Old Man Blog No.55 IPMS Virginia , Episode 2

Finally, the second day of the old men festival is about to begin!!

IPMS Virginia starts early!

Indeed, doors will open at 9 o'clock in the morning!

Fans and modelers who cannot wait for that are gathering and enjoying at the entrance of the venue.

That's good….this atmosphere of joy is really nice.
All the faces and eyes of these old men are shining bright as those of young kids. And as one among these young kids, I am shining too.

We are shining, shining!!!

Hey, I can hear some heated discussions about scale models here and there.
Other dudes are proudly showing pictures of their models with theirs smartphones. They are talkative!!

For sure among them somebody is talking about Zoukei-Mura too, right? I'd like to overhear what they say but I'm kind of scared as well….

And finally, here we are: the venue opens!

Hoo!! Look at this!! Look at the instant when doors open!
さA group of old men is silently launching an attack to our booth!

Today too, there's a long line from early morning in front of our booth!!

I couldn't be happier! And everyone is here for the 1/32 SWS Horten!

"Today I'm definitely buy it!"
We clearly understood that intention just by looking at the face of the people standing in line.

And their force is like they would have knocked us down if they couldn't have it today either!

To the ones who bought the kit and the ones who couldn't:
For those who stood in line to get one of the few pieces we brought here, I would like to thank you very much.

To those who regret that they couldn't buy the Horten:
My bad, sorry! Please forgive me and don't hurt me this time.

Regarding this 1/32 SWS Horten kit, in fact…

This year IPMS Virginia celebrates the 50th anniversary from its foundation. To show the respect Zoukei-mura has for the event host and participants we wanted to have this sale at the event at any cost.

Around 2 years have passed since the beginning of the Horten development.
For a small and immature scale model kit maker like us, it has been a really troubled development. There's been the possibility that the kit would have not been ready by the end of October, so our staff really did the best they could in order to avoid this.

How could we do to have Horten kits ready on our Zoukei-mura's booth by the early morning of August 6, when IPMS Virginia would have started?

The strenuous effort of the factory staff in charge of the realization of the die-cast, combined with the fantastic job of the production line-staff who completed the contents (even just a few units) and made this possible: properly finished products ready to be delivered.

And I am not talking about the incredible effort from the staff who took care of the preparation necessary to expose and sale the goods at the event.

The result of the staff holding on until the last moment made that Horten could be finally released.

espite that, the newly made 1/32 SWS Horten flew directly from the factory to the event location, and we, the Zoukei-mura staff actually saw the kits here for the first time when we opened the newly cartons!

Furthermore, we brought the decals and the instruction manuals with us in our personal luggage from Japan, and we deliver them with the kit to the fan who lined to buy the kit. That really gave the impression of an actual sale!

Considering what we did this time, we can say we can probably do anything.
What? This sounds like a rush work that the Japanese Army did pretty well, you said?!

Yes indeed. As their descendants, from now we will continue with this spirit!

Anyway, me and the Development Team members here at the IPMS Virginia are feeling relieved we have been able to give you what you were dreaming of with this limited pre-release.

From now, our next target is the official release of the kit in late October!!

Finally, starting from Japan, let's make an utter effort to release the SWS 1/32 Horten.

To the Horten-fans all over the world: please be patient for a little longer.

Production is going steadily now!

What? Only 10 Horten kits available for today?!
Just few stocks as you can see! Mr. H from the Development Team is busy with the preparation of these kits.
On the POP just next to him, you can see some drawings of the next Fw190, currently under development! From A3 to A4, and A5-A8, almost every model will be made. Of course, we will also reproduce the D-9!!
The strongest squadron of Luftwaffe fighters is about to become SWS kits. That is a shot to you heart! Awesome!!

Today is the day I get the Horten!!
Yes, you can get it!
But unfortunately only 10 pieces left.
I'm really sorry for all the guys from the eleventh one who stood up in the line. Please forgive me and the team.

Wow! He got it! That's cool!!
It was worth standing in the line from early morning!! Today, one of your dreams has finally come true.
Next time, please get the Do 335 and all Fw 190!! For the Do 335, please choose the Zoukei-mura's one!

Your happy face is something we wouldn't trade for anything else! Thank you very much!!
We'll do our best to see those happy faces again and again with our SWS kits!!

This is it! The Horten! You know it, don't you? I do. We did it for you!
Our fatigue due to the long journey from Japan disappears thanks to your smile!
But what about getting other SWS kits besides Horten?

This gentleman with his nice baseball cap also got the Horten!
Dear gentleman, do build the Horten please! Because I dare to say this kit represents all you can imagine and expect from a scale model.

Look, here's the Horten. Contents are stuffed in and it seems quite heavy. If you don't line, you cannot purchase it. But it's ok as I could get it.
I'm pleased we could deliver our kits to such a passionate guy like you.
The kit is heavy but it's because of a rich content! Please enjoy it!

I got it too! What? Aren't you another vendor, man? Well, we're honored you made this kit part of your collection!
Now we expect you to build it up and show it everyone!

Hey hey, this is the SWS Horten everyone is talking about. Said another vendor. You are vendor, aren't you?
It was a good idea to buy this kit before vending your stuff. Well, this Horten is actually a good product, you did well!

I stood up in line for the Horten too. And I actually got it! Yeah, thank you very much!
I'm sure you'll be definitely taken by our SWS kits! Prepare to have loads of fun!!

I got it! What's that thing you're holding in your hand? No doubt: it's a Horten. I'd be very happy if you could show just a bit more happy face! But I have to praise you anyway for standing in the line and buying our kit. What? You'll be smiling once you're at home? Fair enough, man!

I'm happy enough now! Yes, the look on your faces is clearly showing that feeling. Great respect for you who bought this kit. I'm sure you'll get addicted to the other SWS kits too. Great SWS kits for great modelers! Don't miss any chance to gather other SWS!

You did it! Horten is finally yours! "Yes it is! So nice to touch this unexpectedly big box and this art cover." By the way, didn't we sell the 10 limited pieces?!!
Yes, sorry mate!!
I'd like to make you happy too, if it wasn't for this arbitrary decision and acting of mine.

I bought it! The Horten!
Hey, this is the proof that good things still happen in this world. The existence of this model may be affecting this high degree of your happiness.
From the structure to the details of the mechanism and the exact reproduction of every part, you can enjoy the feeling that the real thing has actually come here.

Wow! You look good in this stylish shirt!
And you're also grabbing an SWS Horten ! This is a nice day, isn't it? My happy and also a little proud face is actually telling so. Thank you very much!

Yay! You look so happy!! I think you just feel like I do right now. Probably from tonight on you'll be having so much fun that you wouldn't like to rest. So good you could make this kit a part of your life. Please enjoy SWS kits to the fullest!

Hoo! You, nice beardy man got both Horten and Shinden kits at the same time! Well done man!
You are the true American hobby fan! You should also make Ta 152, Raiden and He 219 Uhu kits part of your collection!

At the end of the day, we sold out all the kits we prepared even though we put some extra kits for sale. I can't forget the sad faces of the people who lined up but couldn't buy the kit. I'm really sorry. We will not forget about you with the regular release around November!

Look at the 3 cool men gathered in Virginia! These are the American members supporting our Zoukei-Mura company.
On the right is Joe-san, John-san is in the middle, and then me Shigeta is completing the picture!

The T-shirt we are wearing has been prepared for the whole staff, just for this event by our John-san!

Zoukei-Mura logo placed just in the middle of our chest is dazzling!! John-san, thank you very much for these wonderful T-shirts!!

Yes, this time at IPMS Virginia, Zoukei-Mura USA members have also joined us: my big brother Joe-san from Arizona, and the man who's like my twin-brother: the stouthearted John-san from Nevada!

Joe-san came straight–away from Oshkosh Air Show where he attended as a volunteer. This toughness represents the ideal and staunch of a real American old man.

And he's turning 84 this year!! He keeps driving his beloved car and flying across the US enjoying his life as much as he can. He is a super-American old man!

Here's Joe-san. As soon as he arrives to the venue, just after the greeting he already explains about the SWS, getting requests or taking care of the sales, acting as a member of Zoukei-Mura. It looks like our Joe-san doesn't feel any fatigue.

He is my American big brother for who I have most respect.

And then, here is John-san. He's here this time since he wrote a wonderful review for the Skyraider Concept Note, and he came from Nevada.

This brother of mine went to Vietnam War and made it home safely. When he's not working, this American old man lives with airplanes, helicopters, Harleys and anything that comes around.

He can't walk perfectly due to the wounds of war, but recovered wonderfully!! His wound didn't prevent him from standing at the event for many hours, from the morning until the evening, and help Zoukei-Mura.

No matter how many times I suggested a break, he just turned on and said "this is my duty", then he winked and kept working hard. A real handsome American, whose guts and coolness are the real uniform he wears.

The booth looks completely different with these 3 guys gathered together! It's a great reinforcement!! By the way, am I the only one who doesn't master English? Like never before at Zoukei-Mura's booth, I can hear funny jokes in English all the time.

It's really nice to hear those jokes!! Really funny!!

I can see the smiley faces of the old men coming at our booth, caused by the great sense of humor of Joe-san and John-san.

Of course, they seem return the jokes with great ones. The reaction of these old Americans is so fast and punctual! I admit I'm a little envious.

Actually, 10 hours pass from the opening at 9 am every morning, since the closure is at 7pm!!

We had a very good time here at the IPMS Virginia. Joe-san, John-san you did an awesome job. Thank you very much!!

That's it for today. Please look forward to the next entry!!

From Kyoto, Japan, where rainy days don't seem to stop.

Hideyuki Shigeta
President, Zoukei-Mura

↓ Please don't hesitate to use the submission form below ↓

"1/48 Ta 152" is now available too!!
Now in 1/48 size, how far developed is SWS Ta 152? How has it changed from previously released 1/32 kit?
We made a wonderful kit that will not disappoint 1/48 kit collectors!

This is the first attempt to show you the 3D drawings of SWS Do 335.


What do you think about this? As compared to 1/32 Horten, obviously Do 335 makes a big difference!!

With this 3D drawing, this SWS kit is recreated as the way it is.
From the fuselage structure and the reproduction of each part, to the precise description of the mechanical movements of the plane, the development of this SWS kit is currently moving forward.

However, this is just a 3D drawing. From now, we will do more historical researches, and add more detailed description about each part as we can. We seek a recreation of the assembly process that will give you the fun as if you are creating the real aircraft.

We, the development team keep working hard to complete the final investigation in order to make this kit good enough to be part of your collection.

Please be a little bit more patient!!

While waiting for the day when the SWS Do 335 is released, please enjoy building the Ho229.

Our only hope is your patience and your judgment as a modeler.

Through the SWS kit style, the entire "Do 335" is finally recreated!


From the DB 603 A traction engine to the cockpit, and from the tank fuels to the internal structure and the propulsion engine, you will enter into a world of building where you will feel as you are recreating the real "Do 335"!

The model-making world of 1/32 scale kits has moved so far!

For both, the expert modelers who built SWS kits many times and the new modelers who have never tried before, SWS Do 335 is the best recommended kit.

Luftwaffe Heavy Fighter 1/32 Do335 is also diligently under development in order to make one of the best SWS kits!!
This will be a breathtaking kit too!! Look forward to it!!

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