The instruction manual for the SWS 1/32 Bf 109 G-14/U14 is completed!! Part 5
Update: May. 23rd, 2022

Here in Kyoto Japan, despite that it is still in the middle of May, we are already fighting with the heat everyday and I hope all the SWS brothers around the world are doing well.
The spread seems to have temporary calmed down, but I am speechless about the current situation that there are still 40,000 new positive cased here everyday in Japan.
Therefore, we still need to pay attention and stay away from the crowd, and of course enjoy building model safely for a while.

Let’s get rid of the gloomy atmosphere and enjoy the finale of the instruction manual introduction series for the SWS 1/32 Bf 109 G-14/U4 Hartmann kit.
For those SWS brothers who have already pre-ordered this kit, we hope that we have provided a trailer for your building guide, and for those brothers who have not pre-ordered but are still waiting to see how the next type of Bf 109 purchase goes until word of this kit gets out, we hope that we have provided motivation and reassurance.

And for those who have been waiting to start building this kit, please keep an eye out and be ready for the upcoming release.

If you think that although it is called the latest kit of SWS series, building a 1/32 scale single engine plane is just a piece of cakes, and you will be so wrong!

Because building this kit will require a lot of skill and experience.
Especially for the ones with decades of experience of building airplane model who is reading this, I believe that you will understand what I am talking about.

‘‘Caution causes no harm’’ ‘‘Anger is the greatest enemy’’ ‘‘Maybe the boughs that bear most hang lowest’’ ‘‘Rome was not built in a day’’ ‘‘The devil's in the details.’’ ‘‘Mehr Licht!’’ etc.

Anyway I don’t want you to feel pressure about building the kit, but I will appreciate if you can trust the advice from an old man who is keeping his old bones to write this blog.

▋Please rest assured that the transparent parts with cloudiness in the photo is just a sample during the production test, the parts included with kit for sale will be perfectly transparent and clear.

Also, the Hartmann figure is packed in another package and please be careful do not to throw it away with the outer box accidently.

▋This is a tough one!
As you can see that the unique radiator flap is equipped in the real Bf 109 plane, and the flap parts in this kit is designed to be recreated in 4 different versions which will be very detailed in the specific works by then, and again you will regret if you don’t take it seriously.
There are 4 different forms of the flap and please select which one you would like to build then further check the details of the parts.

This is the important works that require your full attention.
First, you need to fully understand the content of the instruction manual and select the location of the flap, then follow the process to cut off only the necessary parts from the runner, after that, collect them in a small plate to confirm and try out the assembly way over and over again until you are ok with the result.
Specially for the confusing parts such as ‘‘C2’’ or ‘‘C-22、23、21、24’’, which I really ask for your attention to not mistake the direction.
However not only here but also for the entire building, please use glue that is fluid type or diluted type with permeability and make the best use of capillary action to correctly assemble them.
Muddy type of glue will bury the detailed parts and stick out on the surface of the big parts, and also dry too fast on parts assembled earlier and that is why muddy type glue is not suitable for this kit.
Furthermore, it is safer not to use superglue that cannot be turned back.

As long as you can smoothly assemble the wings parts, you will get an amazingly beautiful main wings of Bf 109, and for the rest of the assembly of flap and aileron, let’s finish it quickly and efficiently

▋Congratulation that we have already finished the most difficult part!
The enjoyable works of canopy which is also called the eye if Bf 109 and the propeller driving the power is waiting for you ahead and you can also choose the form (open/close) of the Erla canopy based on your preference here.

▋In this limited kit, the painting of the airplane back to the time that Captain Erich Hartmann Shot down the record-made number 301 enemy airplane and the decal sheet of the Black Tulip are both faithfully recreated.

And of course in this series, ‘‘G-2’’ ‘‘G-4’’ ‘‘G-6 Early Type’’ ‘‘G-6 Late Type’’ ‘‘G-14’’ and ‘‘G-6/U4’’ will be released followingly, please keep an eye out for our updates~~~~!!
Besides, there are some parts and runners in this Hartmann kit will not be used, but will be needed as part of the assembly for the following types, so why not save them while you enjoy waiting for the following releases?

I could no longer wait until the release so I asked for a sample from the development team and assemble it right away.

▋Again, the tentative assembly plan for the DB 605 engine is important, especially the attachment for the coolant and all the pipes require your extra attention. The reason we made this parts so detailed, is because we would like to reveal the secrets that how this airplane could drive so much power while keeping the engine from overheating.
Basically there is no problem to follow the instruction manual with your assembly, but for the detailed parts like the pipes, you should always consider how the result would look like before you actually works on it.
While building the engine, you will need to take a look from EVERY angle to make sure that each pipes is assembled in the right place and it require nothing but your perseverance and patience to fully complete this work. How good is the result will all depends on if you could stay calm down and finish the works step by step.

‘‘Caution causes no harm’’

Why I emphasize over and over again?
Actually even I had a hard time building this part. Although I have confirmed every attachment area, but the complexity including the overall balance with other pipes from every aspect and angle almost drove my crazy. However I still couldn’t help but admire the result when I completed the cooling system of the engine, and the surprise about how detailed the SWS kit is happened all the time during the works.

And here you can see the beauty of the completed DB 605 that it is so perfect from every aspect.

▋Also I have finally received the kits for sales of the SWS 1/32 “Bf 109 G-14/U14 Hartmann“ yesterday and there were 3 of them!”
As you can see that it is a brand new shiny kit!
The kit you have preordered will also arrive to you soon and please look forward to the moment that you actually hold it in your hand.

Have you enjoyed the introduction of the instruction manual for SWS kit so far?

I believe you might have already felt exhausted after all the detailed introduction, but please understand that it is just kindness from an old man, and here I summarized my introduction below in order to enable you better enjoy building the kit!

With all the summary above you might find them too simple and basic, but please understand that the only thing I ever want and hope is that all of you can really enjoy building SWS kit from the bottom of your heart.

Don’t hesitate to let us know your request!

Thank you for all your great support that it has been 10 years ever since Zoukie-Mura released the first SWS kit and along with my staffs, I appreciate for those amazing fan like you who have purchased every single kit that we have developed so far, which I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Beside that, I believe there must a lot of beloved fans who follow our news and always keep an eye out for our updates.

Therefore, starting with the Hartmann kit, I would like to continue to introduce the instruction manual for the SWS kits that have already released.

I will be glad to hear your request on which kit you would like me to introduce.

Hope to see you soon in the next episode.

Please take care~~~~

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura


For your information!


The sample kit of Bf 109 G-14/U14 Hartmann that I assembled will be displayed in the Hobby Square Kyoto, the 2nd floor of VOLKS Kyoto Headquarter.

If you happen to visit us here, please don’t hesitate to take a look as the reference for your works. However, please note that it is a production sample and some of the details might be different from the product for sales.

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