Delivering Your Hopes along with My Dreams

Delivering Your Hopes along with My Dreams

The "SUPER WING SERIES®" which continues to make an impact on the world of scale model kits, has fulfilled yet another one of my dreams. By the way, has your Mustang arrived safely to you yet?!

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  • * Thank you very much for the high praise for the SWS Mustang.
  • * Let's meet at IPMS Florida.
  • * Status update for the SWS 1/32 Skyraider (Air Force type).
  • * Status update for the SWS 1/32 He 219.
  • * Status update for the SWS 1/32 Raiden.

Good afternoon to all of our SWS fans.

Every day continues to be hot over here, how is it where all of you are?

As usual, here in Kyoto, we're periodically attacked by heavy rain in the form of unpredictable "guerilla downpours."  One of our stores was heavily damaged.

This store is called "Tenshi-no-Sato," and exists as the home where our original dolls are born, and functions as a doll museum which is open as a special exhibit.  Muddy water flooded from the first floor of the building into the basement level store.

Fortunately, the reconstruction work was finished a few days ago without any problems.  Now, it is once again bustling with many doll fans.  If you should ever travel to Kyoto, please do come visit Tenshi-no-Sato.

The location is called Kachu-an, and is a special place that is open only to our members who are fans of the dolls that we offer.

Along with a magnificent, Japanese-style tea-ceremony arbor with a history that spans over 100 years, there is a large Kyoto-style garden which stands out as a fine example even in the greater Kyoto area, and I am sure you will be charmed by its beautiful appearance.

And of course, admittance is free for all Volks customers.

[ Volks Tenshi-no-Sato・Kachu-an ]
12 Wakamiya-cho, Saga Tenryu-ji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 616-8371
TEL: +81-(0)75-872-3100
(closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Business Hours: 11:00~17:00
(please refer to calendar on Volks Japan website for full schedule)
For more details, click here >> Volks Tenshi-no-Sato・Kachu-an

Pictured: Volks Tenshi-no-Sato・Kachu-an
Although the rainy season has started, heavy rain can cause damage at any time of year. I urge all of you to please take the proper precautions.

In the Japanese garden, koi fish swim in the "Upper Pond" and "Lower Pond."  The ponds are linked together by a creek, which is refreshing to the eye as well.  Who takes care of the fish?  That is one of my responsibilities.  The baby fish that have been born in these ponds are now growing up in many different ponds in various places.

If you take a turn around the quiet garden, you will emerge onto this small path.  At its end, you will be greeted by a tea arbor built 150 years ago for the Kyoto imperial nobility.  Perhaps I should learn the tea ceremony soon, too...

A front view of Kachu-an with its Japanese-style architecture and grass-thatched roof.  It was designed by the famous Japanese artist "Seiho Takeuchi," who used this location as his private art studio.  It has been preserved to this day in the same state it was in 100 years ago.  If you live in a country other than Japan and receive the opportunity to travel to Kyoto, definitely please come visit.  SWS fans will be warmly welcomed.

* Midsummer is the time for hobbies!!

Speaking of which, how are your hobby pursuits progressing?  Are they driving away the summer heat for you?

"Eh?  All of my time is occupied by the SWS Mustang right now!"

Oh, really?  Is that so, is that so.  I see, I see.

My goodness, thank you ever so very much for that.

Please savor the full concept of the SWS through the Mustang kit – the charm of building an aircraft, painting it, attaching the decals, and finally completing it.  Do enjoy every single nook and cranny of what makes an SWS kit.

After all, the exploration of recreating the actual aircraft is the essence of an SWS kit, and the source of its true value.

As a result, each kit builder will, with knowledge of the actual aircraft as the basis, discover the interesting and useful points of each structure, and in assembling them all together, learn the necessary information of how they move and work together.

The time for all true airplane fanatics has finally come.  Specifically, it seems that the time when one can really indulge in the true pleasure of building an airplane model kit may have arrived.

By the way, won't you please let me hear your thoughts and criticisms, your problems and challenges, as well as any other wishes you might have?  This question is not just limited to the Mustang, but any of the SWS kits that have been released so far.

Regarding the box size, the paper quality, the box art, the instructions, how the kit contents are wrapped, the kit itself, or the assembly manual and the decals – in order to make future SWS kits even greater, please let us know your opinions.

We eagerly await to hear from you.
(Feedback in either Japanese or English is fine.)

↓ Please don't hesitate to use the submission form below ↓

* Positive reviews spur our spirits!

In a very happy turn of events, we have been receiving an astonishing number of positive reviews from fans around the world who pre-ordered the Mustang.

To everyone who pre-ordered, thank you ever so very much!!

You are all true supporters of the SWS.  We of the Development Team extend our sincerest gratitude.

In the end, what makes the Development Team happiest, what gives us more courage than ever, is not just that many people have noticed the value of the SWS kits, but have seen perfectly through the scale model kits themselves to perceive their substance and true essence.

Aaah~ everyone has such good observation, to see into every nook and cranny~~~!!

"The engine, the propeller, the cockpit, the landing gears, and the fun of getting to build them all in the same way that the real plane is built, as well as the process and the pleasure of getting to see the individual parts all come together to transform into an airplane, are absolutely out of this world for an airplane fan."

This person expresses perfectly the exact substance and joy of building a scale model that we wanted to represent through the SWS kits.

We also received many messages regarding the aspect that we spent the most effort developing, and the aspect that we have the most confidence in – the recreation of the Mustang's external design:
"I love the external paneling, and the way the panels all fit together, because it's so much like the real thing."
This is one opinion we received, and one that I think is typical of our American fans, who have much greater opportunity to see the actual thing up close, and thus tend to be more discerning.  Or at least, that is how I feel.

Unlike myself, who can only squint rather myopically at an airplane kit, it's rather impressive how their ways of observing and taking in a scale model can be so completely different, from the width of this molded panel line, to whether there should be rivets in that area or not.

Being here in Japan, I hardly ever get to see the actual airplanes, so when I compare my situation to theirs, I must admit to feeling some envy in my heart.

That's right.  Since we wanted to make the external design of the SWS Mustang as close to that of the actual aircraft as possible, the entire Development Team took great pains to make it so.

The result is the expression of the molded details, and above all, the lines and connections that run the length of the entire aircraft, from the straight lines to the curved lines to the 3-dimensional curved surfaces that are veritable works of art, all combining into a beautiful sculpt that's simply out of this world, and enough to intoxicate any viewer.

Even my wife was thus enchanted!

I recommend that you take your time when building the SWS Mustang!

By any chance, are you infected with the usual "I want to finish this kit as fast as possible!" disease?  You throw the fuselage together, glue the main wings, attach the landing gear, finish off the decals, then brew yourself a celebratory cup of coffee while slowly taking in what you've done!!  It's so great~~~!!

I was like that as well, when I was young.  Finish the kit, by any means necessary!!  I completely understand that feeling.

Whichever way you look at it, I really like hobbyists like that.  And those of you who finish off the first kit in a hurry, then order an additional SWS kit to complete as well ... I appreciate you even more.

However, what do you think of putting a hold on your fast pace just this once?  I'd like you to be able to slowly take in the essence of the SWS, and fully savor the world of a brand new scale model – what do you think?

First up is a thorough engine build!!

Enjoy the paint job, make sure to put on the wiring properly like on the actual aircraft, then attach the whole thing to the engine mount.

Yes!  In an SWS kit, we want you to appreciate every nook and cranny of the finished, stand-alone engine's perfect presence to your tenacious heart's content, and enjoy it to the fullest.  (The truth is, the only one who will be able to appreciate it so fully is you!  Afterward, with the finished engine all covered up, all you can do is tell tales of your engine-building prowess!)

Even if you have to go to work, even if you have to go shopping and out on errands, even if you have to make dinner and water the garden and feed the dog, in your head will always be the vivid image of the Packard V-1650 engine.

"Ah~ I want to hurry up and get back to my work table so I can look at my finished engine!"

This indefinable impatience, or even longing, can resemble puppy love in that it can get a modeler's heart all fired up.

It puts one in a situation almost akin to Hamlet, where the kit could perhaps become the miracle cure to restore one's youth!

If this seems like something you would enjoy, then it appears certain that you have already freely attained that state in life known as Hobby Heaven.
(Hobby Heaven, where have I heard those words before?  Perhaps in Akihabara in Tokyo.......)

If it were a normal kit you were building, you'd glue the finished engine and cockpit into the fuselage, then use a rubber band to hold the right and left fuselage panels together, yes?

You glue the wings to the fuselage, then finish off the fuselage by attaching the cowling.  Then you paint everything all at once.

However, when you're building an SWS kit, this is where the fun truly starts.

After attaching the finished engine to the engine mount, then confirm the suspension structure, the cockpit and inter-fuselage fuel tank, the wireless communications equipment, and any additional equipment such as the cooling system, building each part one by one.

Even though none of these parts will be visible after final assembly, SWS kit fans will already be well-aware of that fact.  The presences of these hidden parts exist vividly within the heart of a modeler, so it's something to accept calmly.

More than that, you will be able to forge the hard-won personal experience of "I can clearly comprehend the configuration of the Mustang's framework and equipment!" with your own hands, which I believe will surely have a strong impact on your hobby spirit.

A straight line from nose to tail!

You will be able to relish discovering the magnificent design concept of the Mustang, which is absolutely jam-packed with equipment, as well as uncovering the secrets of this outstanding high-powered aircraft, with no holds barred.

Please, feel free to take your time and enjoy building the SWS Mustang.

Afterwards, as usual, while paying close attention to what's horizontal and what's vertical, carefully consider the relation of each part to its surroundings, as well as the strength necessary to hold each connection, then glue.  Quietly and soundly, your Mustang will reveal itself to you.

Now, if you were able to feel anything from this blog of mine, let's take a leisurely return to the work table to continue building the SWS Mustang.

Until the day in which you and I can raise a hearty toast within this hobby world in which we live.

* Let's meet at IPMS Florida!
(This year's event will be from August 8-11.)

For the Model Contest that will be held at IPMS Florida, one of the awards will be the "Most Valuable Geezer" award, sponsored by Zoukei-mura.

Inspired by the awards and accolades given to young contest participants, only those who are 60 years of age or older will be eligible for this award, and there will be gold, silver, and bronze trophies, hand-sculpted and cast by a Zoukei-mura sculptor, awarded to the top three winners.

Do your best~~~!  Geezers~~~~~!!


For all of you in your sixties or older who will be participating in the contest, this is a great opportunity to win!!

Do your best~~!!

* To everyone who will be attending IPMS Florida:
Reserving an SWS kit will give you peace of mind!!

For those attendees who wish to purchase an SWS kit, we highly recommend placing a reservation in advance.

Prior to the event, as per the list below, we will be preparing various SWS kits, accessories, books, etc., for sale in the Zoukei-mura booth.

To avoid disappointment in the case of a sellout, we recommend that you place a reservation before the actual event.

In order to place a reservation, please send a message to the Zoukei-mura email address below.
(The deadline for reservations is August 5.)
※Please note that we will cease taking reservations if the number of reservations meets the capacity of the stock we will be taking to the event.

☆To make a reservation, please send the information below to Zoukei-mura

Don't hesitate to email us!!
The items you wish to reserve
How you will be paying
The day that you will be picking up at the event site
Your contact information

The Zoukei-mura Development Team looks forward to flying thousands of kilometers over the Pacific in order to meet you at the Zoukei-mura booth at the IPMS Florida event site!!

Well, then!  Other than me, all of the SWS Development Team members are leaving soon for the Florida event.
To all of the American IPMS members who will be attending the IPMS Florida event, please do come visit the Zoukei-mura booth.

* Highlights of this year's Zoukei-mura booth!

There will be a build extravaganza at the Zoukei-mura booth courtesy of the SWS Development Team, so please look forward to it!

We will be bringing the following finished models with us from Japan, so feel free to bring your camera and take pictures.

[ Finished Models for Display ]
* SWS 1/32 Shinden
* SWS 1/32 Ta152
* SWS 1/32 Skyraider (Navy type)
* SWS 1/32 Skyraider (Air Force type)
* SWS 1/32 Mustang
* SWS 1/32 He 219 prototype
[ Prototypes for Display ]
* SWS 1/48 Shinden
* SWS 1/48 Ta152

In addition, we will also be bringing all kinds of extra parts, as well as all of the "Concept Notes" that have been published so far!!

Oh, also – please don't worry about language.

For this event, the Zoukei-mura crew will have an unprecedented three English-speaking members as part of the team.

So all of your questions and comments will be warmly welcomed!

Unfortunately, the team is all male, but our love for scale models is as great as your own.

Please don't hesitate to ask us all of your questions.

Including me, there are three team members that don't speak English...
But we'll work just that much harder with big smiles in order to make up for it!

Speaking of which, have any of you mastered Japanese yet?
We look forward to hearing some inquiries in Japanese!

[ Zoukei-mura Booth ]

[ IPMS Florida Event Hall Map ]

* Zoukei-mura SWS Catalog of Items Available at IPMS Florida

* 1/32 Shinden
(Only a few pieces from my personal collection will be for sale. Please inquire if interested.)
Special Event Price ……………… $80
* 1/32 Ta 152 H-1
(Once again, only a few pieces from my personal collection will be for sale.)
Special Event Price ……………… $95
* 1/32 Skyraider (Navy type)
(30 pieces are being prepared for sale.)
Special Event Price ……………… $141
* 1/32 Mustang
(30 pieces are being prepared for sale.)
Special Event Price ……………… $95
* 1/32 Skyraider (Air Force type)
Expected to go on sale around August, shipping to be charged separately.
Available for pre-order at the event site
(Price: $152)
* 1/32 He 219
Release date still undetermined, shipping to be charged separately.
Available for pre-order at the event site
(Price: Undetermined)
* We will also be bringing many Extra Parts with us!
This time around, we are preparing the items below for a special sale. Please consider adding them to your collection at the event.
(Quantities will be limited.)
* Shinden Figure Set Special Event Price ……………… $45
* Ta 152 Figure Set Special Event Price ……………… $45
* Skyraider Figure Set Special Event Price ……………… $40

* etc. We will be bringing many items with us, so please look forward to it!

* SWS 1/32 Skyraider (Air Force type) Status Update

SWS 1/32 Skyraider (Air Force type) 13800 JPY (+fee)

We have entered the final finishing stage for the long-awaited Air Force type Skyraider, and are aiming for a September on-sale date.

An attack aircraft that carries an intensity that differs from that of the Navy type, to shake up any modeler's heart!

We highly recommend it for your collection.  It is a wonderful kit!!

* Special points on the Air Force type!
1: Seat
2: Joystick
3: Canopy – Open/Close Cylinder
4: Upper Fuselage – FM622 Whip Antenna
5: Upper Fuselage – UHF Blade Antenna
6: Vertical Stabilizer Tip – Blade Antenna
7: Lower Fuselage – VHF/FM Antenna
8: Main Wings Tips
9: Main Wing Taxiing Lights
10: Main Landing Gear Wheel Hubs
11: Larger Wheel for Rear Landing Gear
12: Air Force Decals

* Note the complete level of detail on the SWS 1/32 He 219 Uhu!!

Finally, the heroic figure of the He 219 has entered the final refinement stage in its development as a definitive scale model kit.
Please look forward to the arrival of the ultimate night owl, designed without compromise to give a jolt to the spirit of any high-level modeler.

Previously, we publicly posted some photographs of the SWS Uhu prototype.

"Can't you just put it on sale just as it is?"
We received many such comments from everyone, which made us very happy.

However, what will not allow us to do so is the the creative spirit here at Zoukei-mura, the same modeler's spirit which leads us to fixate on producing a genuine recreation.

The Uhu that is recreated through the SWS will not be any less.

We have challenged ourselves to accurately recreate an engine and suspension that no one has yet imagined.

An answer to what happens when you recreate the miraculous Uhu design concept, hidden inside the fuselage, with your own hands?!
What of its heavy armament that allowed it to strike down large bombers in a single blow, and the mechanisms thereof!?

Beginning with these, we want to recreate the Uhu with nothing left out!!

To that end, the SWS Uhu is the next step in our challenge to the established order of scale model kits.

Please wait and anticipate for just a little while longer while it undergoes its final refinement!!!

I will be posting some detail photos in my next blog entry!  Please look forward to it!

* Thank you for waiting! We are also making diligent progress on the SWS Raiden!

Finally, the moment when the former Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service aircraft, the "Raiden," will be resurrected through the SWS is drawing near!!

Granted, it's me saying this, but our Raiden is really cool!!  Already, from nose to tail, it's truly just like the actual Raiden!  It makes me want to spontaneously shout, I'm truly glad to be alive right now!!

With all of the mechanisms recreated as usual per the SWS method, as well as the appeal that radiates from the entire aircraft, I think that once again, there will be a span of days where I won't be able to sleep from the excitement.

After all, the hot summer is the hobby season, yes??
(Ah, my apologies to those of you currently experiencing winter in the Southern Hemisphere!)

That's right.  We have our hobbies for when it's hot!!


Hideyuki Shigeta
Representative of ZOUKEI-MURA


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