This Ta152H-1 is Amazing!!

The Long-Awaited T-3 Arrives!

Good evening.

This is Shigeta of Zoukei-mura, who cannot sleep at night for the thrill and happiness of realizing, through the SWS, my long-cherished dream of manufacturing and releasing scale models.

And from the bottom of my heart, I wish to deliver the “1/32 Ta152H-1” to you as soon as possible, so as to share the joy of its gallant figure with you.

And right now, neatly lined up before my very eyes, are eight T-3 prototype sprues for the Ta152H-1.

The completed T-3, evolved so far from T-2 as to be completely different.

Panel lines and exterior panel fit have both been refined.

What Does T-3 Mean?

T-3 simply signifies “Test Sprue #3,” so what do you think!  This magnificent state of completion!  It’s truly unfortunate that I am still unable to actually show you the real thing.

As usual, they are all color-coded in the three shades of silver, black, and gray, such that it is possible to understand in a glance that it was carefully thought out as to what kind of parts they all are and where they are meant to be used.

Although it may be a test shot, it truly embodies the intelligence, perseverance, and sweat of the Development Team members, such that a rude action like suddenly going at them with a side cutter seems totally unthinkable.

While daydreaming of working on building this and that part, nearly an hour instantly flew by just from looking here and there.

Among other things, the propeller, which I asked to be redone over and over, is especially important to me.

Of course, the shape must be reproduced, but also the the thickness of the blades and the twists in the roots, the pitch calculation and the blade angle, earnestly examining all of these over and over to the very limits, to the point of being a nuisance.

Besides, the propeller is the life of a reciprocating engine fighter.  It’s such an important point that, in my collection, any airplane model with a lackluster propeller instantly loses points just from that.

Reproducing the gentle curves and sharp tips of a powerful wooden propeller.

Paying the most careful attention when checking repeatedly, particularly to the lines of the blades.

The Final Enjoyment

However, in my case, having it be completely perfect is unacceptable.
(Well, not that there’s many kits around that are.)

Eh? Why not? I can hear you ask.

That’s right.  That’s because I, myself, want to fully enjoy the the last work on the propeller known as the final finishing.

Carefully cutting the the propeller parts from the sprue, visually comparing them to the documents and photographs of the actual aircraft, then using my hands and a file to slowly but steadily carve them out, carefully enjoying the final finishing using fine sandpaper.

For any scale modeler approaching a reciprocating engine aircraft, is this not the most fun, no, the best part of it all?

That moment in which the best material is truly made your own – the epitome of being a scale modeler!

Uh-oh, don’t forget about the propeller hub, okay?  It’s a vital point of the aerodynamics!

My Beloved, Beloved Propeller!

Which is why the kit, and the propeller, must leave the the very last part of finishing undone for the sake of the scale modeler’s enjoyment.
And when it is complete, it is unacceptable if the parts do not shine with that indescribable feeling of achievement known as, “I carved this propeller out with my own hands.”

Eh? But everyone knows that, you say. 
Naturally, naturally.  You’re quite right, my friends.

Cutting through the air, the propeller steadily pulls the airframe of the Ta152 up to the distant high altitudes!

Ah~ my propeller.  My beloved, beloved Ta152 propeller~.  How beautiful and powerful you are!

Uh-oh, having said that much, I don’t think I really want to look at myself in the mirror.  Not that I will, of course.

In any case, after a few hours of hard work, in the palm of my hand is the radiant propeller of a Ta152, the very essence of the SWS.  I have no means to express myself except this: It’s so CO~OL!!

This is it, the essential propeller!  Even now, it looks as if it could cut through the atmosphere in flight.

Please, bring home the Ta152 and try experiencing this feeling of satisfaction for yourself!

My Ta152, And Now Everyone’s Ta152

And finally, the first step of production on my SWS 1/32 Ta152 will begin from here.

But please don’t worry, okay?  Because the actual release kit that we will deliver to all of you, after passing through all of the T-3 testing work and evolving into T-4, will be even further improved and refined as it continues to progress toward product launch.

It won’t be much longer.

Until then, please continue to look forward to the completion of the Ta152.

Hideyuki Shigeta

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Product NameFocke-Wulf Ta152H-1
Price9500 JPY (+fee)
ModelInjection Plastic Model Kit, molded parts in 4 colors including clear (estimated).
Parts182 parts (estimated)
SizeLength 338mm, Height 133mm, Width 452mm
NoteGlue is required for assembly.

Order via Volks Japan is sold out.

Order via Volks USA is sold out.

The differences between ordering from Volks USA and Volks Japan are:


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