SKYRAIDER Test Model 1 Debut, Part 2!!

Good afternoon to all of our SWS fans!!

Even though it's now early spring, the cold days are continuing; is everything still all right with you?

The Development Team members that took part in the Nürnberg Toy Fair have safely returned to Japan.

Thanks to all of you, this year the Volks booth had the Zoukei-mura SHINDEN and Ta152H-1, as well as the first public exhibition of a prototype model of the much-anticipated SKYRAIDER – perhaps due to this last, much attention was focused on development of the SWS, and our small booth with its large products proved very popular!

Aspiring sales agents, wholesalers, aspiring retailers, official press agents bringing development collaboration proposals, and so on and so forth – so many people came to visit us that our expectations were completely overwhelmed. Truly, thank you all so very much.

Please allow me to use this space to extend our deepest gratitude.

At any rate, although the kit is still at the T-1 stage with a long way to go, it seems that the power of our nearly completely assembled 1/32 scale SKYRAIDER was tremendous, with such an overwhelming presence and intensity that even in the vast event hall crowded with veteran makers from around the world, its unique aura was especially noticeable.

As usual, everyone, there is naturally a high level of attention being paid to the internal structure reproduction distinctive of the SWS, and the details of the equipment, etc., however, when the staff would occasionally perform a live demonstration of the folding mechanism for the main wings, it seems that every time, there would be a loud vocal commotion.

In any case, those huge main wings were developed to lightly, and moreover, smoothly fold up at the same angle as the actual aircraft, and it seems that this was rather unexpectedly astonishing.

In this blog entry, I will be showing you pictures of the very same SKYRAIDER that was taken to Nürnberg.

Please view them at your leisure, imagining as you go the atmosphere of the Toy Fair event hall.

The main wings can smoothly fold up at the same angle as the actual aircraft. For the rear landing gear, a small wheel of a different type than the one shown in the photograph will be included. Furthermore, the revolving light on the vertical stabilizer will also be reproduced for the final kit.

Please bring your attention to the reproduction of the body's internal structure and equipment. Please also have a look at the structures and flaps of the main wings, the main landing gear assemblies and their storage, the detailed reproduction of the M3 20mm cannons, and the recreation of the mounts for the ammunition belts.

In contrast, the left side surface view. There were no oversights in the molding of the rivets, the presentation of the panel lines, and the treatment of the surface. You can also enjoy yourself by playing with the air brakes, each of which is capable of opening and closing.

Properly equipped pylons and drop tanks. The engine cowling can be opened or closed, and please bring your attention to the Aero Products propeller and its pitch, both of which were precisely recreated.
The shutters on the front surface of the engine cowling are also moveable.

Due to being the T-1 prototype, the transparency of the canopy is still under development. We guarantee a beautiful transparency for the final release.
The bulge of the rear windbreak will also be drastically improved to be much cooler.

The highlight is the R3350 engine, beautifully nailed! Once your hands have applied the detailed piping and such, it will be a splendid museum model!
In addition, the cockpit and seat will be considerably improved in the finished product.

In the situation of displaying the internal structure, it's OK for you to remove the outer panels from either side.
If you fully equip the Bomb Set that we will be selling separately, then the strongest SKYRAIDER will surely make its appearance!


Now, this sequence of pictures was of the very first assembled prototype model of the SWS SKYRAIDER kit, called the T-1 prototype. Due to this, please understand that there may be sections in the final finished product that will differ in their details.

In particular, for the size of rear landing assembly wheel, a type much smaller than that shown in the pictures will be included.

It's also expected that the rear canopy will be improved to be much rounder and more stylish than the one shown in the picture.

We are also planning to improve the presentation of the cockpit panels and attached fixtures.
Of course, the gun sight's transparent parts will have all the details included.

The front section of the engine cowling will also include moveable shutters.

Furthermore, the SKYRAIDER is fully loaded with highlights, including the panel lines of the body, the presentation of the open/close doors, as well as the delicate twist and offset angle running from the rear of the body to the vertical stabilizer, a large feature of the original aircraft.
To tell the truth, many kits released up until now have overlooked this particular aspect, but the SWS tries to reproduce as many details as possible, using the documentation for the real aircraft.

Oh, yes – speaking of the vertical stabilizer, the revolving light on the tip will also be included.

There's still many fine details to inform you about, regarding the other equipment, the armament, and the bonuses and figures, but I'll wait to show you everything until the arrival of the T-2 and T-3, which should be here in a few days. Please do look forward to it as you wait, and I hope you give me your attention at that time.

Hideyuki Shigeta
The Old Man of Zoukei-mura

If you have any opinions, questions, or requests regarding the SWS, please don't hesitate to let us know.



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