Old Man Blog No.62 HORTEN episode 09

2014 is nearly over (when I write these lines), but I wanted to say hello to all the SWS fans!

Are you doing well during this festive season?

What? You prefer to hear new information on the Horten instead of my greetings?

Alright, alright, I got it!!

In this blog episode, I will share some fantastic assembled SWS Horten kit pictures, chosen among those I received by email.

The SWS Horten kit may look very difficult to assemble due to its complex internal structure, but do not worry! Everybody who built this kit says that

"the build was surprisingly simple and easy".

Everyone can enjoy building this wonderful and mysterious Luftwaffe fighter by following the instruction manual and building carefully.

On top of that you can learn the airframe structure of the Horten and its innovative design concept; so I would say that it such an advantageous kit has never been released before.

I imagine that there are still novices who won't accept this and have antipathy to the SWS; but I hope they will kindly think that through all ages "this was the only way to challenge the unknown", and make a first step to the SWS Horten kit.

■Here is the first Horten build!!

The build of Mr. Uzuki from Volks Hiroshima Showroom joins the battle!!

He amazingly finished the Horten!!

First, let's enjoy the pictures!!

■Profile of Modeler Uzuki:

39 years old. Currently live in Hiroshima.
Mr. Uzuki grew up with Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model). A lot of his finished Gunpla and FSS kits are displayed in Hiroshima Showroom.

He discovered the SWS Raiden and its molded internal structures when he started being interested in scale models.
Mr. Uzuki decided to build the so unique shaped Horten as his 2nd scale model in his life.

His opinion on the SWS Horten:
▪Fit is better than the last SWS Raiden kit, and I could assemble the kit easily.
▪I was surprised by the small details molded on small parts. So, the assembly was like building the real plane, and I could enjoy it.
▪As it was a shame to hide after assembly the internal structure, and particularly the engine, I built half of the plane with clear parts and without painting, in order to reveal the internal parts.
▪I intended to show this kit "out of the box", without using extra parts.
▪I want that a lot of people realize that someone like me, who have been building only model kits like Gunpla, can enjoy building the SWS Horten kit.

Thank you very much! What a kit from a Gunpla modeler!

On top of that, what a finish for his second SWS kit only!!
I'm thrilled…Gunpla modeler!!

You are amazing Mr. Uzuki!!

Please continue enjoying the SWS kits to the fullest!

■Now here is the entry from an Australian modeler! It is summer over there!!

Amazingly this experienced modeler is same age as me!!!

He is 67 years old: the golden age!!

What? Why did I say that?
Who cares! I said that 67 years old is the golden age, so it's golden age.

When you got 67 years old, everything become precious as gold, Comrade!

How is that!
The famous modeler known worldwide under the stylish author name of "Red Roo" (meaning red kangaroo) built the SWS Horten kit with the Wood Grain Decals.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
This plastic kit appeared as if it is made of real wood!

I was so surprised when I saw this that I was speechless!

"What? Is it THE SWS Horten kit?"

"Hum? The SWS kit was a wooden one? Hum, what's that?"

Yes, it is true! By using the Wood Grain Decals (especially for SWS Horten) made by "Uschi", a German manufacturer, it is possible to build such a realistic wooden Ho 229.

This is truly amazing! I am thrilled!

In addition, the most amazing thing with this Horten is that his modeler has fully detailed out every single and very small molds, even the non-wooden ones.

Amazing! Wonderful! This Horten is sensational!!

■SWS Ho 229 Wood Grain Decal Set
Price: 3500 JPY (+fee) / Release date: This winter (scheduled)

Thank you very much Mr. Uzuki and Mr. Red Roo!

How were those two SWS Horten kits presented to you in this episode?

I am amazed by the great finished SWS kits made by modelers all over the world!

It's just like joy and pride raise up from the bottom of my heart.

I hope a very happy new year to all of you.

And thank you for reading my blog for this past year.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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