently before my eyes, this ultimate P-51D kit?

Truly, this is more of a blessing than this old model shop owner deserves.

Moreover, I ... well. Suddenly ripping open the box just seemed so wrong, so for several days, I ended up just staring at the box, to the point where my wife was treating me like I was insane.  When I left the house in the morning, a glance.  When I got home, a glimpse. After eating, after bathing, more fleeting looks. Although it may have been just a box, the more I looked at it, the more affection for it welled up within my heart.

"You've waited so long for it, why don't you hurry up and open it and look inside!!?" she said.

"Jeez, I get it already!  Er, I mean, yes, my sweet honey!"

But it's a stern rule of this hobby that one can't just do that!!
For me to just suddenly tear open the box, to do such an improper thing – I cannot just do that, C-A-N-N-O-T!!

After all, just looking at the box makes the memories of what it took to get to this point take turns going around the inside my head, like the images on a Japanese spinning lamp. Yes – literally, the work involved in creating that plane of planes known as the Mustang, with our own hands, embodies the meaning what this hobby is to me.

And goodness, there truly was so much that happened. From the design to the research on the actual aircraft, from the creation of the metal molds to the on-sale date, I think I could write an entire book covering just those topics. But at this point, all of those have become merely enjoyable memories.

So in my own way, I wanted to fully savor the lingering traces of those memories. I think, perhaps, that all of you can surely comprehend that feeling.

And just the other day, I finally gathered my courage and decided to open the box for the first time.

The location was my home. I was in my favorite massage chair, which I always sit in after getting out of the bath. If you're Japanese, I'm sure you'll recognize it – you know, the kind of massage chair that even does your shoulders.

I flipped a switch, and the mechanism inside slowly turned on and began a 15-minute-long massage.

Then, I slowly laid my hands on the box and started to separate the box top from the inner casing.  Uh-oh~!  Just like the other SWS kits, the box resisted quite a bit, and wouldn't open smoothly. Come on!! Open up!

All rii~ight!! It finally opened!!

"Oooh~~!! Definitely an SWS kit, it's crammed full of parts!!"

Just like always, the sprues for the Mustang parts came out of the box one by one in tidy polyethylene bags.

The transparency of the clear plastic was beautifully maintained for the canopy sprue.  Also, this kit will be the last SWS kit to come with tri-colored sprues, which nevertheless also looked very impressive to me.

As for the rest, I think I will leave that pleasure for you to discover on the day that the Mustang kit is in your own hands.

We are giving our very best efforts to ensure that that day arrives as soon as possible. Please wait just a little bit longer.

■ Expected Delivery Schedule for the SWS Mustang (Worst Case Scenario)

It is currently scheduled for pre-orders to begin shipping worldwide from Volks Japan on Monday,
June 4, in sequential order.

* Please note that customers who pre-ordered via a Volks showroom will be given priority.
 (General sales will start on Saturday, June 23.)

★ JapanDelivery expected around June 7
★ USA, Canada, Mexico Delivery expected around June 20
★ Continental Europe, United Kingdom, Scandinavia Delivery expected around June 20
★ China, Taiwan, South KoreaDelivery expected around June 20
★ Volks showroomsGeneral sales to begin June 23

* This delivery schedule is an estimate at best. In rare cases, it is possible for delivery to occur earlier than stated, but it is also possible for delivery to occur later than stated.
Please understand that depending on the region, as well as the laws of the receiving country, there can often be large differences in shipping conditions, depending on the circumstances.
Also, we will do our best to ship so that our friend shops will also be able to follow the delivery schedule outlined above. Please wait patiently until your order arrives.

Read before you build?  Build as you read?  Or perhaps, take time to think things through after you finish reading it!!  Published by the SWS Development Team themselves, the Mustang Concept Note will be released at the same time as the kit!

Don't let the SWS Mustang Concept Note pass you by!

Because this time around, the main feature is by the renowned Mr. Naoki Kobayashi, in a metalwork extravaganza! Page after page of his amazing techniques will be revealed to you, in full and exacting detail.

Please do take this opportunity to fully enjoy building your kit by making your own gleaming metalwork finish. After reading this feature, even complex metalwork will be a snap. It will soon be clear that even this challenge can be undertaken with surprising ease!

Of course, as usual, the volume is also packed with build diaries by well-known skilled modelers from around the world!

In addition to all of the information that we were unable to fit into the assembly manual that comes with the kit, you will also be able to enjoy yourself by learning handy shortcuts, as well as each modeler's special techniques.

In addition to all of the information that we were unable to fit into the assembly manual that comes with the kit, you will also be able to enjoy yourself by learning handy shortcuts, as well as each modeler's special techniques.

Moreover, the Mustang Concept Note has an unbelievable price!
1800 JPY (+fee)!!

With this kind of content, that amazingly low price simply can't be overlooked! Time can be enjoyably passed by just looking at the Concept Note.

If you pre-order the book and the kit together now, we will be able to ship them to you together as well. It's not too late yet, and so we eagerly await your order. The book is filled with pictures as well as both Japanese and English text, so that it can be fully enjoyed by modelers throughout the world.

Zoukei-mura Concept Note No. 4
"SWS P-51D Concept Note, AB size, 112 color pages (Japanese/English text)"
Price: 1800 JPY (+fee)


Introduction to the SWS Mustang Free Shipping Campaign
We will deliver the SWS Mustang to you for free!!  Worldwide!!!(The free shipping offer is a time-limited promotion restricted only to those who pre-order between March 17 and June 30.)
[ Regarding the Pre-order Period ]
From March 17 to June 30. For those who pre-order the SWS Mustang from Volks during this period according to one of the methods listed below, worldwide shipping will be free.
[ Regarding Pre-order Restrictions ]
Each individual is limited to a 5-kit maximum.
In order to qualify for free shipping, pre-orders must be placed during the campaign period according to one of the methods listed below.
[ Regarding Pre-order Prices ]
  • If pre-ordering 1 SWS Mustang --- 7800 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 2 SWS Mustangs - 15600 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 3 SWS Mustangs - 23400 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 4 SWS Mustangs - 31200 JPY (+fee)
  • If pre-ordering 5 SWS Mustangs - 39000 JPY (+fee)
[ Warnings ]
For pre-orders that will be shipping to countries other than Japan, it will be the customer's responsibility to pay any additional taxes or fees that may be imposed by the receiving country's government. Also, please be aware that the free shipping campaign will not apply to pre-orders or orders placed with a business other than the Volks retailers listed below.
[ Regarding Shipping ] (final date may be subject to change)
If all goes as planned, we expect to begin shipping orders sequentially beginning on June 1 4. (Volks USA is expected to commence shipping roughly one month later.)
[ Regarding Placing Pre-orders ] (for Japanese domestic shipping only)
  • * In person at any Volks showroom
  • * TelePhone via the Volks Mail Order Center (TEL: 0771-68-1141)
  • * Internet via the Volks Japan Web Store
[ Regarding International Pre-orders via the Web ]
  • * Volks International Web Store
    (The campaign has been completed successfully.)
    Business Area: Any country that can receive EMS packages from Japan
    Currency: Japanese Yen
  • * Volks USA
    (packages ship from Los Angeles, California, USA)
    (exclusive campaign pre-order page currently being prepared)
    Business Area: USA, Canada, Mexico
    Currency: US Dollars

Subject to the conditions listed above, we at Volks await your pre-order.

* Each person who pre-orders during the campaign period will receive a present in the form of this great SWS sticker!

■ Will you reserve in advance?! Good news for those who will be attending IPMS Florida!!

If you will be attending IPMS Florida, which will be taking place in a short two months, your chance to purchase an SWS kit directly from the Zoukei-mura booth has arrived!

It's possible to reserve items directly through this blog entry, or through Volks USA!

Payment and item delivery will take place in person at the Zoukei-mura booth at the IPMS event site. Now, you can say goodbye to that feeling of disappointment when the item you want is already sold out.

We encourage you to please make a reservation.

★To make a reservation, please send the information below to Zoukei-mura

Don't hesitate to email us!!
∙The items you wish to reserve
∙How you will be paying
∙The day that you will be picking up at the event site
∙Your contact information

■ Zoukei-mura SWS Catalog of Items Available at IPMS Florida

○ 1/32 Shinden
 (Only a few pieces from my personal collection will be for sale. Please inquire if interested.)
Special Event Price ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ $80
○ 1/32 Ta 152 H-1
 (Once again, only a few pieces from my personal collection will be for sale.)
Special Event Price ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ $95
○ 1/32 Skyraider (Navy type)
 (30 pieces are being prepared for sale.)
Special Event Price ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ $141
○ 1/32 Mustang
 (30 pieces are being prepared for sale.)
Special Event Price ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ $95
○ 1/32 Skyraider (Air Force type)
 Expected to go on sale around August, shipping to be charged separately.
Available for pre-order at the event site
(Price: $152)
○ 1/32 He 219
 Release date still undetermined, shipping to be charged separately.
Available for pre-order at the event site
(Price: Undetermined)
■ We will also be bringing many Extra Parts with us!
This time around, we are preparing the items below for a special sale. Please consider adding them to your collection at the event.
(Quantities will be limited.)
○ Shinden Figure Set Special Event Price ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ $45
○ Ta 152 Figure Set Special Event Price ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ $45
○ Skyraider Figure Set Special Event Price ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ $40

* etc. We will be bringing many items with us, so please look forward to it!

■ Finally, the Skyraider will also be available as an Air Force type!!

In contrast to the Navy type, all of the parts listed on the right have been newly sculpted for the Air Force type.

You will be able to faithfully recreate the image of a Skyraider that differs from the Navy type.

Please do add the gallant figure of the Air Force type Skyraider to your collection.

The kit for the Air Force type is expected to go on sale around September. Please look forward to it!!

SWS 1/32 Skyraider (Air Force type) 13800 JPY (+fee)

☆ Special points on the Air Force type!
∙1: Seat
∙2: Joystick
∙3: Canopy – Open/Close Cylinder
∙4: Upper Fuselage – FM622 Whip Antenna
∙5: Upper Fuselage – UHF Blade Antenna
∙6: Vertical Stabilizer Tip – Blade Antenna
∙7: Lower Fuselage – VHF/FM Antenna
∙8: Main Wings Tips
∙9: Main Wing Taxiing Lights
∙10: Main Landing Gear Wheel Hubs
∙11: Rear Landing Gear

It would be great if there was a "Friend Shop" that carried SWS kits in your city, wouldn't it!! At present, we are currently taking applications for SWS Friend Shops. Please do spread the word to the proprietors of your local hobby shops.

For more detailed information on Friend Shops, please feel free to contact the following staff members.
【Japan】 Staff: Monden (TEL: 075-325-1171)
【International】 Staff: Ueda, Dana (Email:

Store Name Address Phone FAX

Inside Japan

Keystone 〒344-0026
048-735-6139 048-738-3504
ピンバイス 〒135-0046
03-3641-8383 03-3630-4989
ラッキー∙ベイフォート 〒231-0033
神奈川県横浜市中区長者町9-175第10 吉田興産ビル4F
045-252-2557 045-252-0404
ホビーロード女池店 〒950-0941
025-281-2686 025-281-1490
ホビーショップ フランケン 〒933-0032
0766-24-6294 0766-24-6500
Bluebell Hobby 〒514-0033
三重県津市丸の内8-1 ひろハウス1-C
059-261-1415 059-261-1415
模型専門店 ファイナルラップ 〒520-0242
077-571-2339 077-571-2337
サクセスモデルズ 〒602-8157
075-432-8584 075-432-8584
Hobby Shop SORA 〒771-0203
088-677-8850 088-677-8850
モデルショップヨシオカ 〒780-0870
088-872-6420 088-822-8268
アカシ模型店 〒877-0005
0973-22-3723 0973-22-3723
みぶろや 〒902-0067


Au 16eme Escadron
Avenue de l'Armée,
136 B-1040 Brussels
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KITS Discount
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83520 Roquebrune sur Argens,
(de 14h30 à 19h)
Traudls Modellbauladen
Mannertstraße 22
80997 München
089- 892 94 58 089- 818 97720
SIMPO Plus, s.r.o. (
ul. 1.maja 5470/46
90101 Malacky
+421 910 101 600  
Wings and Tracks
Baselstrasse 36
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Esswex Hobbies Beyers Naude Dve,
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Peter & Partner Mall Central Park L3 no 107A,
Jln Let Jen S.Parman no. 28, Jakarta 11470,
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Representative of ZOUKEI-MURA


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