What's up, SWS fans?!?

▋The canvas artwork shown in this photo was sent to us two years ago by SWS fan Mr. Khai Co Vu in Australia, in honor of the development and release of F-4E kit. I can’t help but be moved by the F-4’s glorious figure… Thank you for the beautiful art, Mr. Khai!

Update: August 21st, 2020

What's up, SWS fans?!?

SWS fans, I hope you are all healthy and well, even as COVID-19 is spreading worldwide.
Here in Japan as well, even now there are reports on the news every day of more people infected with the virus. Thankfully, neither I nor my family have been infected, and all Zoukei-Mura staff members and their families have not been infected either. We have managed to stay healthy by taking the utmost precautions, cleaning every day and taking care to prevent infection.

I truly hope that all of you reading this blog post do not catch the COVID-19 virus either.

I will include the following information in this blog post.

Please enjoy the latest exciting SWS information to wash away all of the disheartening COVID-19 news.

▋This is a remarkable work by the well-known modeler Mr. George L. Johnson of the United States. There are not many people who can complete an SWS kit with such skill and finesse. The latter part of the Concept Note delves deeply into the process behind his fantastic example build, spanning over 14 pages. Please look forward to reading it!

The Concept Note book for the SWS 1/32 Hs 129 B-1, B-2, and B-3 is here!

▋Zoukei-mura Concept Note SWS No.XI Henshel Hs 129
Pages: 64, full color
Language: Japanese and English
Price: 1,000 JPY(+fee)
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store

Read this first if you want to thoroughly enjoy your SWS Hs 129 kit!

The contents of this “Hs 129 Concept Note” book are big on the little details!
Your eyes and hands will surely be fired up with inspiration when you see the example builds of the SWS Hs 129 kit by two fantastic scale modelers, detailed in this book.

What is the Henschel Hs 129? Despite being relatively plain as a ground attacker, it showed its prowess as the nemesis of enemy tanks, fighting spectacularly in battlefields from the European front to North Africa to the Middle East.
For WWII aircraft fans, the Hs 129 is an unmissable and fascinating subject. This Concept Note book will unlock its gem-like value, sure to be a shining addition to your collection.

Despite its clunky and strange appearance, the Hs 129 could be said to be a forerunner to modern tank buster aircraft such as the USAF A-10, and its nimble agility makes it truly appealing. Please enjoy seeing the build process of the Henschel Hs 129.

▋SWS17-M01 Hs 129 Metal Struts
Type: Metal Parts
Price: 2200 JPY(+fee)
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store
▋SWS17-M02 Hs 129 Weighted Tires
Type: Resin Parts
Price: 1700JPY(+fee)
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store
▋SWS17-M03 Hs 129 B-1/B-2 Turned Metal Machine Gun and Pitot Tube Set
Type: Turned Metal Parts
Price: 2000JPY(+fee)
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store
▋SWS17-M04 Hs 129 Interior Set
Type: Photo-Etched Parts
Price: 2,000JPY(+fee)
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store

To All F-4 Phantom Lovers:
The long-nose F-4 kit series begins with the release of the F-4E Early!!

▋SWS 1/48 scale F-4E Early Phantom Ⅱ
Injection-Molded Plastic Kit (Colors: grey, Clear), 481 parts
Price: 7500JPY(+fee)
Release: August 29, 2020 (JST)
Product details page
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store

This is it, the ultimate Phantom Phamily!!
The long nose kit brothers, starting with F-4E Early, have an astonishing total of seven variations!!

That’s all- truly a huge series for all of you Phantom phanatics! And the first shot, resonating loudly from high above, is the “F-4E Early,” to be released in Japan on the morning of August 29, 2020 (JST)!

▋The unique appeal of the F-4E’s long nose is all here! It goes without saying that the cockpit and all of the details are faithfully replicated from the Early Production version to all upcoming variations. As a Phantom enthusiast, you will surely be shocked at the high level of replication.

The SWS Phantom series, which began with the F-4J Short Nose kit in 2016, has received much praise and kind reviews. However, we have taken this opportunity to even further improve upon our scale model kits with all-new design and molding.

▋Finished with our examination, the tired feeling of accomplishment is another gain from the experience. We are truly thankful to all of the Wings Over the Rockies staff, including Dave, Jennifer, David, and Matthew (not pictured), who helped us greatly. We would like to express our gratitude here. Thank you all so much!!

As one would expect from Zoukei-Mura, these long nose F-4 brothers are based on examination of the actual aircraft at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.
Thanks to the kind assistance of the local staff including Dave, Jennifer, David, and Matthew, we are able bring kits that are worthy of the title Zoukei-Mura SWS to F-4 Phantom lovers all over the world.

A variety of optional extra parts released along with the F-4E early kit!

▋SWS48-10-M01 F-4E/EJ/F/G Metal Struts
Type: White metal assembly kit
Price: 1600JPY(+fee)
Release: August 29, 2020 (JST)
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store
▋SWS48-10-M02 F-4E/EJ/F/G Weighted Tires
Type: Resin assembly kit
Price: 1200JPY(+fee)
Release: August 29, 2020 (JST)
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store
▋SWS48-10-M03 F-4E Early/EJ Photo-Etched Set
Type: Photo-etched parts & Turned metal parts
Price: 2000JPY(+fee)
Release: August 29, 2020 (JST)
October 24, 2020 (JST)
The release date will be rescheduled due to the manufacturer's delays.
Click Here to Purchase from the VOLKS Hobby Paradise Online Store

We are so sorry to everyone who planned to go to the 2020 IPMS USA Nationals in San Marcos!

Not being able to go to San Marcos this year for the 2020 IPMS USA Nationals is so disappointing. As you might imagine, if it were not for COVID-19, Zoukei-Mura planned to bring the new SWS F-4E Early kit and Hs 129 Concept Note, along with a variety of products to display and sell at our booth. We were also so looking forward to our fun raffle as well…
It’s such a shame!

And for Scale ModelWorld 2020 in Telford, planned to be held in November, much to our regret we do not plan to participate as vendors this year. We won’t be able to greet all of the fans who kindly look forward to seeing Zoukei-Mura every year. All we can do is hope and wish that this situation improves as soon as possible.

However, luckily there is our VOLKS Official Website Store (available in English) as well as SWS Friend Shops all over the world from whom you may purchase SWS kits. Please check out your local SWS retailer to purchase the kits of your choice.

To all our SWS brothers worldwide:

It is said that catching COVID-19 can cause pneumonia, worsen preexisting medical conditions, and in the worst cases cause death, especially for those over 65 and older like myself.
Please, try to refrain from entering crowded areas or travelling. Be sure to keep sanitary, get enough nutrition, and sleep well. No matter, please be careful not to be infected.

As for myself, I have been spending weekends with my wife in our blueberry field about an hour away from our home, enjoying gardening together.
There are small ponds there, where I keep small fish like medaka and goldfish, as well as nishikigoi carp.

A variety of frogs, lizards, dragonflies, and insects gather there, attracted by the water, and in turn some unwelcome small animals such as raccoons and badgers come to prey on them.
By the time they are ripe and ready to be eaten, most of the tomatoes, eggplants, watermelons, and other crops in the field have been taken by crows and small animals, so we are left with only a few to eat ourselves. But that's just the way it is, isn’t it?

Anyway, please, everyone, do your utmost not to become infected by COVID-19, and don’t lose to this virus. Please spend your days in health and stay safe.

That’s all for now. Until the next blog post, goodbye!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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