※The picture shown is of a prototype model. Actual finished product may differ.

Just like the actual aircraft! The airplane (fighter plane) design was thoroughly researched.

Through the process of building with your hands, the design plan of Kurt Tank becomes clear. “Fighter planes shouldn't be racehorses, they need to be cavalry horses.” With that sincerity and fortitude, you can personally experience the ideals of Luftwaffe, told through the final evolution in fuselage design of the Fw series.

※The picture shown is of a prototype model. Actual finished product may differ.

Faithful reproduction of the Jumo 213E down to the support peripherals. The 12-cylinder engine and the incorporated MK 108 autocannon were sculpted together into one substantial structure. With the circumference surrounded by organically coordinated piping, even though it's an artificial construction, you can feel the overflowing impression of vitality. The crankshaft's guide tube that extends just above the inertia starter is precisely connected to the opening in the cowl. Similarly, the air flow for pressurization has been reproduced starting from the rear of the surface cowling, passing through the air filter at the back of the engine, and heading towards the cockpit.

※The picture shown is of a prototype model. Actual finished product may differ.

A truly lifelike realization of the neat and orderly cockpit of a German aircraft. For example, the fact that the rudder pedals are suspended from the ceiling. When pushed with the entire soles of the feet, shafts connected to the pedals would activate, and that pressure would pass up the sides of the seat and link with cables that extended all the way back to the rudder. Although the cables themselves were not duplicated, the reproduction is such that you can experience the movements of the pilot.

※The picture shown is of a prototype model. Actual finished product may differ.

The landing gear assemblies that support the takeoff and landing of the Ta 152 have been reproduced in their unweighted state. You can fully satisfy yourself with the beautiful figure of an airframe that has never borne explosives.

The angles between the main landing gear assemblies and the main wings have been firmly planned and verified so as to prevent any deviation. It's possible for anyone to set the angles in one shot without any anxiety.

※The picture shown is of a prototype model. Actual finished product may differ.

Please observe the characteristic, gently rounded outline of the VS9 propeller!

The utmost care was taken during sculpting to not disrupt the equilibrium between the sharpness that slices through the atmosphere, and the gently rounded lines distinctive of wooden propellers.
Our master sculptor was implacable in taking charge of this aspect all the way until the final polishing of the metal molds.

※The picture shown is of a prototype model. Actual finished product may differ.

Without losing any of the visual substance, faithful reproduction of equipment confirmed to be installed on the airframe. Due to being deployed in the final days of World War II, additional exterior equipment, such as bombs, is not clearly known. Surely they were installed on the fuselage, at least? At any rate, peripheral devices (such as jacks) are planned to be released in the Extra Parts Series. Please look forward to it!!

I want Tank's 152!!
Moreover, I want a “plastic model” worth dreaming about, one where you can finish construction using the same process as if you were building the real aircraft! Ever since I embraced this longing, exactly how much time has flowed by…

The introduction of various episodes during development.
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  • ■It's a great kit! I get the same feeling of excitement as when I was a kid with Bandai's “1/24 Shiden Kai” kit! The contents are much more substantial than I've seen from other companies! I have great expectations for your next release.
    The contents are much more than I was expecting for the price, so I have a greatly favorable impression of Zoukei-mura.
    I feel that the price of 7,800 JPY (+fee) is cheap for Shinden.
    I will purchase your next release even if the price is an additional 10,000 JPY! Please do your best with the development of No. 2!! (K, resident of Saitama Prefecture, male)
  • ■There aren't very many companies that can make their development concept into a reality! Please do your best to keep following this direction. (K, resident of Kanagawa prefecture, male)
  • ■Thank you for the beautiful product. It was well worth pre-ordering. I look forward to No. 2. Please do your best!! (M, resident of Chiba prefecture, male)
  • ■Please continue to develop such exciting and thrilling items for us modelers. (N, resident of Shimane prefecture, male)
  • ■With things like the assembly manual, the internal structure reproduction, and the sprue layout, you clearly know the way to make an enthusiast happy. (M, resident of Hokkaido prefecture, male)
  • ■Thank you for a making a 1/32 scale Shinden! (T, resident of Hokkaido prefecture, male)
  • ■Please continue to develop magnificent aircrafts from now on. (O, resident of Yamagata prefecture, male)
  • ■Please keep on doing your best in the future as well!! (S, resident of Iwate prefecture, male)
  • ■Please keep on developing this series for a long time to come. (R, resident of Kyoto metropolitan area, male)
  • ■Please keep up such soul-rousing developments! (K, resident of Tochigi prefecture, male)I
  • ■I look forward to SWS No. 2. (M, resident of Hyogo prefecture, male)
  • ■If new products in the SWS have content like this, I will definitely buy them. I look forward to the next installment. (M, resident of Osaka metropolitan area, male)
  • ■It totally changed all my previous feelings for the Shinden. (N, resident of Hyogo prefecture, male)
  • ■The feel of the construction seems quite different to other companies. (resident of Shizuoka prefecture, male)
  • ■Your company really seems to love airplanes. (S, resident of Saitama prefecture, male)
  • ■This model was really fun!! Keep it up!! (O, resident of Nagano prefecture, male)
  • ■The workmanship on this figure is wonderful! (S, resident of Chiba prefecture, male)
  • ■More designs with such a huge “dream”! (Y, resident of Shizuoka prefecture, male)
  • ■My Shinden arrived. It's just as I expected; a wonderful New Year's gift. (M, resident of Kanagawa prefecture, male)
  • ■I was so deeply struck by the “There were once…from the sky” blurb that I was decided all in an instant. (O, resident of Kanagawa prefecture, male)
  • ■Please maintain this level of content and value for the whole series. (F, resident of Ehime prefecture, male)
  • ■Shinden was truly the best. There haven't been any plastic models in recent years that have moved me so deeply, I am greatly satisfied. (O, resident of Kanagawa prefecture, male)

Product NameFocke-Wulf Ta152H-1
Price9500 JPY (+fee)
ModelInjection Plastic Model Kit, molded parts in 4 colors including clear (estimated).
Parts182 parts (estimated)
SizeLength 338mm, Height 133mm, Width 452mm
NoteGlue is required for assembly.

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