Old Man Blog No.081 - So, let's build the Do 335!! Last Episode.

▋Look!! This is the SWS Do 335 kit that will be in your hands!!
Did you already pre-order it? Pre-order the kit immediately on VOLKS Website Store or at any of the SWS Friend Shops worldwide!!

"What a world it would be without Zoukei-mura…!?"

I have heard those nice words again and again from many modelers all over the world.

Indeed, what if Zoukei-mura, ho not, what if the SWS kits have not existed…

Without the SWS kits, for sure I would not be so happy writing this blog, I would not even be listening to your feelings and wishes, and the kits you are all dreaming of.

At the same time, what if I did not have my beloved and beautiful wife encouraging me to turn that idea, the creation of the SWS kits, into reality, pushing on my back and whispering "why don't you try to do that instead of keeping your retirement allowance?" (Can you hear this, my wife? You are so beautiful!)

Yes, it would be probably different if the SWS kits have not existed.

To my dear SWS fans and my wife: you will never know how thankful I am.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude in this last episode.

Thank you very much.

Then, as the 10th entry of the SWS kit series, the time has come for the 1/32 Do 335 to be released soon.

There is nothing left to say. I will be so happy to know that this kit will be in your hands, that I can continue living thanks to this feeling.

I am serious. That is what I really think, and what I sincerely hope it will happen.

Hey, did anything behind you move? Maybe the light bulb has burned out, or a dog has barked, oh no, your goldfish has just suddenly jumped out of your fish-tank.

Maybe everything happens because of my powerful will and strength that echoes until your surroundings.


My supernatural power is promoting your decision like a "I will pre-order your SWS Do 335". Yeah, once again!!

▋In front of these three magnificently completed Do 335, stands the package that finally arrived, with its figure capturing my eyes. (That's nice! That power and that feeling of greatness!)

Nearly 3 years have gone since we started this project!! The Do 335 has finally become this awesome scale model kit and the day it will spread its wings and fly to you is about to come.

When you decide to purchase a scale model kit,

where do you look at, and which criteria you base your decision on?

As for me writing these things, until a while ago, I made everything I had at hand part of my collection. No matter what I may hear or see, everything was stuff that I wanted so, I was happy but troubled.

I bought almost every kit (only aircraft though) in the world, one after another.

That was five years ago.
After starting with the SWS kits' concept, something has been gradually changing in my state of mind as well as my recognition.

I used to be someone who just bought the kits and collected them but, as I become a manager in a manufacturer company that develops its kits, this had to stop.

First I had to sum up the concept which is at the base of the development.

Research on the real machine, drawings made with precision, high-level tooling techniques and, of course, all the factors and conditions to make sure a kit can be actually released: when it comes to make scale models, you cannot miss any of these points.

As a scale model maker, these things to do are pretty normal.

And if there is no balance between all the points mentioned forehead, the kit might not be released at all, as it happened.

A scale model kit is the result of all these factors.

I understood this while being involved with the SWS development, even though a little bit late.

Since then, I am always wondering "how represent the kits I saw and the ones that have been released if they were SWS?"
Which subject would I choose? And what about those small details and the number of parts? What kind of instruction manual? What about the decals? Etc., etc.

Even if the kit's conception takes too much time, even if the return on investment is awful, and even if there are some modelers who do not understand why we release a kit at a particular date, we will still do it after I know and understand these problems in case some modelers can follow…

This is the only way of seeing things that I have become capable of.

Surprisingly, as time passes by, I have become unwilling to buy anything that is not an SWS kit.

That's how you react, isn't it?

If it was me, no, if it was an SWS kit, I would go for that aircraft, I would do it this way, and that way, and this and that… And that fever relapsed.
Yes, I don't feel like buying a kit, the will to build something is actually exploding in me.

▋The awesome fully painted kit is the famous "Do 335 from Mr. Naoki Kobayashi".
The two other kits test shots I build by myself for this blog.
All these three kits will be exposed at Zoukei-mura booth during the IPMS South-Carolina (USA) from August 3rd to 6th 2016. SWS brothers of America, please wait for it!

"Cheap price comes first for a kit purchase."

For those modelers, I understand the SWS kits would not be their choice, unfortunately.

We should give up so many things to make a cheap kit, and I can't allow that. I cannot even take the necessary time to make a kit, and it's maybe related to my age too. But, it is because that I would like to put more and more love in the kits' build.

"If the external shape is excellent I will buy it."

"It's good to learn many things I didn't know about the real aircraft while building the kit."

"And it is awesome to enjoy just the assembly and the work...!"

These are the modelers I love, and I am very confident I can recommend our SWS kits.
Here's a scale model, something we can build only by putting an incredible amount of time and technology, and historical investigation.

Because that is exactly my dream and my wish.

I want to build with plastic, this magic material, scale models that are just like the real airplanes.

I want you to feel the fun, the enjoyment, the response that is time and time again higher than the price you paid. The SWS kits are just a just a heartfelt representation of my spirit.

▋Package size: Width 53 cm x Length 33 cm x Height 12 cm!!
(The decals included are also masterpieces!!)

The Do 335 that is in this box will arrive to your place!
One kit for building, one more kit for keeping, and a third one to enjoy it 30 years later.
SWS Do 335 will stay forever in your heart.

Scale model is fun! SWS kits are pleasant!

My heart is leaping for the honor I have delivering this kit to you!!

Just a few days left!
Mid-May in Japan! You guys who reserved it will receive the kit earlier!!

Finally, finally!!
SWS Do 335 is coming to you.

If you have been reading this blog, the whole SWS development team is convinced you are used to praise the completeness and the satisfaction for these contents.

"If it's Zoukei-mura this is what you get."

Right said!! That's just the Do 335 kit you have been expecting!!

The smile on your face…that's it.

"What a world it would be without Zoukei-mura….!?"
I finish this series with these words of encouragement in my head.

Thank you very much for reading all this time.

Can't wait to see you again on these pages!!!

OK SWS brothers. Stay healthy and blessed!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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SWS10 [1/32 scale Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil]
SWS10 1/32 scale Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil

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