Enjoy the best part of SWS kit with the instruction manual Part 3: Heinkel He 219 A-0 Uhu
Update: Nov. 2nd, 2022

Enjoy the best part of SWS kit with the instruction manual Part 3
Luftwaffe twin engine night figher-Heinkel He 219 A-0 Uhu

The air of late autumn is getting cold here in Kyoto, Japan and I hope all my SWS brothers are doing well. Some of you are probably exhausted with the COVID-19 issue and the summer fatigue, so I will cheer you up with my old man blog. While the late autumn is the perfect season for modelling, you really should boost your energy and motivation by building the extremely detailed-build SWS kit.

To those living in southern hemisphere, the long-awaited spring is finally here. Along with the new breath of the mother earth, let's refresh our modeler spirit and our energy for the new beginning ahead. No slacking off because of the warm spring sun!

As the resident on the earth, I really cherish the time spending with my SWS brothers with lively curiosity, so let's enjoy the journey together!

▋Look at this!
It is one of the best thing about the SWS kit that you can truthfully rebuild the structure of the mysterious airplane“He129 Uhu". You can also put more details and additional process to it to make it a even better kit. Please do not hesitate to enjoy building it.

I also have introduced this SWS 1/32 He 219 that was a new release back in time in the previous episode of No. 38、39、40、41 and 42, which you may also find the following link for the reference

Reference link:No.38, No.39, No.40, No.41, No.42

▋For example, the instruction manual of this SWS Uhu that is designed based on the old German Luftwaffe style, the high quality decal sheet produced by the well-known Cartograf and the special masking specifically for perfectly building the transparent canopy are all included. By the way, the parts on the upper right is the landing light(Please forgive us that this was not included in the mold during the production due to mistake)

▋Next to the outline of the instruction manual, you can see the explanation on the“He129 Uhu" structure, armament and the engine. For those who would like to know more, I recommend you the book“The Heinkel He 219 Uhu" written by Richard. A .Franks.

●Amazon → The Heinkel He 219 Uhu

▋In this page, you will know more about the development concept and why we recreated this 1/32 “Uhu"in Zoukie-Mura kit. At the bottom, you will also see the process to build this kit correctly. I have already felt excited when I saw this page and I hope you feel the same way as well. The following enjoyable process will be like in the hell though.

The is exactly all the parts of SWS He 219 Uhu!!
It just seems like a mountain, lol

If you feel excited and motivated when you see this, there is no doubt that you are a real scale modeler! (you better not feel scary to see this cause you should be aggressive to deal with these parts because this what a true modeler do! )

However, if you feel bored or tired when you see the volume of these parts, I strongly recommend you to take this chance to pick a SWS kit to give it a try.

As long as you carefully read the instruction manual and well prepare before you start to build, it will surprisingly be interesting to you as it will feel like building the real aircraft and you might be addicted to it.
Which is exactly what I have always said“The love for hobby is the support of our heart"!

▋You will fell less annoyed and immediately find the parts you need, if you can label each runner like the photo above, however, you should never pile the runners up while you are building the kit. Because you might damage or drop it every time you take them out, and in order to keep them from damaging each other, I have built a wooden desk that can vertically hold each runner.

▋Although the Uhu is a plain midnight fighter, the painting area is surprisingly a lot and you should carefully deal with the painting in order to challenge yourself to further recreate the kit truthfully. Especially the area like engine, cockpit and landing gear is where require your skill. Also, if you would like to recreate the scene of the front line mechanic, there are also a lot of ways including spray painting to do, which is one of the biggest fun of building the Uhu.

We will star building the He 219 from the assembly of DB 603 engine.

The“Daimler-Benz DB 603"engine which is one of the reason making Uhu a famous airplane, seems simple but is surprisingly difficult to build. Since there are a lot of similar parts and once you cut all of them off, you might confuse that how to assemble each of them correctly. Please carefully read through the content and confirming the illustration with the parts, and decide your assembly process and plan in your head first, then cut off the parts you need one at a time in order to prevent you from being confusing.

▋This Uhu kit is the Zoukei-Mura product in the early days, so the accuracy and the recreation of the parts was not that good, which would require your skill to complete it. Here you need to seriously process each parts just like you are a staff of Zoukie-Mura and I promise you that all the hard work will pay off. In case you feel that it is troublesome, I can tell you that it is exactly!

▋Well, let's continue with the troublesome work! lol
Here you need to pay attention not to damage the tiny parts especially like the bulletproof board of the engine and the pipe, or you may create it with brass wire by yourself which is also a good idea. As for the parts like bulletproof board and radiator, you need to be extremely careful not to mistake the assembly direction or it will be over especially when the glue dry out at the final stage.

It is annoying, but you should always pay attention to the assembled direction and angle and have your assembly plan in mind first. Especially when you have too much experience and are used to the process that you might suffer for being too reckless. This Uhu kit requires your comprehension, imagination, and patience to build and please carefully assemble it like it is the very first kit you have ever built.

Also, in order to complete the DB603 engine perfectly, please make sure you understand the instruction manual and take your time and in your own pace and I believe it is all it takes to build an amazing engine model. However, you should pay attention to 「3−1 E~F」and「3−1 H」where is the assembly of the bulletproof board, also the area aroun「3−1 I」of the radiator shroud and「3−1 J」of the exhaust pipe shroud. As long as you finish this part, you can have a nice coffee and take a rest to enjoy the moment.

As for the assembly, mainly use the fluid type while use the usual glue for the extremely tiny parts at the same time to adjust the location and angle to correctly assemble it.

▋This is the completed engine. Although the engine will be covered by the fuselage when the kit is overall completed, I believe you could figure it out to make the engine still visible.
Also, given that it is a twin engine airplane, it might be a good idea to put one engine on the ground to show that it is under maintenance. In that way, you will be able to see the details and structure that was covered, isn't that exciting?

Finally I get to introduce the assembly of the mysterious twin engine night fighter“He129 Uhu" and I believe the Uhu kit in your collection have had waited for you to assemble it as well.
If you have already completed the amazing Uhi kit lone time ago, I will be glad that it would remind you the effort and happiness that you have had for building it again.

I will explain more about the works on cockpit and the fuselage in the next episode.

I hope you can enjoy the quite Autumn night spending with your“He129 Uhu" kit.

See you soon in the next episode.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura


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