Old Man Blog No.59 IPMS Telford 2014, Episode 1

As the event started, all of a sudden 150 people lined up!!

Thank you so much for coming at Zoukei-mura's booth!

Thanks to you all, this is the fourth year in a row that we come to the IPMS Telford and we could have all these people lined up.

And the line keeps getting longer year by year, reaching the max this year; we've clearly understood how many people recognized the SWS Kits for their value, and we're more than happy for this achievement.

From the whole SWS Development team, our deepest and heartfelt gratitude to you!!

And our deepest apologies to the people who stood in line but saw their favorite kits going sold out. Please forgive us.

SWS kits are available at your closest SWS Friend Shop. Feel free to ask them.

Oh! You're lining up!
Your Horten is almost here! Zoukei-mura has put their ideas, passion and all efforts possible in the work behind Ho 229. Cheers for all of you cheering with admiration at this work of ours!

No hurry! Settle down and enjoy this masterpiece!

Horten can be finally part of your collection!!

Look! This line!!
Zoukei-mura-s booth is an establishment at USA IPMS but look at the awesome queue we had here in the UK, just as the event started!!
From these happy faces I guess everyone's expectations have been met. I'm so happy too ! We could just bring a few pieces of the newly-made Horten. We are really sorry if you couldn't get it.

And you, so lucky to get it and take it home, will surely have a sweet Christmas this year!
Well done, man!!

Ooohh! You're Alan-san!! You've been the first to come to our booth this year too. Thank you very much! You really have a sharp eye!
And you got the Ho 229 indeed! Thank you your wife for waking you up so early!!
The upcoming Do 335 will also be something extraordinary!
And, of course, Fw 190 is beautiful too! You may faint when you look at it, for how cool it is!!!

I'll tell you more about the inside of Zoukei-mura's booth in the next entry.
There will be also some special information for all the fans of the jet aircraft in 1/48 scale.

Please Look forward!!

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

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